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India's Conference Visa | Past and Upcoming Conferences

India isn't just a great place to visit. There's so much to learn in and about the country, too. In fact, the government holds conferences every year that bring together the best minds in the world.

If travelers want to attend one of these conferences, all they need is an India conference visa. It's not hard to apply for one of these online. They usually get granted within a couple of days, and travelers don't even have to send in their passports.

What is a Conference Visa?

An Indian conference visa is a legal authorization given by the Indian government to citizens of eligible foreign countries to travel to India for attending conferences, seminars and meetings on a specific subject. 

An Indian conference visa is issued to foreigners to attend meetings organized by the union and state governments, public sector undertakings, central universities or public funded educational institutions.  To attend business meetings or board meetings they need to apply for a India business visa. 

Note that conference visas will not be issued to attend meetings held in India that are politically, socially or religiously sensitive. 

Foreigners arriving on this visa cannot visit restricted/ prohibited areas in India and are expected to leave the country before the validity expires. They also cannot undergo medical treatment or engage in paid employment. 

Important Details of Conference Visa 

If a traveler wants to attend a conference that is put on by the Indian government, he or she needs a conference visa to India. Note that travelers attending conferences put on by private entities should apply for an India business visa, instead.

The India conference visa permits conference attendees to stay in India for up to 30 days after they arrive. It only permits a single entry and cannot be extended or converted into another type of India visa.

Travelers who want to stay longer should club their India conference visa with a tourist visa so they can explore the country once their conference is over.

To apply, enter all of the data into the relevant places on the application. Submit the application. Travelers will get a reference number, which they can use to check on the status of the application later.

Within a few days, they should get proof that their India visa has been approved in their email. Print the visa document and store it with travel paper. If they don't have proof of their visa, the immigration officer should be able to look it up or access it electronically. Before long, travelers will be enjoying their conference in India.

They will be able to meet with some of the best minds in their field, exchange information, discuss recent developments and issues, and more. Getting an India conference visa is a small step that will help them gain knowledge and advance in their field.

What Will be Needed for Conference Visa

To apply for an India conference visa, visitors need:

  • A passport valid at least 6 months after they plan to enter India.

  • A photo of the traveler that meets specifications.

  • A credit card to pay the India visa application fee.

  • A picture or scan of the passport page containing their personal information.

  • Official invitation or proof of the conference the traveler plans to attend.

Upon Arrival in India, What is Needed? 

Once travelers arrive in India, they should show:

  • The same passport they used to apply for their India conference visa.

  • Proof of return travel.

  • At least two empty passport pages.

  • Proof that they are attending the conference.

  • Proof that they can cover their expenses while in India.

  • Proof that they obtained their conference visa for India before they left home. 

What Are the Major Conferences in India? 

The Indian government, its various ministries, universities and public sector undertaking conducts several conferences on different subjects every year. Read on to know more about them. 

Raisina Dialogue 

Raisina conference is an annual geopolitical and geoeconomic conference hosted by the external affairs ministry in association with the Observer Research Foundation. Experts from different fields including politics, media, academia and business from across the globe converge in New Delhi to engage in discussions on cross-sectorial and inter-disciplinary subjects. 

World Hindi Conference 

World Hindi Conference is one of the India government’s flagship events conducted for Hindi scholars from across the world. Started in 1975, the last edition of the conference was held in 2021 in Fiji. 

International Conference of Public Policy and Management

This international symposium is an annual event organized by the Centre for Public Policy of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The three-day meeting hosts academicians from across the world and discusses various issues related to education, infrastructure, information technology and other developmental subjects. 

Conferences in 2022

Indian educational institutions host several international conferences in varied subjects every year. The following are some of the much-awaited meetings in 2022:

International Conference on Globalization and Emergence of a New World Order 

Hosted by Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, the conference will discuss the transnational flow of trade, people and ideas in the times of a knowledge society and information technology. 

Annual IC3 Conference 

This year’s edition of this annual event will bring together experts from across the world to discuss inclusive and sustainable practices to be maintained for effective successful student counseling especially in high schools. 

International Conference on Management 

Hosted by the Indian Institute of Management Indore, this international meeting plans to explore issues and challenges related to production and operations in the management sector and researchers from premier management schools across the world are expected to share their knowledge in the field.

Conferences in 2021

The Indian government and its public sector companies organized several conferences in 2021 and most of them were hosted online. Here’s a list of some of those seminars. 

International Space Conference and Expo

Hosted by the Indian Space Organization, the event engaged industry leaders to expand India’s space missions.  

Annual Conferences of Medical Physicists 

The annual conference was organized by All India Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conducted discussions on emerging trends in Medicine. 

Note that an Indian conference visa is issued to foreigners attending conferences organized by the Indian government or public sector companies/ educational institutions.

Foreigners who wish to attend meetings organized by private sector companies/educational institutes will have to apply for a business visa. 

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