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Passports Issued by Turkey

People who are citizens of Turkey and who want to travel internationally will need to get a passport from Turkey before they take their trip. 

With this document, they can enter other countries and prove their Turkish citizenship at embassies and consulates around the world.

What is a TUR Passport

A passport from Turkey is a document that proves that the holder is a citizen of Turkey. The Turkish government issues them to people who can prove their Turkish citizenship.

The Turkey passport gives the holder particular rights. These include the right to enter some other countries with only an eVisa or a visa on arrival, rather than a traditional visa.

What Does a Passport From Turkey Look Like?

Turkish passports may be red, green, gray or black, depending on the passport type. They are small booklets that open on the right side and have pages that flip from right to left.

Inside, Turkish passports have a page that contains a photograph of the traveler and their personal information, like their full name, birth date, and location of their birth.

After that, there are pages that state how the passport may be used and other official statements that the government requires.

Finally, there are empty pages where stamps and visas can go. These are the pages where foreign government officials track the person’s visits around the world.

What Uses Does a Passport from Turkey Have?

Travelers from Turkey primarily use their passports to enter other countries. They use the document to prove that they are a recognized citizen from Turkey.

They may also use the passport to prove their status in Turkey, as different passports signify different standings and roles.

Finally, citizens of Turkey can use their passport to get help at Turkish consulates and embassies throughout the world.

When they need legal, financial, medical, or other help, they can show their Turkish passport at the embassy so that embassy staff know to help them.

Are There Restrictions on a TR Passport?

Travelers from Turkey need to make sure that they have the right kind of passport for their needs. This may change based on the role that they are going to play on any given trip. 

For this reason, some travelers from Turkey may hold more than one passport. These can be different types of passports (like a personal one and a diplomatic one).

Occasionally, travelers may hold two of the same kind of passport at the same time. This can occur when they need to travel on one while waiting for the other to be renewed. 

It can also occur if they need to travel after they have submitted one passport to get a visa from another country.

Finally, it can occur if they have traveled to Israel and now need to visit a country that will not permit them entry with an Israeli stamp.

In addition, most countries require passports from Turkey to be valid for 6 months and to have 1-2 empty pages when the traveler visits the new country.

If the passport does not have either of these, the traveler will need to get it renewed before they take their trip.

What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship means that a person qualifies for citizenship in more than one country. Some countries permit this while others do not. 

Turkey permits dual citizenship as long as the person can prove that they qualify for citizenship in Turkey. 

People who hold more than one passport need to make sure that they use the same passport to enter and leave any given country. They cannot switch passports while they are there.

However, some passports give better access in some areas of the world than others do. Travelers should use whatever passport is in their best interests for the country they are visiting.

How Powerful is a Turkish Passport?

Turkey’s passport has more power than many around the world, though it is not as powerful as some. It is generally seen to be somewhere in the middle.

Currently, Turkey’s passport rates 52nd. Holders of this passport can enter 111 countries without a visa or with a visa that they get upon arrival. They need a visa for the other 233 countries.

Travelers with special Turkish passports may have more freedom and be able to enter more countries without a visa.

It is up to each individual traveler to ensure that they have the proper permission to enter a country before they leave home.

How to Get a Passport From Turkey

Most people who get Turkish passports apply for them online, through the government’s website. This site allows them to get a passport without an in-person visit. 

They can also apply in person at an official travel office inside of Turkey. 

Turkish citizens will need to submit paperwork that proves their origins in Turkey, or that they have a parent who is a Turkish citizen.

In addition, they will need to submit passport-sized photos of themselves. Finally, they will need to pay the relevant fees to get theri passport. 

Turkey has some of the most expensive passports in the world. Travelers need to be prepared to pay not only a passport fee, but also another fee every time they leave the country.

How to Renew a Passport From Turkey

Some Turkish travelers may be able to renew their passports online, in a process similar to the one outlined above for getting a new passport.

Travelers who need to renew their passport from outside of Turkey will need to make an appointment at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. 

They will need to bring their current/old passport, proof of citizenship, photos of themselves, and the passport renewal fee. The consulate may request more documents at their discretion.

What to Do If a Turkish Passport is Lost or Stolen

Turkish citizens who lose their passport or have it stolen need to file a police report as soon as possible. They will need a copy of this when they go to get a new passport.

Once they have that document, they should proceed to the nearest embassy or consulate. They may need an appointment, depending on the location.

There, they will need to present their police report as well as any documents they have to prove their citizenship. They will also need to pay a fee for their new passport.

The embassy or consulate may request further documentation, at their discretion.

Biometrics and Turkey Passports

Since 2010, all passports from Turkey are biometric. This means that they contain an electronic chip that holds all of the traveler's personal information. 

These chips make scanning passports easier and verifying them more secure. They make entering and leaving countries faster. 

In addition, visas for other countries can be tied to the chip on a passport. This makes it simple to see who has permission to enter the country and who does not.

Different Types of Turkish Passports

There are four different kinds of passports from Turkey.

The first one is the ordinary, or maroon/red passport. It is for citizens of Turkey who don’t qualify for any of the other kinds of passports.

Most people will get this type of passport.

Diplomatic passports from Turkey are black. They are for people who are traveling as representatives of the government who hold certain high-level jobs.

Families of diplomatic passport holders may also get diplomatic passports. These passports only permit travel on behalf of Turkey.

Service passports are gray, and they are for other people traveling on behalf of Turkey. This group includes lower-level officials, athletes, and more.

Special passports are green. They are for certain qualifying categories of people, like former diplomats or academics with more than 15 years in their field.

Special passports offer visa-free travel to more countries than ordinary passports do. They make travel easier and hold more power than ordinary passports, too.

Validity Rules for Turkey Passports

Turkish passports can be issued for a variety of terms, usually 5 or 10 years. The longer the term, the more expensive the passport. 

Note that people under 18 or those who are Turkish Cypriots will only be able to get passports valid for 5 years and should plan accordingly. 

Regardless of the term, though, the passport must be valid for the traveler to be able to use it internationally. If it will expire soon, travelers will need a new passport before they leave home.

Changing status within Turkey may also invalidate a passport. Diplomatic passports, for instance, are only valid as long as the person plays a qualifying role in Turkey’s government.

Certain types of damage may also invalidate a Turkish passport. These are not listed specifically.

However, any damage that renders the biometric chip unreadable or that makes the data page unreadable will invalidate the passport.

Imigration officials will usually tell people when they see a passport that needs to be replaced.

Turkish citizens who want to travel abroad should make sure they get the best Turkey passport that they qualify for. Then, they can use this to see the world and travel overseas.

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