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Mexico ETA Online Application | Who is Eligible for the ETA?

Mexico has recently introduced the ETA (Electronic Authorization System), for travellers of foreign countries.

The ETA, which is also known as SAE in Spanish, is an important travel document which is required by foreign travellers to enter the territory of Mexico legally.
Citizens of Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine can apply for the Mexico ETA for a period of up to 180 days without getting a visa from the Mexican embassy.

The process of application is very simple, wherein applicants have to fill out an application form, and make the payment.

Steps to Follow While Applying for a Mexico ETA

Obtaining a Mexico ETA is simple and easy. As the entire procedure is carried out online, it is less time-consuming and allows people to apply for the same from any location of their choice.

Also, they do not need to visit an Embassy to acquire this travel document.

Here are the 3 steps that you must follow:

Fill Application Form: Travelers are first required fill out the online form. Give all the details correctly that have been asked for, on the form, check twice and submit it.

Make Payment: Pay the ETA visa fee after the form has been filled out. Use their credit or debit card to carry out the payment procedure. It will take no time to pay the ETA fee.

Receive ETA: Once the application has been processed, they will receive their ETA within a few minutes.

On arriving at the Mexico airport, travelers must present their ETA to the immigration authorities there.

All the travelers are advised to carry a print-out of the document.

This document needs to be submitted to the immigration authorities and they can enter the country.

Requirements for ETA Application


Travelers applying for a Tourist ETA or SAE (Electronic Authorization System) to Mexico are not required to provide any document while filling out the application form. However, having a valid passport is mandatory.

Email Address

Every applicant who is opting for an ETA to Mexico must have a valid email id.

The email id must be provided for the application procedure.

Notification of rejection or confirmation of the ETA will be sent to this email ID and applicants will also receive their ETA on the same email ID.

Passport Validity

Having a valid passport is mandatory for every individual applying for the Mexico Tourist ETA. It must have a validity of 6 months.

Once the ETA gets approved, it will allow travelers a single entry to the country.


Travelers must be citizens of Brazil, Turkey, Russia or Ukraine to avail the facility of the Mexico ETA.

Citizens of other countries will have to acquire a regular Mexican visa, conventionally, to enter Mexico.

What Will Be Needed Upon Arrival

Approved Mexico ETA

In order to enter Mexico without any hassles, make sure that your Mexico (ETA) is approved.

The immigration authorities will be able to check the approval status in their system as the application is linked electronically to your passport.

However, printint the ETA document is recommended.


Visitors must travel to Mexico with a valid passport that was used for the online ETA application.

The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months.

Passport details must match the ETA document.

What is a Mexico ETA?

Mexico ETA (Electronic Authorization System), also known as SAE in Spanish, is a travel document that is issued to travellers who wish to visit Mexico.

Unlike the regular visa, this document is granted online, which means that the entire process from application to acquiring the ETA is done online.

It is important to note that only citizens from Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey can avail this facility.

The ETA is equivalent to a visa and it allows visitors to travel in Mexico legally. 

Instructions for Travellers Applying for ETA to Mexico

If the travellers have a valid visa or are permanent residents of the following countries, then they will not need an Visa or ETA to enter Mexico.

These countries are the United States, Japan, Great Britain, the Schengen Area and Canada. All that will be needed is the Tourist Card aka Mexico FMM form.

ETA is granted to visitors only for the purpose of tourism, business, medical reasons, study and transit.

None of the activities that are carried out should involve receiving of payment.

Acquiring an ETA does give travellers the right to enter Mexico.

The immigration officers at the airport can refuse entry to any individual if they find any problem with the documents presented to them or anything related to security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many entries are allowed?

A valid Mexico ETA allows only single entry.

Which paymnet method is accepted to pay for the ETA?

They can use a credit or a debit card to pay the ETA fee.

Who will provide me with information about my ETA application status?

Information related to ETA, acceptance or rejection will be provided on the email id.

Where will the ETA be Sent?

They will receive your ETA on the email ID.

Will a refund be issued if the application is rejected?

No, applicants will not receive any refund amount if their application for Mexico Tourist ETA gets rejected.

What is the Tourist Card?

See Tourist Card.
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