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Electronic Travel Authorization for Turkish | Mexico Entry

With assorted spots ranging from metropolitan Mexico City to the beaches of Tulum, Mexico flaunts holiday destinations that attract visitors from all walks of life.

Turkish Citizens can visit these destinations and explore a lot more and have a peaceful vacation away from their busy regular routines.
With the help of the Mexico ETA (Electronic Authorization System) for travelers from Turkey, the formalities have can be completed easily and effortlessly.

Although not a visa, an ETA fulfils all the requirements of a regular visa.

Turks must mandatorily have this travel document to legally enter Mexico and move freely within its national borders.

Turkish Citizens Must Know This While Applying for a Mexico ETA

Travelers from Turkey can only avail an ETA for Mexico if they are visiting the country as tourists, on business, for medical reasons, or for studies, besides being in transit.

This does not cater to professional or employment travels.

Do Turks Need Documents to Apply?

There is no requirement of any paperwork when applying for the ETA for Mexico.

All they need is a valid passport from Turkey.

No papers are required for the process.

Applicants must not forget that their Turkish passport must have a minimum validity of six months following their entry in Mexico.

This is How it All Works

Being online, the entire process of getting an ETA to Mexico is the least taxing for Citizens from Turkey.  

This is also the reason that this process takes much lesser time to complete and also travel enthusiasts have the facility of applying for it without having to leave their homes.

All they need is a computer that is connected to the internet. They do not require fixing an appointment or visiting the embassy for this purpose.

This process involves the following:

Populating the Application Form: The entire process being online, Turkish Citizens are required to get the ball rolling by filling the electronic application. They must fill in all the asked details carefully. After filling the information, they must check to ensure the preciseness of the information so that there are no discrepancies.

Payment of Fee: Once they have filled up the form, Turkish applicants may pay the fee. For this, they will need a valid credit or debit card.

ETA Acquisition: Following its approval and clearance, citizens from Turkey will receive their travel confirmation on their email ids in a couple of days.

The travelers get their ETAs on their emails. There is no need to print or present any documents at the airport as ETA is stored electronically corresponding to the passport of the Turkish visitor.

Formalities After Reaching Mexico

As it is true for other travelers to Mexico, Turkish travelers also need to present their passports to the immigration authorities on landing in Mexico.

After getting clearance from the airport authorities, citizens from Turkey will be allowed to enter and explore this third largest country in Latin America.
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