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Arriving in Phnom Penh International Airport

Although Cambodia is a small country in Southeast Asia, it has progressively grown to become a popular destination for travelers from around the world in recent years. 

The nation boasts a large number of uncharted areas, and visitors come from all over the world to visit its well-known temples. 

As a result, the nation has invested substantially in upgrading international airports so that travelers can fly directly to Cambodia from anywhere in the world. 

Cambodia's busiest and biggest airport is Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH). The nation's capital, Phnom Penh, is where it is situated, in the Pou Senchey District. 

Aside from traffic, there is usually no problem in getting to the airport. Tourists may easily go to the airport by hopping into a cab or one of the tuk-tuks. 

Phnom Penh International Airport: An Overview

Whether travelers have a layover, an overnight sleepover, or are just passing through, Phnom Penh Airport is a modest but excellent airport. 

Of all the airports in Cambodia, Phnom Penh is the largest in terms of size. It is a decent airport with all the amenities travelers could need before boarding their flights. 

The airport recently underwent expansion, yet even after that, it is still relatively small. It is one of the few international airports in Southeast Asia where the waiting time is often short. 

The airport's small size also makes it easier for travelers to move around and find their way around, which cannot be said of South-East Asia's larger international airports. 

Although the $100 million expansion gave the airport a more contemporary appearance and feel, many tourists believe there are few options for amusement for travelers. 

However, tourists can still enjoy several restaurants and cafes if they arrive early and finish all the paperwork beforehand. 

Tourists can avail of amenities and services that are offered inside the airport, including airport lounges, mobile charging stations, 24/7 dining options, Wi-Fi, nearby hotels, and much more. 

How many Runways and Terminals are There at Phnom Penh International Airport? 

The airport is 40 feet (12 meters) above the average sea level. With an asphalt surface spanning 3,000 by 50 meters, it has one runway designated 05/23.

There are two small terminals at Phnom Penh International Airport: Domestic and International. 

It has also added a new VIP service facility.  

Walking Through Phnom Penh International Airport

If someone intends to fly to or from Phnom Penh in Cambodia, travelers may want to find out more information about the airport first. This walkthrough here can enhance the whole travel experience by making the trip more comfortable and convenient.

It is best to be well-informed and have more knowledge about passing through the airport. Once all the necessary information is at the tourist’s disposal, it will be simple to recall all the crucial facts that will enable them to plan the perfect trip.

Here is a guide to Phnom Penh International Airport and what to expect while using the facility to aid newcomers through this process.

Arriving passengers should use the stairs or the escalator to go to the ground floor from the first floor. Connecting passengers should go to the international transit desk, there is an X-ray machine for security scan, and then tourists can go for the international transit security check. 

The first floor also has restrooms. 

By taking an escalator situated next to Gate 7, travelers can go for immigration, the baggage claim area, and customs on the ground floor. This is where tourists can pass through the visa-on-arrival counter. 

The Cambodia e-Visa option is also now available to travelers.

Mostly, tourists land at the Phnom Penh International Airport. After arriving, they walk through immigration and wait in line to receive their visa.  

However, visitors must stand in line when they arrive to provide an immigration officer with their filled-out form. After getting a passport stamped, they can take their luggage and leave the terminal through the arrivals section. 

Passengers connecting to domestic flights in Cambodia should proceed toward the domestic and international departure terminals after passing through these counters. 

The domestic flight area, the entrance to the domestic and international departure terminals, information desks, restrooms, bus stops, and taxi stands are all located on the ground floor.

What to Expect at Phnom Penh International Airport? 

The domestic and international terminals at Phnom Penh Airport are very compact. In the past, tourists have reported disorganized security protocols, advised fellow travelers on forums to bring a repellant for mosquitoes, and cited instances of an odd employee looking for kickbacks at the airport.

Passengers in economy class can also pay to access an airport lounge that has showers. 

Out of all the Cambodian airports currently in operation, Phnom Penh International Airport is the most advanced. However, the airport is small, making it simple for travelers to navigate. 

There are also several dining options, a bar, and a VIP lounge at the airport. 

Airport Lounges for Passengers 

Tourists can avail of pay-per-use, one-time-vouchers, and lounge memberships to avail of facilities at the airport. 

There is a lounge that tourists can access by paying at the entrance, purchasing a lounge pass, or through a lounge membership program. 

Sleeping at the Phnom Penh International Airport 

Overnight stays are not allowed because the airport closes every night between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM. If an individual wants uninterrupted sleep, nearby hotels in the area provide a shuttle service for a cost.

Services Available at The Phnom Penh International Airport

Meet & Greet Services

The Phnom Penh airport lounge assists travelers with lounge stays, baggage handling, baggage clearing, and itinerary suggestions, among other things.

Lost and Found

Upon arrival, tourists can go to the baggage delivery hall and speak with the Lost & Found services about any damage or loss.

Currency Exchange Counter

Next to the Lost and Found office, at the boarding lounge, or the airline service counters (in front of gate 9) CAB, the designated currency exchange partner, accepts all major currencies.

It offers competitive and market exchange rates.

Free Wi-Fi

PNH provides free, unlimited Wi-Fi across the Terminal, both during arrival and departure.

Just follow these instructions to connect:

  1. On the computer, tablet, or smartphone, turn on the Wi-Fi.
  2. Open a browser and choose the "VINCI Airports wifi" network.
  3. Enter a valid email address and choose the nation.

Tourists will be online and able to easily access their email and all of their favorite websites after accepting the “Terms and Conditions”.

Additional Airport Facilities 

The following services are available to tourists during a layover at Phnom Penh International Airport: 

  • Baby Care Facilities
  • Prayer Room
  • Wellness Spa
  • Smoking Area
  • Medical Services
  • ATMs
  • Currency Exchange
  • Showers
  • Information Desk
  • Food and Beverages
  • Duty-Free and Shopping
  • Lockers and Luggage Storage
  • Pharmacy
  • Power Outlets (for mobile charging)
  • Luggage Wrap

When does the Airport's Check-In Desk Close? 

The check-in desks are open at least two hours before departure. Travelers can check in ahead of time for some flights. 

Tourists must pack their luggage per security requirements, and travelers must never leave it unattended until they check-in. 

Phnom Penh To Be Served by the Upcoming Techo Takhmao International Airport

The Techo Takhmao International Airport, formerly known as the New Phnom Penh Airport, is the upcoming new airport to serve Phnom Penh International Airport. It is estimated to be completed in 2025. 

The old airport will be used as a military airbase, as well as for domestic flights, private aircraft, diplomatic officials, and foreign leaders, while the new one will be used for commercial flights. 

Phnom Penh International Airport will continue to serve the head of state, local government heads, and prominent Cambodian leaders.

Leaving the Airport

Tourists can book a taxi, limo, or Uber to leave the airport. 

The airport is situated in the northwest, about 10 kilometers from the city center. 

By bus, rail, taxi, automobile, shuttle, or town car, there are six routes to go from Phnom Penh Airport (PNH) to Phnom Penh City Center.

Depending on the type of transportation tourists choose and the amount of traffic, the drive takes half an hour to 1 hour on average.

Here is a list of city-bound transportation options that are approved by the airport. There is also a transportation information desk at the arrival terminal for further details. 

Here are the details:

Travel by “tuk tuk” or Remorque

At the arrival terminal, there is also a counter for transportation-related information. A tourist can purchase a ticket there that corresponds to the desired destination.

The cost varies with distance and ranges from 7,9, and 12 USD.

In reality, a "tuk tuk" is a carriage drawn by a motorcycle. It is perhaps the most convenient and widely used form of transportation in the nation. 

Anywhere on the street is a good place to hail a “tuk tuk”, but it is advised to use the one at the airport because the fee is fixed, and travelers won't have to haggle.

Travel by Taxi

Just in front of the arrival terminal, travelers will see airport taxis waiting in line. Airport taxis are members of the taxi association, which guarantees a uniform rate and high-quality service.

In Phnom Penh, it is the safest transportation option. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia from Phnom Penh International Airport via taxi.

The rates vary with distance: $9 to $15.

Travel by City Bus

In Cambodia, the bus system is relatively new and still growing. It is the most affordable form of public transportation.

There is a KHR 1500 bus fare (which is around USD 0.40). There are currently only 3 lines. Tourists can board bus number 3 from the airport. 

Usually, by way of Russian Boulevard, Kampuchea Krom Boulevard, the Phasar Thmey Market, and the Night Market on Ste. 16, it will take the tourist twenty minutes (depending on traffic) to reach the city center. 

The service is available from 5:00 am to 8:30 pm.

Travel by Train

Royal Railway Cambodia operates a train every half an hour from Phnom Penh Airport to Phnom Penh Station.


It will now be simpler for travelers to make the most of their journey to Phnom Penh International Airport after reading this information. 

Tourists can simply follow the signage that is provided throughout the airport to look for the services they require. It will direct them to the precise service they require at the time.

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