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What is the Mexico Visa Policy?

Depending on where you are from and the purpose of your trip to Mexico, you’ll find a variety of visas on offer. While most individuals visiting Mexico for vacation will only need to complete the FMM form, others may need to apply for a tourist visa in advance of their trip.

Today we’re going to discuss the various Mexico visa options and how you go about applying for these ahead of your visit.

Tourist Visa

For many visitors to Mexico, including those from the Schengen Area, USA, UK, Canada, and Japan, you won’t require a visa to visit Mexico.

However, you will need to complete the Multiple Migratory Form for your arrival. For anyone who does require a tourist visa, you will need to ensure you apply for this ahead of your trip.

Citizens from a large number of countries still need to apply for a Mexican visa for tourism through their local embassy.

To apply for this visa and enter the country, you’ll need to ensure you have six months of validity on your passport. You’ll also need to complete the FMM online in advance, as this is a requirement for anyone entering the country.

Regardless of the length of stay of your trip as a tourist, you’ll find that you need to apply and receive this tourist visa to be permitted entry. For the tourist visa application, you’ll need to share a certificate of employment or indication that you are studying, bank account statements, a color photograph, and proof of residence.

Permanent Residence Visa

A Permanent Residence Visa is granted to foreign nationals who intend to live in Mexico for over six months or stay within the country indefinitely.

In order to apply for this visa, you don’t have to be a temporary resident first, but there are certain criteria you need to fulfill to complete this application.

This may include having a close family connection in Mexico, applying to retire in the country, multiple years of temporary residency, meeting the points system requirements, or entering under humanitarian grounds.

Once your visa is granted, you receive a plastic card that allows you to enter and exit the country as if you were a citizen.

Temporary Resident Visa

Mexico’s Temporary Resident Visa is suitable for anyone looking to remain in the country for between six months and four years.

It’s a renewable, long-term visa that is initially granted for one year and can then be extended by one, two, or three years as needed. Anyone with this visa can enter and exit the country as they desire, and they can optionally add on work permits.

There are only certain activities you can undertake during your time in the country, which will impact the visa category you receive. To apply for this visa, you’ll need to prove you have the funds or income to support your stay in the country.

Your application will be pre-approved in your home country, and then when you arrive in Mexico, you’ll visit a local immigration office to exchange the passport stamp for the Temporary Resident Permit.

Work Permit

To work in Mexico for over six months, you’ll need to apply for either the Temporary Resident Visa with approval to work or a Permanent Resident Visa.

The employer will have to apply through the Mexican Institute of Immigration, and then the employee will visit the embassy to apply for the visa in their home country.

You’ll receive the work permit on top of the Temporary Resident Visa, which you’ll have to register once you arrive in the country within 30 days.

How to Apply for a Visa?

In order to apply for any of the visas listed above, you’ll need to complete the application form ahead of your interview at the embassy.

There are different requirements for each type of visa, and you’ll need to have the correct number of months left on your passport at the time of entry. On top of that, you will need to show proof that you have funds to support your stay in the country or income coming in each month.

Ensure you thoroughly check what is needed for your specific visa to avoid issues and delays with your application. 

Contacting the Embassy for an Appointment

The next step is to contact your local Mexican embassy to book your appointment. When contacting the embassy, ensure you state which visa you are applying for and when you are planning to enter the country.

They will be able to advise you about the next available appointment and get you booked in for that date. Ensure you call up with enough time to spare, and try and book the appointment as early as possible ahead of your trip to avoid delaying your vacation or visit to Mexico.

Before making this call, make sure you are applying for the correct visa and meet all of the requirements for this visa. They may ask questions to ascertain if you are eligible for the visa, so ensure you know why you have chosen the option you are asking for.

Preparing for the Interview

Before your interview, gather the correct documentation and ensure your application form is completed in ink and is legible.

The fee for your visa application will be collected at the time of your interview. Your embassy may have strict requirements about what you can and can’t bring into the building, so ensure you review these ahead of time to avoid being late to your appointment.

Arrive at your appointment on time to ensure you don’t miss your slot and delay the procedure. During the interview, they’ll review all of your documents, so make sure you have everything that could be needed.

For the majority of visitors to Mexico, you’ll find you don’t need to apply for a visa for a vacation in the country.

However, for anyone who falls under these categories listed above, ensure you research the best type of visa for your stay and prepare your paperwork well in advance to avoid issues during your application.

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