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Turkey eVisa for Australian Citizens

Many citizens of Australia visit Turkey every year. After all, there’s a lot to do there and a number of opportunities they can take advantage of.

Before they visit, they need the proper permission to enter the country. Here’s what Aussies need to know before they make travel plans to Turkey.

What Do Australians Need to Enter Turkey?

The most important thing that Australian citizens need before they enter Turkey is formal permission from the government to do so. This is not usually hard to get.

Most Australians will be able to visit Turkey on an eVisa. As long as they are traveling to visit family, perform certain business functions, or as tourists, this is likely the visa for them.

If they want to travel for other purposes or remain in Turkey for a long time, they will need to get a regular visa. The right one for them will be determined by the purpose of their travel.

Finally, some Aussies may want to get a visa when they arrive in Turkey. This is not as efficient as the eVisa, but allows travel for the same reasons.

The visa on arrival is perfect for travelers who did not plan their trip ahead of time!

Every Aussie visitor will need to make sure they have the right kind of permission for their trip before they arrive in Turkey. They can contact an embassy or consulate for more information.

What is an eVisa for Turkey?

The eVisa for Turkey is the easiest way for AUS citizens to get permission to enter Turkey.

As long as their travel purposes fit within the purposes of the visa, it should work for them.

Turkey started its eVisa program to give it more control over who enters their country. It lets them know who is there and gives some data about where travelers are, too.

It also gives them some chance of contacting visitors in case there’s an emergency. With the rise of international terrorisim, it helps keep both citizens and travelers as safe as possible.

The eVisa for Turkey is usually only good for 90-day stays, though occasionally it may provide for longer or shorter times in the country.

Multi-entry visas can be obtained by Australians. They just need to make sure they say they are applying for this when they fill out the application form.

Citizens of AUS who do not plan to leave the transit area of the airport will not need an eVisa.

If they do want to leave, even if just for food or drink, though, they will need to get a visa on arrival. Turkey does not permit exceptions to this rule.

Turkey Visa vs eVisa

The eVisa is easier to get than the traditional visa, though it does not permit travel for as many reasons or allow people to stay as long.  

Because the eVisa process is completed online, most Australian travelers try to make it work for them. However, sometimes it’s just not the right document for their purposes. 

In these cases, they will need to get regular visas before they travel.

People with questions about which visa is right should contact the Turkish embassy well before they leave their home country and should not do so until their questions are answered.

How to Get a Turkey eVisa

Applying online for a Turkey eVisa is simple and easy for citizens of Australia. Natvisa has a user-friendly version of the form that makes it even more straightforward.

All applicants need to be sure that all of the data they enter on the form is accurate and truthful.

If it’s not accurate, they will not see their application granted. Untruthful applications have the same consequences, and applicants may have to go to a consulate if they want to visit Turkey

Applicants who make errors on the application will need to submit a brand new one. They cannot go back and make changes to the original.

Completing the Application

Travelers need to have a few documents and pieces of information on hand before they can apply for their Turkish eVisa.  

They should start by making sure they have a valid credit, prepaid, or debit card that is a UnionPay, Mastercard, or Visa. These are the only cards the online system will accept.

Once they have their card, they should make sure they have a good email address. Preferably, this is one they use all the time and check regularly, so they know it works.

Every bit of correspondence pertaining to their eVisa for Turkey will go through this address, so they need to be sure it’s valid and functional.

Australians should check their internet connection before they apply for their eVisa. Since the process is entirely online, it needs to be consistent throughout the application process.

Finally, the Australian passport needs to be valid and to maintain validity for 60 days beyond the last date of stay allowed by the eVisa. If not, it needs to be replaced before applying.

Personal Information

The application will ask for personal information from each application. This includes data like a home address in their country of residence, a phone number, and more. 

Turkey uses this information to verify the traveler’s identity. If they can’t verify it, the application will most likely be rejected.

Personal History

It will also ask about various aspects of the Australian traveler’s personal history. This Includes questions about arrests, convictions, previous travels, political affiliations, and more.

All of this information helps keep dangerous visitors out of Turkey. Travelers need to be honest here because their data will appear in online databases anyway. 

Dishonesty is a valid reason for application rejection.

Passport Information

The applicant will also need to provide information about their passport. They need to give their passport number as well as other data.

It needs to match exactly what is shown on the passport. Mismatches, even typographical errors, can cause an application to be rejected.

Getting & Using the Turkey eVisa

Up to 98% of travelers find that their application is accepted immediately after they submit it. Others may find that it takes a couple of days to find out their status.

Once the application is accepted, the traveler will need to pay the application fee before they can access the accepted eVisa.

At that point, they can print it off if they want to. In fact, this is recommended because it can expedite the process at the border, especially if mobile devices won’t work properly.

Does Having an eVisa for Turkey Guarantee Entry Into Turkey?

Having an eVisa does not guarantee that an Australian visitor can enter Turkey. Immigration and other officials at the border make the final call. 

Travelers need to comply with all customs rules and they need to act in an orderly manner. Those who do not may not be permitted to enter Turkey. 

Travelers from Australia may need to prove that they have enough money to cover their trip in Turkey and that they have solid plans to leave the country on time, before the eVisa expires.

As long as they can do these things, they are likely to get to enter the country. Then, they can enjoy everything they had hoped to enjoy about Turkey.

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