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Some Airline Authorities Not Accepting the Check Mig

An unmissable travel destination, Colombia has introduced a mandatory pre-enrolment health declaration form for both international and national travelers. 

Every traveler must compulsorily fill out the Colombia Check Mig form to enter, remain in and leave the country.   

They can apply for the Colombian Check Mig form in the official website of its immigration department or through the mobile application. Travelers can also apply for the Check Mig through Natvisa.com, a professional visa service provider.

However, it has been reported recently that a few international airlines are not accepting the Check Mig document issued by the government website. They are insisting on the Check Mig QR code generated by the mobile application as it is easy to manage. 

The Colombia Check Mig and Why Airlines Are Asking for it

The government of Colombia requires all travelers to register with the Check Mig for entering or leaving the country. Following this directive, airlines (both foreign and Colombian) ask all passengers to register with the Check Mig, a pre-enrolment form introduced in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

All travelers who wish to enter or leave the country are required to provide the form at the immigration counter and without this document, they will be denied entry/exit. 

Note that a Check Mig is a health declaration form and does not replace a visa.

Reason Why Airlines Aren’t Accepting the Check Mig

Recently there have been reports about a few airlines insisting on the Check Mig QR code generated by the Check Mig app and not accepting the Check Mig document. 

As the QR code is machine readable airlines find it easier to decode the document.  

The official website of the Colombian migration department does not generate a Check Mig QR code. At the end of application, the applicant receives an email confirmation and a PDF copy of their Check Mig.

Travelers can submit this document with basic information like their name at the port of entry to cross Colombia borders. 

Travelers who have applied through the website may face difficulties with international airlines that demand the QR code as they will have to convince the airline authorities about the legal validity of the Check Mig document.   

Colombia Check Mig App

The Colombia Check Mig mobile application is available both in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app follows the same application format as the website. Like in the website all applicants are required to fill in information related to their travel, health and identity. 

They also need to answer a few questions with regard to their previous trips to Colombia if there are any. 

The only difference is that at the end of the application the Check Mig generates a machine-readable QR code while the website issues a printable PDF document.

It is to be noted that the Colombia Check Mig app is completely free and there is no installation fee. However, many applicants have complained that the mobile application process is elaborate and frustrating. The app is known to be erroneous. It is also slow and buggy. 

Issues Reported by Check Mig App Users

Many times the applicants have complained that the Check Mig app is not sending an email confirmation without which some airlines stop passengers from onboarding. 

Many applicants have also claimed to have missed their flights as the app failed to generate a QR code at the end of Check Mig application. They claim that re-applying for a new Check Mig app too is a hassle. The app pops up an error message preventing applicants from re-entering their data. 

In such scenarios, applicants are forced to apply from a different device to complete their Check Mig registration. 

Several incidents have been reported wherein travelers faced delays in QR code generation. Many applicants have claimed that they did not receive a QR code forcing them to change their travel plans. Without a QR code, airlines will not let them board their flight. 

Sometimes, the error message and pop ups are inconsistent with the applicant’s preferred language. This also creates confusion. 

Note that there is no edit button in the Colombia Check Mig app. This makes it highly difficult for the applicants to navigate through the mobile application and to correct the errors. 

How to Fix and Avoid Hassles

As mentioned above, there have been reports about airlines denying the Check Mig document granted through the Colombian government’s official website as it does not have a QR code. 

Having problems with the Check Mig document of Colombia is the last thing a traveler wishes to face before boarding their flight. To avoid such incidents, travelers can contact the airlines to know if they accept the Check Mig document without the code.

If not, they can apply through the Check Mig app. Note that travelers can register for the Colombia Check Mig 72 hour before their flight. It is important to check with the airlines before starting the application process to avoid hassles at the airport. 

They can also try to convince the airline authorities that the Check Mig document is valid as it is issued by the Colombian government itself. 

Note that only a few airlines demand the Check Mig QR code. Most airlines accept the Check Mig document issued by the official website of Colombia.

Does Natvisa Provide the QR Code

Natvisa helps travelers to Colombia with their Check Mig registration and provides the Check Mig (paper) documents. Those applying through the online platform will not receive a QR code as it is generated only by the Colombian Check Mig mobile application.


While the Colombia Check Mig app is buggy and slow, the official Colombian website is relatively easy to navigate and more reliable. 

Applicants will get an email confirmation and a PDF copy of the Check Mig. They can either show the soft copy or a printout at the port of entry. 

Also, most airlines only ask for the Check Mig document and not the QR code. Only a few airlines insist on providing the Check Mig QR code. 

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