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Colombia's App for the Check Mig QR Code

The government of Colombia has recently introduced a health-declaration form – Check Mig – to track foreign travelers while they are in the country. 

This pre-enrolment form is mandatory for all travelers entering the country. They need to complete the form at least 24 hours before the trip and it is valid for only a single entry. 

Travelers can apply for the Check Mig in the official website of the Colombia migration department, in their official mobile application (app), or Natvisa. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to apply for Check Mig through the app. 

What is the Colombia Check Mig App?

The Check Mig is a mobile application that is introduced by the Colombia government to issue the mandatory pre-registration form to travelers who wish to enter the country.

Travelers who wish to visit Colombia must complete the online pre-enrolment form and they can do so through the Check Mig app.

This is not a replacement for a Colombia visa. Foreign travelers from countries that need a travel authorization from the Colombia government should get a visa to enter, stay and leave the country.

Visitors from visa-free nations can enter Colombia with this health declaration form and other travel and identity documents including their passports. 

It can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Read on to know more about this mobile application. 

Preparing for Application through the Check Mig App

Applying for a Colombia Check Mig is an elaborate process. Applicants who are not familiar with the application process can find it a little frustrating. 

Enrolment process for the Colombia Check Mig is completely online and applicants are not required to visit a Colombia embassy for this.  

The first step will be downloading the mobile application either from Google Play Store or from Apple App Store.

Applicants need to open the Google Play Store/Apple App Store in their respective devices. Then browse for the Colombia Check Mig App. After this, they have to select the app and click the install button.

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the installation process. The Colombia Check Mig is a free mobile application and applicants do not need to pay an installation fee.  

After this, applicants can go back to the home screen and open the app. 

The next step is to fill in the Colombian Check Mig form.

All applicants including foreigners and citizens of Colombia must share information about their travel, accommodation, flight, passport, nationality and identity.

Trip Details

The form is available in three languages and applicants can choose from French, Spanish and English.

To begin with, all applicants should share whether they are applying for the Colombia Check Mig to enter the country or to leave its borders.

They also need to provide their immigration check point or port of entry. Travelers can cross Colombia borders only through the authorized entry points.

Apart from the above information, they should enter their flight numbers, date of the scheduled flight, accommodation details, purpose of the trip and contact details while in Colombia.

Personal Details  

All applicants are required to share personal details such as name, surname, nationality, country of origin, passport issuance and expiry dates, gender and email ID.

They should specify if they are arriving from a visa-required country and their visa type.

After going through various terms and conditions associated with the Check Mig, applicants can save the information. Once they submit the information, the Check Mig app will produce a QR code, a machine-readable code which can be saved in the mobile device.  

Immigration officials at the port of entry can scan this code to get details of the travelers.  

However, the app is known for errors and is super buggy. Sometimes applicants can get logged out. It is also slow and takes a few minutes to load pages. 

Technical Issues of the Check Mig App

The mobile app has a two star rating in the app store at the moment. Just like the web version of the Check Mig, the app has extensive issues.

See web version Check Mig issues

The Colombia Check Mig app does not always send an email confirmation:
Many times, the Colombia Check Mig mobile application fails to send an email confirmation. Airlines will not allow a passenger to board a flight to Colombia without a Check Mig email confirmation. 

Many travelers have claimed to have missed their flights because of various Check Mig issues such as this. Sometimes the app is unresponsive and applicants have to restart the entire application process from step one. 

Error message at the end of application: A Colombia Check Mig though valid for 30 days permits only a single entry. Travelers who wish to enter the country for a second time need to complete another Check Mig form.

However, sometimes the Check Mig app does not allow this. It shows an error message stating that the applicant's data is already with the Check Mig registry. Applicants are asked to re-check the information.  This error message also occurs when an applicant tries to re-apply for a new Colombia Check Mig.

Check Mig app does not issue a QR Code: Some travelers have complained about the Check Mig QR code generation. Passengers have claimed to have faced delays in the QR code generation and many did not even receive it. Without a QR code immigration officials will not be able to scan the data.  

No edit option: Note that the Colombia Check Mig does not have an edit button. In case of errors, applicants will have to get another Check Mig registration. This can create issues as the app sometimes pops up an error message preventing the new application. Submitting a re-entry is a daunting task. Applicants end up changing their devices to complete the online pre-registration.  

Language issues: The Check Mig form is available in three languages such as Spanish, French and English. Applicants can choose a language that they are comfortable with. However, the language for pop-up and error messages are inconsistent with the preferred language of the applicants. This is very confusing for them.  

Travelers are encouraged to apply through Natvisa. This website is comparatively faster and more reliable. Though the site does not have an edit button, it is easier to maneuver.

Applicants can go back to the previous pages easily and correct the errors if there are any. Natvisa also generates a pdf of the Check Mig and applicants can take printouts the form which can later come in handy at the Colombian port of entry.

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