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Cambodia E-Visa Photo Size

When applying for a Cambodia visa, especially online application for Visa, there is a section where you will be asked to upload a photo of yourself. When uploading this photo, there are some rules and regulations that you must adhere to if you want your application to be approved. The Cambodia e-visa photo size is one of those regulations, and it is important that you get it right during your application to avoid issues or delays.

Applying for Cambodia e-visa has become easier thanks to natvisa.com. You can submit your online application for visa through the site and get your visa approval in your email within days.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Cambodia

What are the Cambodia E-Visa Photo Requirements? 

The minimum dimensions must be 600 pixels by 400 pixels while the maximum dimensions are 1200 x 800 pixels. If your photo does not meet these requirements, your online application for visa may not be accepted. We also understand that not everyone will be able to meet these requirements, which is why you are advised to submit your application through natvisa.com. All sizes are welcome!

Images to be uploaded are: Image of Self and Passport Image 

  1. Must be under 10 MB. Anything over 10 MB is a very large file so dont worry. Most files will fall under 10 MB.

  2. All formats accepted (JPEG, PDF, PNG, JPG, etc)

  3. All you need to do is submit your online application for visa through the site and application form. You do not have to do anything else until you receive your Visa approval document in your mail.

  4. If you cannot resize your photos by yourself, you can upload any type of image on natvisa.com, and it will be resized for you. You can upload your image in any format and size.

  5. If you submit a wrong type of image that fails to meet the guidelines, you will receive an email so that you can make changes to the upload.

  6. One your online application for visa is granted, you will receive an email with the visa document attached so that you can print it out.

Other Important Cambodia E-Visa Photo Requirements 

  • Make sure the photo you are submitting shows your full face, open eyes and the front view of your head.
  • Make sure it captures the whole of your head from the top of your hair to your shoulders.

  • Make sure there are no shadows in the background.
  • Maintain a natural expression with a closed mouth in the photo.
  • Do not wear hats or sunglasses.
  • Keep the lighting and contrast normal. Also, make sure the camera is not directed towards the line of your eyes.
  • Do not wear large jewelry and hairpieces. You can wear headgear due to religious reasons, but it should not cover your face. Your face must show clearly in your Cambodia visa photo.
  • You should not wear a white shirt or light-colored clothes in the photo so that it does not mix with the white background and affect the photo. Though this is not a rule, you should, however, do all you can so your photo can come out nicely.

Once you have adhered to all these regulations, including the right Cambodia E-Visa photo size, your visa should be approved and delivered to your mail.

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