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Electronic Travel Authorization for Ukraine | Mexico Entry

Beaches, nightclubs, sweeping resorts and ‘easy-to-get-there’ processes make Mexico a go-to spot for spring surfers and holiday-makers on the lookout for a delightful getaway.

Ukrainian Citizens can plan a trip to this North American country and check out its attractive tourist destinations.
Travelers from Ukraine can use the Mexico ETA (Electronic Authorization System) system; which is designed to be fast and user friendly.

The ETA is not a visa, however, it suffices all that a visa does and is in fact a better online version of the regular visa.

This is a compulsory travel document that Ukrainians must acquire in order to get a legal entry into Mexico and tour through the entire region that falls within the country’s national borders.

Citizens from Ukraine, when travelling to Mexico must be aware of these facts concerning when they are eligible for an ETA.

The Mexico ETA is only valid for visits related to:
  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Medical purposes
  • Studies
  • Transit travel

This travel document is not applicable for those who are visiting the country for the purpose of earning any sort of payment which may be related to their profession or employment.

How Much Paperwork Do Ukrainians Require

Here comes the best part. There is absolutely zero need for any paperwork at the time of applying for the ETA for Mexico.

All that is required is a valid passport number from Ukraine.

The Ukranian passport number gets linked with the traveler’s ETA. However, it is highly advised to printout the Mexico ETA document.

It is necessary for the applicants to ensure that their Ukrainian passport has a minimum validity of six months after they reach Mexico.

How Does it Work

Since everything is online, getting an ETA to Mexico becomes the easiest for Citizens from Ukraine.

This comes with two benefits:

  • Minimal Effort
  • Maximum Speed

Since having a computer with an internet connection is common nowadays, Ukrainians can complete the entire process from their homes.

The time they save by not needing to fix an appointment or visit the embassy can be well-used in packing and preparing for the trip.

This is what they need to do:

Fill the Application Form: Ukrainian Citizens must take the first step of filling the electronic application. It is wise to practice caution while filling these critical details and rechecking what has been filled in so that it is accurate and nothing has been missed out.

Fee Remittance: After completely and correctly filling of the form, Ukrainian applicants are required to pay the required fee. This is done with the help of a valid credit or debit card.

ETA Receipt: As soon as the application has been approved, citizens from Ukraine will get their travel confirmation online in a few days.

The travelers get their ETAs on their emails. Since this is an electronic process and so is the ETA, the Ukrainian visitor will not be required to take any printouts. It is linked to the traveler’s passport and there is no need to submit it at the airport either.

What to do After Reaching Mexico

Just like the process works for other travelers to Mexico, Ukrainian travelers must also get their passports perused by the immigration authorities after reaching Mexico.

Once the airport authorities clear their entry, citizens from Ukraine can enter and are free to move around within the country’s national borders.
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