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Visa to India Application in a PDF Format | Is This Available?

The Indian government grants two types of travel authorization to foreign nationals – electronic visa and regular embassy visas. 

Applying for an Indian visa, be it an eVisa or an embassy visa, can be daunting. To help visa applicants get familiarized with the visa application form and process, the Indian bureau of immigration has provided a PDF of regular visa application and a sample PDF of eVisa application form on their website. 

These PDFs can give a sense of confidence while applying for the visa. When they are ready, they can go online to fill out a visa application form.

In case of a regular visa, they have to take a print out of the completed application form and submit it to the embassy at the time of visa appointment. 

Read on to know more about the PDF of India visa application form. 

What is a PDF File?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and was developed by Adobe. A PDF file can incorporate a variety of content including text, image and graphics. 

Files can be exported as a PDF by simply 'saving as' and then selecting the PDF option. Converting to and from PDF is relatively easy and very common.

Is the India Visa Application Form Available in a PDF? 

Yes. The PDF format is available for the application form for an Indian regular visa. Citizens of foreign nations that are not eligible for an India electronic visa can apply for an embassy visa to visit the country for tourism, business, employment and medical treatments.

They have to complete the application form online/offline, print it out and submit it to the consulate at the time of pre-scheduled visa appointment.

See PDF file from Consulate General of India in New York here.

Note that PDF form may vary from consulate to consulate. Applicants need to verify if the form is relevant to the Indian consulate that they are planning to apply.

Also, most Indian missions encourage applicants to fill out the application form online. They can print it after completion.

What is in the India Visa PDF file? 

The India visa PDF file is nothing but a portable document format of an Indian visa application form. Applicants are required to share several personal, passport, family and other details through this application form. 

Personal Details 

Foreign nationals applying for a regular embassy visa have to share several personal information with the Indian bureau of immigration through the application form. They include first name, surname, gender and marital status. 

The applicants need to declare their nationality and whether they acquired it by birth or by naturalization.  They also have to provide information about their past nationality if any or if they hold dual citizenship. 

Contact Details

The India Visa PDF application form has fields dedicated to the contact details of the applicant. He/she should enter the present address, permanent address and phone number – both home and work. 

Employment Details

They are required to share employment details if they are employed. This includes the nature of the employment and the name and address of the employer. 

Passport Detail

Information such as passport number, date of issue/expiry, passport validity and place of passport issue.

Family Details

Here, the applicants should provide information like the name and nationality of their father, mother and spouse. 

Apart from these, the applicants are required to answer a few questions about the purpose of travel, type of visa, travel itinerary, expected port of entry, expected date of arrival in India.  

At the end of the two-page application form, applicants should sign a declaration that states that they would leave the country before the visa validity and they would not engage in paid employment during their stay in the country.  

Note that only an Indian employment visa permits the holder to work in India. Applicants of all other visa types need to submit proof of finance to support themselves during their stay in India at the time of visa application. 

Is the India eVisa Available in PDF 

The application process for an Indian electronic visa is completely online. However, there is a sample PDF form. 

See sample eVisa form here.

Applicants can use this form to have an understanding of the information and documents to be submitted during the actual submission of the online application form. 

What is in the eVisa Example PDF 

The sample PDF document is a nine-page one. It is a step-by-step guide for the eVisa applicants. They can get an idea of queries appearing in the actual form before starting the application. Carefully going through the sample PDF form can help the applicants submit an error-free application.

Note that even a spelling error in the actual online form can result in visa delay or denial. 

International travelers who wish to apply for an Indian eVisa have to share a number of information with the Indian bureau of immigration. This includes personal, passport, family, employment and travel details. The PDF application form explains it step-by-step. 

In the eVisa sample application form, the applicants are asked to submit an electronic mail address. However, the PDF file for a regular visa form does not require the applicant to share their email address.  This is because all communication related to eVisa is carried out via this address by the Indian officials. 

The sample also has detailed information about the queries to be asked to assess the character of the applicants.

Apart from this, the PDF document for the eVisa gives the applicant an idea of how to upload a photograph of himself/herself and the scanned copy of the information page and how to make payments online for an India visa.   

Can the PDF be Printed? 

This depends on the type of visa. For a regular Indian embassy visa, all applicants are required to complete the application form, print them out and submit it in the Indian consulate at the time of document submission. 

In most consulates, the visa form can be filled out online. However, a few India missions still ask for the applicants to take a print out of the application form. They need to fill out the hard copy before submitting it during the visa appointment. 

For an Indian eVisa, applicants do not need to submit a printed copy at the nearest consulate. Application procedure for an Indian eVisa is completely online. They can take a print of the sample PDF file for their reference. 

However, all foreign nationals planning to visit India should have a printed copy of their eVisa. Officials at the immigration counter will verify it and will stamp it in the visa.   


The sample PDF for both regular and eVisa are hosted in the Indian government’s official website to help make the actual visa application process easy for foreign nationals. 

For many, the visa application process is very stressful as they worry about making errors and filling out wrong information. The sample PDF file helps them get the hang of the form and application process prior to the real application. 

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