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Turkey Entry Requirements for Americans | eVisa and More

People from the United States who want to visit Turkey may get a Turkey eVisa in order to get permission to enter the country. Applying for this is usually fast and easy.

Here’s what travelers need to know to enter Turkey with the least amount of stress and hassle.

What Do US Citizens Need to Enter Turkey?

In order to successfully enter Turkey, American visitors need permission from the government. This can take a number of different forms.

The eVisa for Turkey is one way to get this permission. It is valid for tourists, people visiting family short-term, and people making some kind of business visits to Turkey.

Travelers from the USA may also get a visa upon arrival in Turkey. This means standing in more lines and makes entry slower, but is perfect for people who didn’t plan their travel ahead of time. 

Finally, travelers who are US citizens may also need a traditional visa to Turkey. If they are traveling for other reasons, they will need to follow the formal approval process to enter.

Travelers should ensure that they do their research and get the best kind of travel permission for their needs before they leave. This makes entering Turkey straightforward at the border.

What is an eVisa for Turkey?

An eVisa for Turkey gives United States’ citizens permission to enter the country. It’s easy to get because travelers can complete the entire application and approval process online.

The eVisa gives Turkey’s government control over who enters their country. With the rise of international terrorism, this helps keep both travelers and citizens safer.

It may also help the government contact travelers who are in danger or after dangerous events occur. It helps them know how to reach out to travelers who need help. 

The Turkey eVisa allows travelers to stay in the country for a certain period of time. Most often, this is 90 days, but it may be different for some travelers.

Note that Americans can apply for a multi-entry eVisa for Turkey, if that makes sense given their travel plans. 

Travelers from the US will not need to apply for a Turkish eVisa if they are transiting the country and remaining in the International Travel Area. 

If they wish to leave that area for any reason, however, they will need to get their eVisa before they do so.

Turkey Visa vs eVisa

The Turkey eVisa is simpler to get than a regular visa for Turkey. Travelers don’t have to visit an embassy or a consulate, and they don’t need to submit paperwork by mail, either.

However, the eVisa has limited applications. Travelers who need to stay in Turkey for longer than 90 days or who are traveling for purposes not allowed by the eVisa need a traditional visa.

Most people who are visiting Turkey from the USA will find that the eVisa is exactly what they need. 

They should check before they travel, however, to ensure that they have proper permission to visit Turkey. If they have questions, they should contact their local Turkish embassy.

How to Get a Turkey eVisa

Getting an eVisa for Turkey is easy! Travelers should gather a few important things before they start, to make the process go smoothly.

First of all, they need their American passport. It needs to be valid for at least 60 days beyond the duration of stay permitted by their eVisa.

If their passport will expire before this date, or if it is not clear whether this will happen, they should get a new passport before applying for their eVisa. 

Travelers also need to make sure that they have a valid email address before they fill out the application.

Any correspondence regarding the eVisa will go to this location, so it needs to be one they check regularly.

A valid credit card is essential for paying the eVisa processing fee. Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay are all acceptable forms of payment through the online portal.

Finally, travelers need a reliable internet connection in order to fill out the application and make their payment.

They can complete the application on any mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other internet-connected device.

Completing the Application

Filling out the application for an eVisa to Turkey is easy. Natvisa offers an online form that is user-friendly, to make the process even simpler.

Travelers may want to make sure that they can complete the whole application process in one sitting. However, they can go back and finish later if something interrupts them.

Applicants need to ensure that all the data they enter on the form is accurate and true. Data that is from their passport needs to match what is on that document exactly. 

If travelers find problems with their application after they submit it, they will need to reapply because inaccurate eVisas cannot be used. 

It is not possible to edit or change an application once it has been submitted. Making a brand new application is the only choice in these situations.

Passport Information

The application will ask for information from the traveler’s passport. This includes their name, their passport number, and other details. 

Note that the eVisa will be electronically connected to the passport. When it is scanned in Turkey, the eVisa information should appear for the immigration officials.

Personal Information

The application will also ask for additional personal information for travelers, such as their current address, and more.

This information aids the Turkish government in verifying applicant identity, which aids in expediting the approval process and in overall security.

Personal History

The Turkish eVisa application may also ask for other personal history information.

This includes information about the traveler’s political affiliations, previous international visits, criminal history, and more.

The government uses this data to ensure that only safe people enter Turkey.

Getting & Using the Turkey eVisa

Obtaining the Turkey eVisa is easy. At least 98% of applications are approved almost immediately, without any further problems.

Most of the time, travelers will complete their application, then find out their visa status almost immediately.

They will be able to download their eVisa, so they have it with them electronically when they travel.

Travelers who want to take extra precautions can print off this eVisa before they travel.

This ensures that they can produce their paperwork when required, even if their electronic device is not working properly or does not have service in Turkey.

Does Having an eVisa for Turkey Guarantee Entry Into Turkey?

The eVisa itself does not guarantee entry into Turkey. Officials at the border always have the last say in who can come across and who cannot.

All travelers must conform to customs law as well as having the proper permission to enter the country. They will not be permitted to enter Turkey if they try to bring certain items. 

Government officials may ask for additional documents at the border. This could include proof that the traveler plans to leave Turkey before their visa expires or proof of sufficient funds.

After they are inside Turkey, travelers from America can move about freely. They should be able to get everything they planned out of their visit to Turkey.

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