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Siem Reap Visa on Arrival

As you probably already know, applying for a Cambodia visa online is not the only option you have when it comes to obtaining one. Getting a Cambodia visa on arrival is also another popular and very viable option for those individuals who may not have the time to complete the online application process.

When figuring out how to apply for a Cambodia visa, you will notice several different website links and resources which may contain confusing language causing you to miss a vital step in the application process.

If you're interested in getting visa on arrival in Cambodia, one of the best airports to do so at is Siem Reap. The process of getting a Siem Reap visa on arrival is very straightforward however there are still some key pieces of information you're going to want to know before landing in Cambodia.

Below, we're going to give you all of the steps and information that you need to know so that getting your Cambodia visa on arrival at Siem Reap airport goes as smoothly as possible.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Cambodia

Visa On Arrival at Siem Reap International Airport 

Before boarding your plane to land at Siem Reap international airport, you will need to make sure that you have a few key documents in order. Failing to have one or more of these documents may result in your visa on arrival application being denied which can cause serious headaches especially once you've already made it to Cambodia.

To make the process go as smoothly as possible, take a look at all the requirements to receive your Cambodia visa on arrival below.

Requirements to receive Cambodia visa on arrival in Siem Reap:

  • $30 USD currency, Siem Reap only accepts USD for visa on arrival applications so it's best if you bring the money with you on your flight

  • Flight itinerary

  • Passport with 6 months of validity

  • Personal photos

Once you have all of these documents together, you will be able to apply for your visa Cambodia visa on arrival under the "Visa Fees" line in the airport. The amount of time that it takes to complete the entire visa on arrival process will depend on how many people are applying the day you arrive. 

Highly Advised to Apply for Visa Online Prior to Departure 

Waiting to apply for your visa on arrival can subject you to a lot of extra hassle that isn't present when you complete the entire process online. If you want to make your trip as stress-free as possible, you should consider applying for a Cambodia visa online.

You will receive the same benefits of a visa on arrival such as 30 days of allotted visiting time however you have the ability to pay with a credit card instead of being forced to use USD currency when you land.

The online Cambodia visa process takes about 1-4 days total to be completely processed so a decision can be made. The great thing about applying online is that if you have any issues, you can correct them in enough time before your flight.

Avoid Visa on Arrival Lines 

Cambodia visa on arrival lines have been known for how time-consuming they can be due to the sheer amount of people applying for a visa at the airport. If you don't have any time to waste and want to start exploring Cambodia as soon as you land, applying for your visa online is the best way to do so. This will enable you to already have your visa in hand when you land so that you can skip the long and stressful lines at the immigration queue.

If Visa on Arrival is Better, It is Best to Bring Cash to Pay the Visa Fees 

If you still prefer to receive your Cambodia visa on arrival, you need to make sure that your bring exactly $30 in USD currency only. Immigration embassies do not allow you to pay in the country's native currency for obvious reasons and waiting to use an ATM once you've landed will put you far behind the massive lines. For those who are determined to obtain a Cambodia visa on arrival just make sure you have the correct currency and amount to make the process go a lot easier.

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