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Requirements for Turkey eVisa

A trip to Turkey is exciting. To make it happen, travelers need to ensure that they have the proper documentation necessary to enter the country and travel while there.

Travelers who qualify for the eVisa for Turkey can apply for it online and travel soon. They can start the process today and, before they know, they’ll be in Turkey taking the trip of a lifetime.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the Turkey eVisa

The only way to get an eVisa for Turkey is to apply for it online. While some travelers may still be eligible for a visa-on-arrival when they arrive in the country, the government suggests getting travel documents in order ahead of time.

Having an eVisa before arrival in Turkey expedites entry into the country because nothing has to be processed or approved upon arrival.

It also makes the government’s job easier, because they don’t have to make last-minute decisions about who can and cannot enter the country.

Personal Information

Turkey requests certain pieces of information before they will allow a person to enter the country. Every traveler must enter personal information about themselves, telling the government of Turkey who they are and where they come from. 

Some of this information will be available on the traveler’s passport. The data on the application needs to exactly match the data on the passport, or the eVisa application will be denied.

If travelers need to change information on their eVisa, they will need to apply for a new one.

First Name. This should appear exactly as it appears on the traveler’s passport. Travelers who have middle names that appear on their passport should include their middle name here, too, separated from their first name by a single space.

Last Name. Travelers need to ensure that they spell their name exactly as it is on their passport. Those with long or complex last names should take extra care that this step is completed correctly.

Country of Birth. Travelers should note the country where they were born. This is the country on their birth certificate. This is essential even if they do not live in or hold citizenship in that country anymore.

Date of Birth. This should be the full 8-digit date of birth, including the 4-digit year. Abbreviations will not be accepted.

This should be identical to the gender listed on the passport. Travelers whose gender no longer matches what is listed on their passport will need to get a new passport before they apply for the Turkey eVisa.

Applicant Address. This is the traveler’s current address in their home country and should include the country, even if it is not standardly used on in-country mail.
Phone Number. This can be a landline or a mobile phone number and should be a number where it would be easy to reach the traveler.

This determines whether or not the person can use the eVisa. Currently, Turkey eVisas are available to travelers from about 90 countries, though this is subject to change.

Passport Information

Travelers will also need to enter information about the passport they carry. The information they input will need to be identical to the information that appears on their actual passport. If it is not, the eVisa will not be granted and they will need to reapply with accurate data.

Passport Type. The eVisa is only available to travelers holding an ordinary or regular passport. (The name may be different based on their country of origin.) Those holding diplomatic passports, government traveler passports, passport cards, or special passports will need to obtain different types of travel permission to visit Turkey.

Passport Number. This can be found inside the passport or stamped across the top. The number entered here needs to exactly match the number on the passport, as this is one way that international travel is tracked across countries.

Passport Place of Issue. This is where the passport was issued, not where it was applied for. These may be two separate locations. The place of issue should be noted inside the passport.

Passport Issue Date. This is the date of issue, not the date when the application for the passport was completed or submitted. It will be noted inside the passport itself.

Passport Expiration Date. The passport is no longer valid after this date. This date should be at least six months beyond the date when the traveler wants to enter Turkey.

Travel Information

Travelers will also be asked for specific information about their trip to Turkey. They should have travel both into and out of Turkey planned before they apply for the eVisa. If they do not, they will need to make some plans before they apply for the Turkey eVisa.

Expected Arrival Date. This is the date when the flight, boat, or other means of transportation that the traveler has booked is expected to enter Turkey. Travel delays happen and it is understood that this date may change under certain circumstances.

Expected Departure Date. This is the date upon which the traveler plans to leave Turkey. Travelers may need to show proof of a planned departure (like an airplane, bus, or boat ticket) at the border before they are allowed to enter Turkey.

Entry Type. Travelers need to choose between a single-entry eVisa to Turkey or one that allows for multiple entries. While the single-entry eVisa costs less, travelers who are unsure may want to choose the multiple-entry option so they can return to Turkey if they so choose.

Take a Trip to Turkey Soon!

Traveling to Turkey doesn’t have to be stressful! Potential visitors should start their Turkey eVisa applications today so they can take their trip soon. Applying for the eVisa is quick and easy and makes visiting Turkey a breeze.

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