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Requirements for the Egypt eVisa | All Details Explained

Egypt is a travel goal for many people who love to visit different places around the world. It has so much to offer, from history to food to culture and more! 

Travelers who qualify can apply for an Egypt eVisa today and visit the country soon. Here’s what people who hope to visit Egypt need to know.

What Travelers Need to Know About the Egypt eVisa

The Egypt eVisa gives travelers permission to enter Egypt and visit tourist sites there. It is currently only available for citizens of approximately 70 countries, though that number is subject to change.

It is up to every visitor to determine whether or not they qualify for an Egypt eVisa. If they do, they will need to apply for it and obtain it before they plan to enter the country. 

The eVisa helps the Egyptian government keep track of who is in their country, how long they are staying, and when they plan to leave. It also helps them contact visitors in case of emergency.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the Egypt eVisa

Visitors will need to obtain their Egypt eVisa before they travel to Egypt. Airlines will require them to show that they have permission to enter the country before they can board a plane to Egypt. 

Applying for an Egypt eVisa is easy! Here are details about what travelers need to note in each entry space on the form. Some of the items may not appear on the application in the order in which they are listed here, and the application is subject to change at any time.

Keep in mind that the applicant will need to upload a passport image.

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Visa Information

The application requests information specific to determining whether or not the traveler qualifies for the eVisa and whether the visa can be granted at this time. These details need to be accurate to ensure quick, efficient processing.

The traveler needs to show that they come from a country that is approved for the Egypt eVisa.

Visa Type. Currently, the only type of eVisa offered is for tourism. However, Egypt hopes to open the eVisa process to people traveling for other purposes soon.

Entry Type. The traveler needs to select whether they want a visa good for one entry into Egypt, or one good for multiple entries. If they only plan to enter once, then stay in Egypt, the single-entry version costs less.

Previous Travel to Egypt. Travelers who have visited Egypt before will need to enter the dates when they were in the country. If they do not know these exactly, they can enter an approximation.

They will also be asked for the address where they stayed in Egypt. If they don’t have it or don’t remember, they can enter “NA”. However, they must put something in the space on the form.

Previous Deportations. This references deportations from any country, not just Egypt. If the traveler has been deported, they need to note the country from which they were deported and the reason why.

Personal Information

The application for the Egypt eVisa also asks for personal information from travelers. If the data they enter here is also on their passport, they need to enter it exactly as it appears on that document. If it is not identical, the visa may not be granted. 

Egypt asks for additional information, above what is on the passport. This also needs to be complete and accurate.

First Name. If the traveler has a middle name that appears on their passport, they need to enter that here, too.

Last Name. Travelers with complicated or long last names need to take special care that the name they enter here exactly matches their name as it is on their passport.

Country of Birth. This is the country on the visitor’s birth certificate, even if they no longer live or hold citizenship there.

Date of Birth. Travelers need to enter their entire date of birth, including the 4-digit year in which they were born. They enter this in the order: Month/Day/Year.

Travelers should enter the gender that is on their passport. If that is not accurate, they will need to obtain a new, more accurate, passport.

Original Nationality. Applicants should note here their original country of citizenship, even if they are no longer citizens there.

Marital Status. Travelers need to note whether they are married, single, or fall into one of the other categories given as options here.

Travelers should note what they do for a living. If they have an unusual job, they can use their job title. Unemployed travelers can note that or say “NA”.

Applicant Address. This is the applicant’s current address in their country of residence, even if that is not their country of citizenship or country of birth.

Phone Number. Travelers should remember to add the relevant international calling code for their phone number. They can look this up online if they don’t know what it is.

Other Nationalities. Travelers who have given up their original citizenship or who hold multiple passports should note the relevant countries here. They should note all countries where they hold citizenship.

Passport Information

The information in this section is specific to the passport that the traveler carries. It needs to be entered exactly as it appears on the passport. Travelers will need to use the same passport to both enter and exit Egypt.

Passport Type. The only acceptable type of passport for the Egypt eVisa is the ordinary passport, which is what most citizens carry. Diplomats have their own type of passport, as do other government officials who travel on official business. These people cannot enter Egypt on an eVisa.

Passport Number. Travelers should take special care that the number they enter here matches exactly the number on their passport, or their eVisa will be rejected.

Passport Place of Issue. This is the location where the passport was approved and issued. It will be noted on the passport and may not be anywhere near where the traveler actually lives.

Passport Issue Date. This is the date on which the passport was issued, not the date on which it was applied for. Travelers should enter the whole date, including the 4-digit year.

Passport Expiration Date. After this date, the passport is no longer valid. The passport must be valid through the applicant’s proposed departure date from Egypt and should have at least 6 months of additional validity beyond that. 

Passport Photo Upload

The Egypt visa (evisa) will require the user to upload a photo of their passport. This will be the page that has their photo of self, name, date of birth, etc. Their signature page will also need to be included in the photo.

A scan of the passport can be used, or an image taken with a smartphone. The image will need to be clear. Unclear photo of the passport will get the Egypt visa rejected. Follow these photo requirements and the photo will be approved.

Travel Information

Applicants will also need to enter information about their proposed travel to Egypt. They should have all of this available before they apply for the eVisa. If they don’t know these details yet, they should wait until they do know them before applying.

Expected Arrival Date. This is the date upon which the visitor’s flight arrives in Egypt. Note that this may be different from the date on which they depart their home country.

Expected Departure Date. This is the date upon which the visitor’s departure flight leaves Egypt.

Traveling From. Travelers need to note the country where they will be before visiting Egypt. This can be their home country or another country they are visiting beforehand.

Host Type. Travelers need to note whether they will be staying with family, traveling with a tourism company, traveling on their own, or whether they fall into another category (other).

Host Name. This is where or with whom the traveler will be while in Egypt. The name of a resort or hotel is an acceptable answer here.

Host Phone Number. This should be a number where the traveler can be reached while in Egypt.

Host Email. If their host has an email address, they should enter that here. If they don’t have one or the traveler doesn’t know it, they can enter “NA”.

Host Address. Travelers should put as much detail here as they can. However, if they only know the name of the city or the area in which they will be staying, they can enter that here.

Who is Paying for Travel and Accommodation Costs? The answer to this question helps the government ensure that no one will be stranded in Egypt without funds. Applicants should note whether they are covering their travel costs themselves, whether their host is doing it, or whether their travel costs are covered by another company or organization.

Now that all details are covered, open the application and get started!

Visit Egypt Soon!

There’s no reason not to take the trip of a lifetime as soon as possible. Travelers whose ideal itinerary includes Egypt and who qualify for the eVisa can apply for it today and travel soon!

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