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Is There a Cambodia Visa in PDF Format?

Foreign nationals can obtain either an electronic visa or a traditional embassy visa issued by the Cambodian government at the Embassy office.

It might be challenging to apply for a Cambodian visa, whether it be an eVisa or an embassy visa.

The Royal Embassy of Cambodia publishes a sample PDF of a regular visa application on its website to assist visa applicants in becoming familiar with the visa application form and procedure.

When applying for a visa, such PDFs can instill a sense of confidence. Applicants can go online when they're prepared to submit a visa application.

What is the PDF format?

The portable document format, also known as “PDF” was developed by Adobe.

Essentially, one utilizes the format when one needs to save data that cannot be modified but still needs to be shared and printed. Most modern devices can open a PDF in a web browser.

The Cambodia Visa Application Form in PDF format can give applicants a fair idea of the personal, family, passport, and other details they need to provide to complete this application form.

Is a PDF Version of the Cambodia Visa Application Form Available?

Yes. The regular Cambodian visa application form is available in PDF format. Foreign nationals who are ineligible for a Cambodian electronic visa can apply for an embassy visa to travel to the country.

This visa is valid for purposes of business, tourism, employment, or medical care.

They must print the application form, fill it out online or offline, and bring it to the consulate or embassy with them when they arrive for their visa appointment.

Keep in mind that each consulate may have a different PDF form. Candidates must check that the form is valid for the consulate where they intend to apply.

Cambodia Visa PDF Explanation in Detail

The Cambodia Visa PDF for the United States of America has been explained below.

The Emblem in the Top Left Corner:  The emblem depicting Cambodia's royal arms, which is the symbol of the Cambodian monarchy, can be seen in the top left corner.

An applicant can also see the words, "Royal Embassy of Cambodia To The United States of America" written below the emblem. This line represents the name of the country where the embassy has established its mission.

Name of the Country and Motto at the Top Center: The country’s name and the motto "Nation-Religion-King" are visible at the top center of the Cambodia Visa Form.

Below it, a little towards the center, one can see the words "VISA APPLICATION FORM" in bold.

Before one proceeds to fill out personal details, the visa form carries a set of instructions to submit one copy, one passport photo, and the original passport.

The Visa Applicant’s Photograph in the Top Right Corner: A 2 x 2-inch passport photograph must be attached by the applicant.

Travelers must gather all relevant data before starting to fill out a visa application form for Cambodia.

The Cambodian Visa application PDF form lists the fields that the applicant must complete to apply for a Cambodian Visa.

What is there in the Cambodia Visa PDF Form?

In the first section, travelers must fill out their details, such as surname, first name, and gender. Applicants can check the boxes that allow one to place a tick mark against M (male) or F (female) on the visa form.

This section is followed by a box where an applicant has to mention their date of birth in the day, month, and year format along with the details of their place of birth.

After this, an applicant must proceed to mention their birth nationality as well as their present nationality.

Additionally, applicants must list their passport number, place of issue, date of issue, and date of expiration in a box that specifically seeks such information to be listed by visitors.

The next set of information that should be provided is the point of entry and means of transportation that the travelers intend to use. This information is closely followed by a box where applicants need to provide their address during the visit to Cambodia.

Apart from this, visitors must provide information such as their arrival date in Cambodia followed by their departure date from Cambodia in DD/MM/YYYY format.

At the end of the left-hand section, there is a bottom section in an elongated form that spreads from left to right.

An applicant must include information about "children under the age of 12 traveling with you," such as surname, first name, gender, whether male or female, date of birth, and permanent address here.

Right below this box is a similar section where an applicant must provide details of "relatives living in the Kingdom of Cambodia" and all the above information must be filled in again.

Additional Information

In the right column, there is another set of sections where applicants must provide employment details such as present occupation followed by current home address, cell phone number, and residential phone number, as well as their email address.

After this, travelers must proceed to mention the details of the workplace as mentioned on the form.

The Cambodia PDF Visa form also requests the applicants to specify the purpose of the visit, such as whether they are visiting Cambodia as a Tourist, Official, Diplomatic, Business, or in some other capacity.

Additionally, an applicant must provide information related to their point of exit and means of transportation.  

In addition to this, the visa form also seeks details of organizations, and persons to be visited on arriving in Cambodia.

This information is closely followed by the next two sets of sections that seek details on whether it is an applicant’s first trip to Cambodia and allow one to mark a “Y” (Yes) or “N” (No).

Moving on to the next section, visitors must provide information if they are traveling in a group tour by checking a “Yes” or a “No” box and must also provide the tour company details.

This brings an applicant to the end of the right-hand column boxes, as under them is the previously elongated box where the details had been previously filled out.

Travelers should carefully omit the section at the bottom left that indicates, "For Official Use Only." It can be easily spotted as it is in Khmer script.

Applicants must sign the visa application and include their full name along with the date (in the day, month, and year format) to certify that the information on the form is truthful and accurate.

Information on the Footer of the Cambodia PDF Visa Form  

Address in the Bottom Left Corner : The Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia is located in the Northwest of Washington, District of Columbia, on sixteenth Ste., 4530, and a postal code of 2011 is mentioned.

Website and Email id at the Bottom Center: On the visa form, tourists can easily find the website address www. embassyofcambodia. org closely followed by the email-id consular. camemb. usa @gmail.com at the bottom of the footer.

Phone and Fax Nos. in the Bottom Right Corner: An applicant can find the phone and fax numbers here. The telephone number (202)-726-7742 ext. 13 and fax details (202)-726-8381 are listed at the bottom right of the Cambodia PDF Visa form.

Is There a Better Alternative?

The Kingdom of Cambodia has introduced the Cambodia e-Visa to encourage travel and tourism. Foreigners can enter Cambodia for up to 30 days with an electronic travel visa.


Many visitors find the visa application process difficult to navigate as they get nervous about entering the wrong information and making mistakes.

This sample PDF explanation will assist applicants in completing the form easily.


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