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Getting the Online Registration on SIGEMIG

A South American country known for its rich heritage, geographic diversity, and unique culture; Bolivia is perfect for holidays. 

The government of Bolivia mandates all foreign travelers to get proper travel authorization to enter the country.

They are also required to register with SIGEMIG, the country’s immigration management system before arriving in the country. 

Here’s what international travelers need to know about a Bolivian SIGEMIG and the registration process.   

What is a Bolivia SIGEMIG? 

A Bolivia SIGEMIG is a mandatory online registration form for all international travelers arriving in the country. All foreign visitors must register their home or accommodation address in the SIGEMIG form. 

They should complete the online registration before arriving at a Bolivia port of entry and submit it at the immigration counter along with their passport.  If they have not completed the form, they can also take help from the officials for guidance. 

The SIGEMIG form is not a travel authorization to enter the country. It is also not a substitute for a visa. Travelers from visa-required countries should get a visa to visit the country. 

Foreign visitors must register the details of their accommodation (such as the address of their resorts/hotels) from the date of arrival to the date of their departure in the form.

In this way the officials can locate an international passenger visiting the country at any point of time during his/her stay. 

Travelers who fail to register in the Bolivian SIGEMIG will have to pay heavy fines while leaving the country.   

Who is Eligible for a Bolivia SIGEMIG?

This document is mandatory for all international travelers irrespective of their country of origin.

This is also applicable for travelers from visa-free foreign nations and Bolivian citizens who are returning to the country.

They are required to complete the form before entering Bolivia. They must present it to the immigration officers along with their passports and other travel documents. 

Note that travelers from visa-free countries can cross the Bolivian borders with only their Bolivian SIGEMIG document.  

How Long is the Bolivia SIGEMIG Valid For?

The Bolivia SIGEMIG is valid for a single entry. The document is valid for a traveler’s entire stay and it will be deemed invalid after they leave the country.     

When Should I Register in the SIGEMIG?

International travelers should ideally complete the SIGEMIG registration before their arrival in Bolivia.

However, if they fail to do so before reaching the country, they can seek help from the immigration officers at the port of entry. 

Travelers have to upload accommodation information for the entire stay in the electronic form and they are advised to do it after completing their hotel bookings. 

Step-By-Step Guide to SIGEMIG Registration 

Applying for a Bolivian SIGEMIG is a simple online process. However, it is always good to be prepared. Applicants must check their internet connectivity and gather all accommodation details before starting the registration.

Read on to know more about the registration process: 

How To Register in the SIGEMIG for Bolivia? 

Applicants can access the Bolivian SIGEMIG form at the official website of the country’s immigration service. To begin the application process, all applicants must create an account in the official portal. 

Who Can Create Accounts on the SIGEMIG site?

There are two types of accounts. The first one comes under the umbrella term company account and the second one is for foreign travelers. 

Under the company accounts, travel agencies, lodging centers, airlines and educational institutions can register their clients or students. 

The second type of account can be created by individual foreign travelers and residents of Bolivia. This account can be used to register their details in the SIGEMIG.

Applicants can watch the YouTube video hosted on the website to understand the application procedure. There is also a written tutorial in a PDF format.

They can also contact the authorities at the toll-free number given on the site if they face any difficulty during the application process. 

Personal details

All applicants are required to share some basic information about themselves to register in the Bolivia SIGEMIG.  

First Name: This is the official first name of the applicant and it should match that in the passport or in their national identification card. 

First Surname: This is the official middle name of the applicant. This is not a mandatory field as some applicants may not have a middle name. 

Second Surname: This is the official surname or last name of the applicant. This is a compulsory field and the information should match that in the passport. 

Nationality: Applicant’s country of origin as mentioned in the passport. 

Date of Birth: The day on which the applicant is born as shown in the passport. 

Gender: Applicant’s gender and this should be the same as the information in the passport. 

Passport Details

Applicants are required to share a few information with regard to their passports.

Document Type: In this field they have to fill out the type of passport they are holding. There are different kinds of passports like official, service, and diplomatic. A passport is an internationally recognized identity document. This identifies an applicant as a subject of a nation. In case of emergencies, an applicant can contact his/her home country’s embassy in Bolivia.  

Document Number: The passport number. This should match the number in the passport information page. 

Contact Details: All applicants should share their phone number and email address. Authorities can reach out to them using these details in case of an emergency. 

Accommodation Details 

On the second page applicants have to share information about their stay. 

Hosting Center/ Home: All travelers including foreigners and Bolivian citizens should share their accommodation details. Bolivian citizens who are returning to their home country can enter the address of their home. The home address will typically have the name of the state, city and house number.

Foreign visitors are required to submit the details of their lodging. 

Department: In this field, applicants have to select the place/city of their accommodation from a drop-down list. 

Lodging: They need to select the name of the hotel/resort, again from a drop-down list. Once they select the hotel, its address automatically gets filled in the next field.

The date of Arrival/Departure: The date on which the applicant will arrive in Bolivia and the date on which he/she departs. Note that applicants should submit the accommodation details of their entire stay in Bolivia SIGEMIG. 

Once all the details are entered, applicants can click the register button.  All the details will be saved into the system. The SIGEMIG document is generated. Applicants will not receive an email with the document.   

They can login to their SIGEMIG account at any time and in the declaration history, they can find their details.

Travelers can also print a copy of the SIGEMIG document. They can click on the print button under ‘Actions’. A PDF copy of the document will be downloaded that can be printed.

Note that as per the website disclaimer, the Bolivian SIGEMIG will be treated as an official sworn statement. Foreign travelers will have to pay heavy fines in case of discrepancies in the SIGEMIG registration.  

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