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Guide to Cambodia Business Visa (Type E) | Online App.

A number of business prospects in Cambodia are made possible by the Cambodia business visa. 

Businesses and entrepreneurs are drawn to this nation by its alluring tax structure, affordable labor, dollarization of the currency, and government willingness to allow foreign-owned businesses to operate, to name a few of the attractions.

Without a doubt, Asia's most popular tourist destination is also Cambodia. It boasts some of the most stunning scenery and other points of interest, as well as a rich history and culture.

However, just like every other nation in the world, this one requires visas for visitors and prospective employees from abroad. Foreigners travel to Cambodia for leisure, business, or both.

This guide is here to make the process of obtaining a Cambodia business (Type-E) visa (previously known as a business or ordinary visa) for a foreign national less complicated.

Applicants can submit an application form for a business visa to Cambodia at the nearest embassy or consulate.

What is a Business Visa for Cambodia?

A business visa (Type E) is required for people going on business trips or staying in Cambodia for an extended period. This visa may be renewed for up to one year.

Foreign nationals visiting Cambodia for employment, investment, technical support, internship, or training purposes may be granted this kind of visa.

It must be emphasized that participants attending conferences and other business-related activities in Cambodia will require a business visa.

The permit, which is available as a visa on arrival, can be extended inside the country. It is originally granted for a stay of up to thirty days.

An officer examining the application may exercise discretion to provide single-entry permission or even a multiple-entry permit.

Some nationals (visa-exempt nations) do not need a visa to enter the country.

Many foreign citizens still need a business visa for Cambodia for professional reasons.

What is The Duration of The Cambodia Business Visa?

A Cambodia business visa will allow prospective employees to enter the country and remain there for up to 30 days.

It can also be extended thereafter.

Here is a comprehensive list of what it entails to obtain this Type E, or the Cambodia Business Visa:

  • Only a 30-day stay is permitted initially
  • It will take a week or three to ten working days
  • Single-entry only
  • A 3-month window of validity
  • Payment: $35 plus $7 (processing fee)
  • No refunds or transfers are permitted
  • It is not an electronic visa but a sticker visa
  • Can be renewed after entering the Cambodian Immigration Department
  • For business purposes only

Who may Apply?

  • Whoever has accepted a job offer from Cambodia (a Work Permit will be needed as well)
  • Those who have obtained an invitation from a Cambodian company
  • Those who are being sent to Cambodia by a country's registered enterprise for professional reasons

How to Obtain a Business Visa for Cambodia?

When requesting a Cambodian business visa online, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Applicants must first and foremost be certain that the country they are from is on the list of authorized nations for the business visa.

Additionally, citizens of Algeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, or Sudan need to plan and make advance arrangements to secure a Cambodian visa.

To obtain a Cambodia Business Visa, applicants must complete the application form for a Type E (Business) visa.  

A visa application form that has been fully completed and signed (1 copy) and a recent photograph of 35x45 mm, shot within three to six months (1 piece) is required.

Applicants have to carry the actual passport that is valid for at least six months at the time of entrance and ensure at least two free pages are available for the visa sticker on the passport.

A letter of invitation (sent to the Royal Embassy of Cambodia) from a registered company or institution in Cambodia, must be included.

Along with the organization's certificate of incorporation, most recent patent tax certificate, and (if appropriate), a business calendar must also be submitted.

Health insurance is recommended but not required.

Local health insurance (certificate) containing the data listed below must also be submitted to obtain a Cambodia Business Visa.

  • Details about the traveler(s)
  • The expiration date of the insurance
  • Coverage of at least $50,000
  • Must be applicable internationally (Cambodia)

Applicants can choose to book a walk-in appointment with the embassy as well.

To submit a business visa application, another option is to use the postal service with a tracking number and stamps to send it to the Royal Embassy of Cambodia.

Some nations may carry out a prescreening process also.

Checklist for Business Visas in Cambodia

  • Original (real) passport
  • Copy of the bio-page from the passport
  • A visa application form with an affixed 2x2 passport photo (the size of the photograph may vary from nation to nation)
  • Business license for the company (can be a scanned copy)
  • Only cashier's checks or money orders for a fee of US $35 and a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope from UPS or FedEx are accepted at the embassy.
  • Invitation letter (written on letterhead, signed, and sealed; it can be a scanned copy also)

Additional Documents

Here is a list of supporting documents required to obtain a Type E or Business visa

  • Medical Insurance
  • Any supporting paperwork, including (a letter of employment, letter of invitation, letter of sponsorship, letter of the labor contract, patent certificate, or investment project)
  • A valid payment card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Current passport-size photo in digital format (PNG or JPEG)
  • A passport valid for more than six months at the time of entry (seven months in some countries)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate or Card

How is Cambodia’s Tourist Visa Different from Cambodia’s Business Visa (E class)?

When applicants arrive in Cambodia, they must apply for a 30-day E-class visa (not an online e-Visa) if they plan to stay in Cambodia for an extended amount of time. 

This likewise has a 30-day expiration date and costs $35. 

The fact that the Type E visa can be extended indefinitely sets it apart from the tourist visa. 

Prospective employees can select an EB (Business), EG (General), ER (Retirement), or ES (Student) visa extension (also known as an EOS, or extension of stay) when they apply to renew their visa after 30 days.

The "business" or "ordinary" visa was the sole E-class visa extension available in the past. 

New E-class extension-of-stay types became available in 2017. These have nothing to do with the Cambodia e-Visa, which is another name for the electronic visa.

Extending an EB visa

The majority of expats in Cambodia who are employed, along with their spouses and children, independent contractors, and volunteers, are covered by the EB business EOS.

As per the regulations mandate (2019), applicants must submit a letter with their application that is stamped to attest their job with a Cambodian enterprise.

Only the six- and twelve-month extensions, which are renewable, allow for multiple entries. This visa extension is available for 1, 3, or 12 months.

Spouses and children of EB visa holders may also submit the employment letter of the visa holder. To extend their visa extensions, they must also bring the necessary documents proving their link to the visa holder.

The employer must declare their support for the spouse's EB EOS application as a non-working dependent. They also have the responsibility to provide passport information for the dependents.

Self-employed individuals who have registered their business may write a letter attesting to their employment.

This letter needs to be embossed with a business stamp, which can be bought for under $15 at any stamp retailer. 

Others who are self-employed (freelancers) but do not have a registered business may try to obtain a business visa.

They will have to draft a letter verifying that they are self-employed. But if someone does not have a registered business, it may or may not result in granting of the business visa.

Be warned that the extension of the EB visa does not provide the applicant permission to work in Cambodia. 

Prospective employees will require a work permit in Cambodia to be able to work lawfully.

The immigration officers at any time in the future can examine the company license, employment contract, work permit, or a letter stating the reason for stay, once an applicant has the EB visa extension.

Documents Required for Cambodia EB EOS

  • Passport Photo
  • Passport (original)
  • Residential address in Cambodia
  • Employment Contract as evidence (if applying for more than a 6-month extension) or a business work permit as evidence (if applying for more than a 6-month extension)
  • FPCS Screenshot
  • Tax-Patent
  • Health insurance

For foreigners and digital nomads seeking hassle-free, one-year visas, Cambodia has been one of the simplest countries to live in permanently.

Nevertheless, there have recently been a few changes.

Some additional regulations have also been implemented due to the pandemic. These vary from country to country.

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