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How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa for Anguilla

Anguilla is a fascinating, appealing, and unrivaled island located in the Eastern Caribbean. It is the perfect destination for digital nomads, with its immaculate beaches and peaceful sunsets.

Those who enjoy traveling and working remotely may do so with a digital nomad visa as long as they meet the criteria of the nation.

Anyone can work from this magnificent location for a year with the “Work from Anguilla Permit”, also known as the Digital Nomad Visa for Anguilla.

Everything about Beyond Extraordinary Program (Digital Nomad Visa)

In 2020, Anguilla was one of the first nations to launch a program for digital nomad visas named "Lose The Crowd Find Yourself. Work. Life. Bliss."

The program in Anguilla is distinctive in that it targets both students and nomads or remote workers, as well as their families. Additionally, they won't be taxed any regional tax on income.

The Beyond Extraordinary Anguilla Program of Anguilla enables visitors to work remotely from the destination for ninety-one days and a maximum of up to a year. Despite being fairly pricey, the minimum income requirement is $55,000, and no income tax is charged.

The digital nomad visa application procedure in the country is simple, and the processing period is only seven to fourteen days. A maximum of one year of residence in Anguilla is permitted with the Digi nomad visa. 

However, Anguilla isn't cheap, and the cost of living there is extremely high. But the calming sea views and its alluring climate will more than compensate for it.

The Anguilla digital nomad visa is valid for a full year. When the “Work from Anguilla Certificate” is issued, the one-year period starts. 

Individual applications can be submitted by families or groups of persons. The name, birthdate, and passport information of each member of the group must also be included in the request.

Sadly, an extension of Anguilla's digital nomad visa is not possible. In order to stay on the island after its validity expires, individuals must apply for a new one.

Requirements for Digital Nomad Visa for Anguilla

In comparison to other Caribbean nations, the application process for the nomad visa for Anguilla is rather simple. 

Simply gather the necessary paperwork, print it out, fill out the application and then make the application's associated fee payment.

However, the two requirements for eligibility for Digital Nomad Visa for Anguilla are as follows:

  • a certificate of business incorporation or proof of employment
  • sufficient income to support oneself and the dependents

Documents Needed to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa

The following documents are necessary for a Digital Nomad Visa:

  • Proof of visas (if applicable)
  • Proof of kinship ties with dependents
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Copy of the passport photo page
  • A filled-out application form
  • A certificate of business incorporation or proof of employment
  • COVID-19 insurance coverage is required
  • For all applicants who are eighteen years of age or older, a police record with a maximum validity of 6 months is required
  • A synopsis of the applicant's proposed job duties or a short explanation of the applicant's current work
  • Student enrollment documentation

In addition to this, the cost of a visa application is listed below:

  • Two thousand dollars is required for each application.
  • A household of four including the primary applicant, the spouse, and any family members under the age of 26 must be included. Each additional dependent, if the family has more than 4 members, is charged two hundred and fifty dollars.
  • For students, a digital nomad visa will cost $2,000.

What Distinguishes a Tourist Visa from a Digital Nomad Visa for Anguilla

For nomads who desire to stay for up to twelve months and more than 90 days, there is the digital nomad visa.

In contrast to tourist visas, once individuals have a digital nomad visa, they can continue working to make money during that time and are not required to apply for full residency status.

A digital nomad visa for Anguilla is quite expensive whereas a single-entry or multiple-entry tourist visa cost one hundred and forty dollars or two hundred and fifty dollars respectively.

Visitors having a digital nomad visa is exempt from paying income tax or other taxes in Anguilla if they have a “Work from Anguilla Certificate”.

Living as a Digital Nomad in Anguilla

Anguilla has a high cost of living, which is in large part a result of the tax system there.

The island does not impose any corporate, investment, or income taxes. Therefore, the government makes money by charging taxes on imported goods, a tourism tax, and fees for official documents such as visas on the island.

This, along with the exclusivity of living in Anguilla, results in some staggering daily living costs. To enjoy the island lifestyle, it is recommended that a digital nomad should set aside between four thousand dollars and five thousand dollars per month in living expenditures.

The quality of life is good given the high expense of living. When visiting the island, there are many finer things to look forward to, including good dining places, breathtaking scenery, and lovely beaches.

Explaining the Life of a Nomad

There are many benefits to living a nomadic lifestyle, and this is why it is so popular today. 

People who have opted to live a location-independent lifestyle and make the most of technology that enables them to travel while working remotely are referred to as "digital nomads." 

Digital nomads are those who use technology to do their jobs while being mobile and location-independent.

Many technological advancements have made the life of a digital nomad viable. This includes content management systems, Voice-over-Internet Protocol, inexpensive Wi-Fi internet services, and cell phones for contacting clients and employers.

The expansion of the gig economy has also played a role in making this kind of life look appealing. Many employees reevaluated their priorities and worked to improve their work-life balance as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Consequently, travelers with a digital nomad visa are legally authorized to work remotely for another country and bring home foreign income for an extended period of time.

Such long-term stay options for working remotely are now provided by many nations and Anguilla is one of them. 

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