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Turkey eVisa for Canadian Citizens

Citizens of Canada need to get the right kind of permission before they can enter Turkey, Most of the time, they can use an eVisa, though sometimes they will need a traditional visa.

Here’s what Canadians need to know before they travel to Turkey. This should help them get the permission they need in order to travel.

What Do Canadians Need to Enter Turkey?

Canadians need the proper type of permission from the Turkish government before they enter the country.

They need to check before they travel to ensure that they get the right documents. That way, their entry into Turkey will not be delayed at the border.

Travelers who want to visit Turkey to sightsee, participate in certain business activities, or pay a short visit to family members can get Turkish eVisa

The process for this takes place entirely online, so it’s easier to get than a traditional visa.

Travelers who want to stay longer in Turkey or travel for other purposes will need to apply for a regular visa. The application process will be specific to the type of visa they need and want.

Most of the time, they will need to send documents in and/or visit a Turkish consulate or embassy before they can get these visas.

Finally, travelers from CAN who would qualify for an eVisa but who do not have one when they travel can get a visa on arrival.

They will need to stand in an extra line to get this and their entry into Turkey may take longer. However, they should still be able to enter the country.

What is an eVisa for Turkey?

An eVisa for Turkey is official permission from Turkish officials to enter the country for the purposes that the traveler states on their application. 

Turkey implemented an eVisa program because of the rise of terrorism and the way it crosses international borders. The eVisas help keep both visitors and citizens safe inside Turkey.

The eVisa may also help the government reach out to travelers in case of an emergency or other problem while inside Turkey.

Note that Canadians who are only transiting Turkey - and who do not plan to leave the International Traveler portion of the airport, do not need an eVisa.

EVisas for Turkey are usually valid for stays of up to 90 days, though some types of visas may permit longer stays or limit them more than that.

Visitors from Canada can apply for a multi-entry eVisa for Turkey, if that’s what their travel plans require. However, they will need to say this on their application or their visa will be for one entry.

Turkey Visa vs eVisa

A traditional visa for Turkey allows Canadian travelers to enter the country for purposes above and beyond those permitted by the eVisa.

It may also allow them to stay longer, depending on the purpose of their visa and the type of visa they qualify for.

However, getting a traditional visa is a longer, harder process that can take more planning. The eVisa is obtained entirely online, from the comfort of the traveler’s own home. 

Most travelers from CAN can do everything they want to do in Turkey on the eVisa. However, they need to make sure this is true before they apply for one and use it to enter Turkey.

How to Get a Turkey eVisa

Applying for an eVisa for Turkey is simple and straightforward. Natvisa has a user-friendly form, if travelers want to use it. 

Most of the time, travelers can fill out the application in a single, short sitting. In fact, it doesn’t often take more than 10 minutes to complete the entire thing!

Completing the Application

Applicants from Canada need to make sure that they have a reliable internet connection and will for the duration of the application process.

They can use any device to fill it out, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. As long as they are comfortable, they should be fine!

They should also make sure that there’s a valid email address they can check regularly. All documentation and communication about the application will be directed here.

A valid Visa, UnionPay, or Mastercard is required in order to pay the fee for the Turkish eVisa. This will only be charged if the visa application is accepted. 

Credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards can all be used to submit payment. 

Finally, travelers from CAN need a valid Canadian passport with at least 60 days of validity beyond the ending date of stay on their eVisa.

If they do not have this, or they are not sure before they apply, they should get a new passport before submitting their application.

Travelers need to make sure all the data they enter is both accurate and true. They should double check everything, because a mistake means starting the application process again.

Personal Information

The eVisa application will ask for a variety of personal data from each applicant. This may include their full name, any previous or other names, and their home address.

All of this information helps the government verify the identity of the traveler, which must happen before their eVisa can be approved. It helps expedite the acceptance process.

Passport Information

The application will also need information from the Canadian visitor’s passport. This includes their passport number, when it was issued, when it expires, and more. 

Travelers need to take special care that the information they enter matches exactly what is on the passport, or the application will be rejected automatically.

Personal History

The application may also ask travelers for pieces of their personal history, like info on any criminal record, previous international visits, or certain political ties. 

All of this helps ensure that only safe people get to enter Turkey. Untruths here will be found when info is checked against international databases, so travelers should be honest.

Getting & Using the Turkey eVisa

About 98% of applicants from Canada find that their Turkey eVisa gets approved immediately. This means it’s easier to get than ever before!

Travelers will need to pay for their visa after it has been approved but before they will be allowed to save it or print it off.

Most travelers choose to print their eVisa, just to make sure they have access to everything they need when they get to the Turkish border.

Does Having an eVisa for Turkey Guarantee Entry Into Turkey?

Officials at the border can always make a call to keep someone out of the country, especially if they are violating customs laws, seem drunk or on drugs, or have other problems.

Immigration officers may need to see additional paperwork, like proof of funds or proof that the traveler plans to leave Turkey within the time allowed by the visa. 

As long as travelers can show paperwork for these things, they should be able to get into Turkey without any problems.

Once there, they can enjoy their time in Turkey as they had planned to do.

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