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Turkey Visa For Indian Citizens

From the magnificent Mediterranean coasts to majestic mountains, from the clear blue skyline dotted with ancient minarets to ruins of the Roman empire, Turkey offers a myriad of incredible experiences to all travel enthusiasts.  

To visit this amazing country, all you need is proper permission from the country’s government. International travelers from most countries can enter Turkey with a regular tourist visa or an eVisa.  

India citizens can get a regular visa, visa on arrival or eVisa.

Read on to know what Indian travelers need to plan a trip to Turkey.  

What Do Indian Citizens Need to Enter Turkey?  

Indian citizens who want to visit Turkey for a short period of time not exceeding 90 days will need a visa.  

At the same time, Indian travelers with an official, diplomatic or service passport do not need a visa to enter the country and stay for 90 days. 

They just need to bring proper travel documents like passports and will be allowed in after the immigration and customs checks.  

Regular Visa for Tourism    

Indian citizens who wish to visit Turkey for tourism and leisure need a regular sticker visa. For this, they need to directly go to the Turkey Embassy in New Delhi or Turkey consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad.  

This visa does not allow the holders to engage in business or paid employment. Also, they have to declare the intention to return to India after the stipulated time of stay.  

The applicants need to schedule an appointment with the Turkish mission. The mission gives a checklist with documents that need to be submitted during the in-person interview. 

After submitting the application form along with the required travel documents, they can collect the visa from the mission itself.  

The documents needed to apply for the Turkish visa are as follows: 

  • A passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • Completed application form.
  • Proof of the travel itinerary including accommodation details.
  • Confirmed air tickets (both arrival and return tickets)
  • Proof of economic solvency. Bank statements to show that they can sustain themselves during the entire duration of the stay.
  • The applicants from India must also submit a police clearance certificate to get their visa. If they have traveled to the Schengen nations, they do not require a police clearance.

The minimum processing time expected for a turkey tourist visa is 15 days from the date of submission of the application form.   

The applicants may be asked about their personal travel history, political affiliation and permanent address in their home country. This information helps the authorities check their identity.  

Apart from this, travelers from India are encouraged to take travel insurance that covers unexpected medical expenses, loss of passport and luggage or offers financial relief in case of theft and other untoward incidents.    

What is an eVisa for Indians?  

The government of Turkey introduced online visa processing to citizens of a few countries.  

Through this seamless and hassle-free method citizens of eligible countries can get a visa in less than 48 hours.   

Indians can get the Turkish eVisa if they have a valid visa or residence permit from one of the Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States of America. If they do not hold a valid document from a Schengen country, UK, or Ireland, a regular tourist visa will be needed.

Note that the eVisa is issued only for short term visits lasting 90 days and for the purposes of tourism and business. Visitors from India coming with this visa cannot get a work or study permit.  

The applicants also need to give copies of the return tickets, hotel accommodation and information about funds to support themselves during their stay.      

How do Indian Travelers Get an eVisa? 

Getting an eVisa is a simple and easy procedure. Travelers need to keep in handy all the required documents before they start applying.   

The most important identification document is their Indian passport valid for six months. If the applicants know that their passport validity will expire before the duration of the stay in Turkey, it is advised to get a new passport.    

Note that the eVisa is electronically connected to the Indian passport. However, travelers need to show the barcode; either on the phone or printed.

Information like the name, date of birth and passport number should match that in the passport. If there is a mismatch when it is scanned at the airport during immigration, the officers can deny the entry of the visitor.   

Applicants from India need to ensure that they have a valid email address. The eVisa and any communication with regard to it will be sent to this address. Errors in the address can result in the applicant not getting his/her eVisa. It is also important to check email regularly.   

It is also essential to have a valid credit card to apply for a Turkey eVisa to make the online payment.   

Travelers can apply for the eVisa from anywhere at a time of their convenience and on any smart device.   

Visa on Arrival for Indians 

Indians with a valid visa or resident permit from Schengen countries, USA, UK and Ireland can get a visa on arrival at international airports in Turkey. They can also apply for it at the on-site offices of a few select airlines.    

It is a bit of a hassle as they need to wait in a queue and pay an additional processing fee.  

Applicants who did not plan their trip in advance or who need to travel to Turkey for an emergency can get their eVisa within one hour if they opt for an Urgent eVisa.  

Indian nationals can apply for it at the airport before the trip or inside the flight if they have an internet connection.   

The eVIsa will be granted within minutes. In most cases they will get their visa delivered in their email address before they land in Turkey.   

Short term resident permit 

Only in extremely rare circumstances, the Turkey immigration extend the short-term visa or eVisa.  

Indian citizens who want to explore Turkey a little more and want to stay there for more than the permitted 90-day period should apply for a short-term resident permit. They can apply for this even when they are in Turkey. They can go to the nearest immigration office and apply.  

Explore Turkey! 

It is to be noted that a Turkey visa or eVisa will not guarantee entry to the country for Indians. It is left to the discretion of the customs and immigration officers at the port of entry. If the officers find some errors or mismatches in the information that the visitors provided during the application, they can be denied permission to enter.   

If they keep all the required documents in order and answer the queries sincerely, they can enter Turkey and enjoy a unforgettable travel experience.  

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