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Arriving in Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap Airport is the main entry into the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. It is the second busiest airport in Cambodia, and it receives a lot of visitors and tourists yearly as the city of Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination in Cambodia. So, before you book a flight to Siem Reap, what are the things you should know about arriving in this city?

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Cambodia

Being Prepared Upon Arrival 

If you are a citizen of the island nation of Seychelles and some other eight Southeast-Asian countries, which include Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, etc., you may not need to get a tourism/transit visa to Cambodia. But if you are from any other country, you will need to get a visa. The maximum stay in Cambodia is 30 days with visa online.

If you do not want any issues or delay at the immigration checkpoint, you should have the following documents with you;

  • A valid international passport with more than 6-month validity.

  • Approved Visa to Cambodia.

  • Confirmed flight ticket that you take you out of Cambodia on or before the expiration of your stay duration.

  • Proof that you have funds to last you through the duration of your stay.

  • Evidence of accommodation such as a hotel reservation or letter of invitation from a relative or friend living in Siem Reap.

  • Proof that you are visiting for tourism only.

These requirements are subject to change.

Make sure you book your hotel on time, and the hotel should be in the Siem Reap central area so that you can easily transport from the airport to the Angkor Temples and other tourist sites close to the airport. The Siem Reap Central area is also close to the food district and nightlife hub of the city. Once you confirm your travel date, book your hotel online so that you can get the best rates and avoid rooms that are fully-booked.

Check for pre-book discounts and prices online to save money. Also, check out for discounts on tours, Wi-Fi hotspots, and airport/city transfers. It helps before you leave to book so that you do not end up carrying large amounts of cash and exchanging currencies.

What to Expect Upon Arrival? 

You most likely will receive immigration form in the plane before landing so you can fill it as well as a customs declaration form. Also, be prepared to present your printed visa to Cambodia officials.

If you are carrying cash about $10,000 or monetary instruments worth more than this amount, you have to declare them all. If you require a visa, you can head to the visa counter to get your visa-on-arrival, but to save yourself the stress, make sure you apply for a Cambodia visa online before visiting.

What is Close to the Airport? 

There are numerous temples in Siem Reap for you to visit, and these are the most common tourist destinations that you will see everywhere once you leave the airport. However, there are other things or places that you can see which are not far from the airport.

  • The Phare Circus is quite famous, and this is where you will experience some of the best performances.

  • You can go shopping at the Old Market or the night market.

  • You can visit the floating villages or go and see the rats that detect mines.

  • You can visit the Siem Reap War museum.
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