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Anguilla Visa Policy

For many visitors to Anguilla, a visa is required to enter the country. While Anguilla is currently using the Anguilla Entry Program as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many visitors will also be required to apply for a visa on top of this application. Before traveling to Anguilla this year, keep reading to learn about who needs a visa to enter and the most popular visa options for Anguilla currently.

Anguilla Visa Information

Anguilla is one of the British Overseas Territories, however, this means it has the ability to create its own rules regarding immigration. They follow a separate visa policy from that of the United Kingdom, and even British citizens aren't granted the ability to live freely in the country. Historically, Anguilla attracts about 100,000 visitors from the US each year, and it's a popular location for a short vacation. After the country's British colonization in 1650, it was then part of the Leeward Islands. However, in 1825 it became part of the colony of St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla. Following the intervention of the United Kingdom in 1969, the country then became separate from Britain in 1980.

Who Needs a Visa for Anguilla?

While British passport holders and visitors from the US don't need a visa to spend up to three months in Anguilla, visitors from a wide selection of countries around the world will be required to apply for a visa before their visit. On top of that, some visitors aren't even able to transit through Anguilla without a visa. From January 2021, the country opened up a new online portal to make the visa application process much simpler for applicants. They can now apply via e-Visa Anguilla online instead of traveling to an embassy to obtain their visa for their upcoming trip.

Popular Types of Visas for Anguilla

The most popular type of visa for Anguilla is a single entry visa, which allows a stay of up to 90 consecutive days in the country. It can be used for either leisure or business visits, and the visa itself is valid for up to 90 days. If you apply for this visa online, you'll need to use it within thirty days of the issue date, but you'll need to allow eight to ten days for business processing. Frequent visitors to Anguilla may want to consider the multiple entry visa, which allows you to enter Anguilla for stays of up to 90 days at a time for leisure or business. It is valid for one year at a time, and you'll need to leave eight days for it to be processed.

Applying for an Anguilla Visa

For anyone who is on the official list of countries that require a visa, you'll need to ensure you give yourself adequate time to apply before your trip. Regardless of whether you are visiting for business or leisure, you'll need to decide whether you require a single or multiple entry visa. If you happen to already have a valid visa currently for the UK, US, or Canada, you can actually use this to enter Anguilla instead of applying for one directly with the country, which can save many visitors a lot of time and hassle.

Visas today can either be applied for online or at your nearest embassy. To apply, you'll need to complete an application form providing more details about your upcoming visit. A valid passport is required, which should have six months of validity on it. It's also critical that you have a valid email address, as communication about your visa will be sent via this. We recommend that you begin your application about one to two months before your travel date to ensure you have enough time to complete the application in time. However, you may be able to speak to your local embassy about paying a rush fee if you are traveling for an emergency situation.

Required Documentation for the Anguilla Visa

When applying for an Anguilla visa at the embassy, you'll need to submit your passport, which will require one empty page to add your visa. There are many documents you may be asked for as part of your application. These include proof of sufficient funds, proof of your return airline ticket, and documentation showing the reason for your visit or proof of accommodation in Anguilla for the duration of your trip. After receiving your visa, you'll need to show this to immigration upon your arrival. Depending on the visa you apply for, you'll either be able to stay for 90 days at a time or come and go as you please for up to a year, with no stay exceeding 90 days.

Arriving in Anguilla

Before your trip, you'll also need to check out the current requirements for the Anguilla Entry Program. At this current time, you'll also need to complete an online application that proves you have tested negative for COVID-19. Even if you don't require a visa to enter Anguilla, this is something that everyone in your party will need to complete for their upcoming trip. As with anywhere in the world at the current time, you'll want to check the quarantine and testing requirements to ensure you aren't turned away. Even with the correct visa and documentation, if you aren't following these procedures, you won't be able to enter. For anyone looking to stay in Anguilla for a longer time to work or study, you'll also want to look at the options currently available to you via this program.

Anguilla is a fantastic destination for visitors from around the world and enjoys beautiful sunshine all year round. Ensure you check out whether you require a visa before your trip, as well as the current health requirements and testing procedures. The visa and health requirements should be treated as two separate applications, and if you come from a country requiring a visa, you'll need to ensure you have this in your passport in time for your trip. Contact your local embassy for more information and guidance regarding the Anguilla visa application process this year.

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