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Breaking Down the Cambodia Visa Form | Tourist Type-T

Tourists require a visa to travel to Cambodia. This can be obtained online through an easy application process. Travelers may read all about the Cambodia tourist visa process on this page.

What is in the Cambodia Visa Form?

The Type-T application form is simply nothing but the Cambodia Tourist Visa form. To complete this application, applicants must provide a variety of personal, passport, family, and other information.

Read on to know more about the details of the Cambodia Tourist Visa (Type-T) Form.

Step-by-Step Explanation of the Type-T (Tourist) Visa Form

For clarity, the Cambodian Type-T Visa form for the USA has been explained below.

Address on the Top Left Corner: An applicant can view the address of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in the country where it has established its diplomatic mission.

In the United States of America, the Royal Embassy of Cambodia is located on sixteenth St. , 4530, North West of Washington, District of Columbia. The website address www. embassyofcambodia. org is  listed below the address of the embassy in the top left corner.

The Country's Name, Motto, and Emblem at the Top Center: The name of the country is followed by the motto "Nation, Religion, and King" and an emblem that depicts the royal arms of Cambodia is visible at the top center of the visa form.

The Applicant's Photograph at the Top Right Corner: An applicant must attach a passport photo that is 2 x 2 inches in size and was taken within the last 6 months. The passport picture can be securely attached by either stapling or pasting it left to right (side-to-side). The indentation marks are visible on the form.

The form lists out required fields that have to be filled in by the applicant under the heading Tourist (Type-T) Visa

Before beginning the tourist visa application process for Cambodia, travelers must compile all the necessary information beforehand and proceed to fill out the sections in the form.

Personal Details

An applicant needs to fill out many personal details in the first box on the left side of the Tourist Visa application form.

Travelers must fill out their last name, first name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, birth nationality, present nationality, passport number, place of issue, date of issue, and date of expiration in an orderly manner.

Additionally, the following details are required in the box below:

An applicant must fill out the field "Arrival and Exit Date in Cambodia" in a day, month, and year format.

Application Checklist

This information is closely followed by an “Application Checklist” that lists out the requirements for an actual passport along with a copy of the passport bio page.

In addition to this, an attached 2 x 2 passport photo with the visa application form, a pre-paid UPS or FedEx self-addressed return envelope, and a fee of $30 only payable by money order or cashier's check are part of the application checklist.

On the right column of the previously filled sections is another section where an applicant must fill out employment details such as current profession, employer details, and residential address, followed by a mobile and residential number, and also mention the email id.

The applicant should also fill out the additional relevant fields such as what will be the point of entry, along with details of the means of transportation, the visitor's address during the trip, and the point of exit.

Again, the tourist must mention the means of transportation that he/she may use.

In addition to this, the applicants must respond to a few more fields of inquiry on their Type-T Tourist Visa Form.

Applicants can find small boxes that say 'Yes' and ‘No’ and must go on to provide details of the visit, such as whether it is their first trip to Cambodia or they are part of/traveling on a group tour.

If an applicant is part of a group tour, then the name of the tour company must be provided.

Additional Information

To mail visa applications, the correspondence address such as Royal Embassy of Cambodia (Type T-Visa) 4530, St.16, North West Washington, District of Columbia 20011 is given on the form.

To avail themselves of carrier services, it is recommended that applicants send an envelope delivered via UPS or FedEx, or they can also send in visa requests by sending a USPS Priority Mail envelope with a tracking number.

Applicants should be careful to leave out the bottom left section that clearly states "For Official Use Only." This section lists the date of processing, visa number, and type of visa granted. All the above information will be verified by officials for visa processing.

After filling out the entire visa form, applicants must attest that the data on the visa form is accurate and true, and thereby sign and mention their full name along with the date.

Is There a Good Alternative to This?

To promote travel and tourism, the Kingdom of Cambodia has launched the Cambodia e-Visa. An electronic travel visa allows foreigners to enter Cambodia for up to 30 days.

The eVisa procedure is efficient and fast. Travelers can obtain their permit in 4-5 business days by submitting an online visa application.


The Cambodia tourist visa is a single-entry visa and only a 30-day stay is permitted.

The Type-T visa is only effective for three months after it is issued. It is not transferable or refundable but is renewable for an additional 30 days at the Cambodian Immigration Department after admission.

The processing time is usually 7–10 working days. An applicant can also request a walk-in appointment with the embassy to submit the above form during working days and hours.

Many applicants find filling out the visa application form quite stressful because they worry about making mistakes and providing incorrect information.

The above breakdown of the visa form will assist them with the application process before submitting their actual Type-T tourist visa applications to the Cambodian embassy.

This simple breakdown will instill confidence in applicants when they fill out the form.


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