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Services Available at Cambodian Consulate In the US

The Cambodian embassy or consulate offers assistance to citizens of the United States going to Cambodia. It also plays a significant role in promoting a government-sponsored educational exchange program.

The Cambodian Consulate in the United States of America provides assistance for tourism, higher education, employment, and more.

There are many Cambodian consulates across the United States of America that issue Cambodia visas to facilitate greater access.

The Cambodia eVisa for US citizens allows tourism visits and its not required to go to the Cambodian embassy or consulate.

Americans who need a different kind of visa for Cambodia can get in touch with the embassy or consulate.The Royal Honorary Consulate General of Cambodia accepts applications for all kinds of visas for entry into the Kingdom of Cambodia via mail or in person.

Cambodian nationals in the United States can visit the consular office for the renewal or extension of a Cambodian passport. It also assists non-Cambodians seeking access to Cambodia and carries out document certification and authorization.

Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees are some of the legal documents that the consular offices assist with.

Overall, the main aim of the Cambodian Consulate is to build goodwill between the two countries, Cambodia and the United States. The Consulate office exists to promote and enhance the economic, trade, tourist, and cultural connections between the two nations.

Where and How to Contact the Cambodian Consulate in the US? 

The addresses of the Cambodian Embassy and several other consulate offices are mentioned below, along with the contact information of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in the United States of America.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Cambodian Consulate in Philadelphia is located at 4931 North Old York Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19141. For more information, US citizens can dial (267) 592 7344 or fax (215) 329 7176, or send an email to p.savoeunsok @ yahoo.com.

Seattle, Washington

The Cambodian Consulate in Seattle, Washington is located at 1818 Westlake Ave North, Ste 315. The citizens of the United States can dial (206) 217 0830 or email consul_huoth @ diplomats.com for any queries.

Lowell, Massachusetts

At Pine St, Ste 7, there is a consulate for Cambodia in Lowell. Call (978) 735 4539 or send a fax to (978) 735 4962 with any questions. Visitors can also send an email to cambodian.hcg.lowell @ gmail.com.

Washington, D.C.

At 4530, 16th St NW in Washington, District of Columbia , is the official address of  the Cambodian Embassy.

Additionally, (202) 726 7742 can be dialed for more details. For inquiries about visas, send an email to consular.camemb.usa @ gmail.com.

Long Beach, California

The Cambodian Consulate in Long Beach, California is located at 3444 East Anaheim Street. Those residing in California can call (562) 494 3000 or fax (562) 494 3007. For further information, one can also email cambodian.hcg.ca @ gmail.com.

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Available Services

The Cambodian Consulate offers the following services:

  • Issuance of Visas

Depending on the type of requirement, the Cambodian embassy issues tourist, business, Khmer, courtesy, official, and diplomatic visas for US nationals.

Americans need to fill out a visa application form along with a passport photo and provide proof of health insurance.

Apart from this, they must ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months and that 2 free pages are available for the visa sticker.

To submit the visa application, US nationals can either send it via mail with posted stamps and a tracking number or schedule a walk-in appointment at the embassy in Washington, D.C.

It is also advised to check for updates on arrival procedures, entry requirements, and new COVID-19 quarantine requirements from time to time.

  • Legalization Services

When an expired Cambodian passport can no longer be extended, the embassy issues temporary travel documents to Cambodians.

It also assists in providing birth certificates to children born abroad to Cambodian parents.

From the transportation of cremated remains to the transportation of human remains, people can apply for the embassy’s letter by filling out the required documents.

Cambodians who need assistance with the translation of a driver’s license or with the translation of a birth certificate can send their request to the embassy.

  • Document Authentication

Applicants can also request the embassy to authenticate documents if needed. It issues a Department of State’s letter that has been authenticated (original copy), with a copy of the entire document attached. 

Is an Appointment Needed?

For visa, passport renewal, and document authentication, it is better to submit a walk-in request appointment two weeks before the appointment date.

American tourists can apply for the Cambodia eVisa that is valid for up to 30 days.

If one intends to stay longer or visit Cambodia for other reasons, it’s best to apply for a regular visa, and understand the requirements by consulting the Cambodian embassy in the US.

For out-of-state walk-ins, it’s best to set an appointment with the embassy for visa and document authentication.

Still, need assistance? It’s best to call the Royal Embassy of Cambodia, Monday morning to Friday evening, between 10 am and 11 am and 2 pm and 3 pm (EST), at (202) 726 7742 to schedule an appointment.

Schedule of Operation

The embassy hours are from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 to 4 pm (ET) and it is in operation from Monday morning  to Friday evening.

American travelers may call 202-726 7742 or send an email to consular.camemb.usa @ gmail.com for visa concerns. There are metro bus and train options for getting to the embassy.

What is the Consulate/Embassy Activities Update Page?

The Embassy activities update page provides useful information about the Royal Embassy of Cambodia and the numerous activities, events, and programs it hosts in the United States of America.


At the Cambodian Consulate in the United States, Americans can get all the necessary information about how to obtain a visa, arrival procedure, Cambodia Mission abroad, Cambodia Passport Extension and more.

The embassy provides all information related to travel to Cambodia, a list of holidays, embassy news and activities, and addresses Cambodian concerns while providing visa, legalization, and document authentication services.

It’s best for US citizens to be aware of Cambodia's visa requirements if planning to travel to Cambodia.


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