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Turkey Visa Processing Time | eVisa and Regular Visa

A Turkish visa is a legal authorization granted by the government of Turkey to foreign nationals to visit the transcontinental country for various purposes including tourism, work, business and study. 

The type of visa varies depending on the nationality of the applicant and the nature of the trip. Different kinds of visas have different processing methods and time of issuance. Read on to know the processing time of all kinds of visas and tips to prevent delays.  

Turkish eVisa 

International travelers from eligible countries can opt for the electronic visa. This visa is applicable only for short-term visits, the duration of which is less than three months. Foreigners can login to the official website of the Turkish government or Natvisa.com to apply for the eVisa

Processing Time for eVisa  

Citizens of a growing number of countries can apply for the eVisa. The processing time for the eVisa, as per the official website of the Turkish immigration, is up to three working days.  

They need to submit information about the passport, travel itinerary including flight tickets and hotel reservation details. They also need to give personal details like name, surname and date of birth, enter their email ID and pay the processing fee through an approved debit/credit card. 

The online application can be completed within minutes.  

If everything goes right, they can get their eVisa within a few hours.  

The visa can be delayed or in some cases can be rejected because of incorrect information submitted and also due to glitches on the websites.   

What can Cause Delays or Denial of eVisa and Tips to Avoid Them     

The name and surnames should match the information appearing in the passport. Errors, even spelling errors, can cause delays.  

The purpose of the visit must be limited to tourism and commerce. The eVisa holders cannot engage in paid employment in Turkey.   

Ensure that the passport has enough validity. To be eligible for an eVisa, the passport must have a validity of 120 days. (Sixty days more than the allowed period of stay.)  

Avoid incorrect information about previous trips to Turkey.   

If the applicant is a citizen of visa-exempt countries, his/her eVisa application can be delayed or denied. He/she can get an entry pass when they arrive.   

Previous criminal convictions and medical inadmissibility can also cause a delay or eVisa denial. They may need to submit a police verification or medical report. If suspicions arise, the consultation staff may conduct additional background checks. This will create further delays. 

The eVisa and all related communication is done through the electronic mail address. In case of a wrong email ID, the applicant may not get the eVisa. He/she also may not get communications asking for additional documents if needed. It is advised to avoid errors in the email ID.   

In most cases, the Turkish immigration gives a reason for visa denial or delay and the applicant can re-apply after six months.   

The applicants can personally visit the nearest Turkish mission to know about the reasons for delay and request them to expedite the process in case of emergencies.  

Urgent Visa: Foreigners from eligible countries can also apply for urgent visas. This is useful, if they did not plan the visit in advance or are visiting because of an emergency.  

While applying, they have to click the ‘urgent’ option and the visa is usually delivered within minutes. The usual processing time is between 15 minutes to one hour.  

Turkish Embassy Visa Processing Time

Foreigners from visa-required countries need a regular sticker visa to enter Turkey. 

The application process is divided into two parts. The pre-application process through the online system of the Turkish immigration and the offline segment wherein the applicant has to physically visit the nearest Turkish consulate for an in-person interview.  

During the interview, the applicant has to submit the original copies of all the documents given during the online system. 

The Processing Time for Regular Visa  

The time taken for the visa processing differs based on the Turkish consulate that the applicants chose and his/her nationality. 

The applicants can verify the status of their visa on the official website of the Turkish immigration. 

In most scenarios, the regular visa takes 15 to 30 days to process. 

In some consulates, it can go up to 90 days. So, it is important to apply days in advance for a Turkish visa.  

Tips to Avoid Delays 

The Turkish visa pre-application is a simple and straightforward process. The applicants can save time if they ensure that they have all the documents with them and a good internet connection.  

Keep soft copies of all the required documents and photographs ready before starting the application.  

Avoid incorrect information. Errors in the pre-application process can result in delays or at times denial of the application.  

Enter the right email address so that all communication (at times asking for more documents) related to the visa can be delivered on time.  

Ensure that the papers are in order and submit original copies of all the documents submitted during online application. 

The officials at the consulate can ask a few questions about the nature and purpose of the trip. Answer the question sincerely. Dishonesty here can get the visa denied. 

Delays can also be caused by additional security and background checks by the consulate, especially in the case of regular visas. 

The consulate may check the political or religious affiliations of the applicants and also their criminal or medical admissibility.  

In such cases, there is nothing to be done but to wait for the consulate's decision. 

The applicants reapply for a regular visa if it is denied due to minor errors within 15 days of the rejection.   

Processing Time for Visa on Arrival  

Turkey offers visas on arrival for citizens of a few foreign countries. They can apply at the visa-on-arrival counter or at the kiosks at the international terminals. The processing time can differ based on the crowd at the kiosks or at the visa-on-arrival facility.  

The applicants are required to pay the processing fee in cash at the counter. Making sure that they have enough cash in hand can help reduce the processing time.   

It is to be noted that foreigners eligible for visa on arrival are also entitled for eVisa and urgent visa. 

They can apply for an urgent visa as the process is easier and at times faster.  

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