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Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) Explained

Australia is known for incredible wildlife, amazing beaches and delicious cuisine. International travelers who wish to explore this beautiful nation need proper authorization. All foreigners except New Zealand nationals must have a visa to enter the country.   

The Australia Visitor visa (subclass 600) is one of the best options for foreign tourists to visit the country. Read on to know more about this Australia visa type.   

What Is the Australia Visitor Visa Subclass 600?  

This is a short-term visa. Foreigners coming in with this visa can visit their family or friends in Australia. They can also explore the country as a foreign tourist and embark on a cruise trip.  

The visa can be applied in Australian embassies and consulates across the world.    

Those who possess this visa can study and undergo training for up to three months. However, those who wish to pursue higher education or their reason for visiting the country is to study, can get a student visa.   

The Australia Visitor Visa does not permit any paid employment or business activities that earn a remineralization.  

The visitor on this visa cannot get medical treatments in Australia. In case of emergencies, they have to have medical insurance.       

All visitors entering Australia on a cruise ship need a visa.  

If the cruise has many stops in the country, the travelers need a visa to cover their complete stay. The time taken to travel from one stop to another too is included in the time spent in Australia.    

What is the Australia Visitor Visa Good for?  

This is a temporary visa with a total validity of up to 12 months.  

However, the actual number of days travelers can stay in Australia will be specified on the visa grant letter.  

The duration of the stay is decided by the staff of Australian consulates on a case-by-case basis depending on the purpose of the visit and nationality of the applicant.   

Visitor visa for Australia allows the applicants to single and multiple entries. 

Visa with multiple entries permits foreigners to leave and re-enter the country multiple times in a period of 12 months.   

Single entry visa does not allow this.  

If a foreigner with a single-entry visa leaves the country before the validity period, he/she needs to apply for another visa to come back to the country.   

The frequent visa traveler category of visitor visa scheme allows the visitors to enter the country multiple times. However, at present this is granted only to the citizens of China.  

Parents and step parents of Australian citizens or permanent resident card holders are eligible for visitor visas with a validity of over 12 months.  

They are generally given a visa with a validity of up to 18 months and multiple entries.   

The decision is left to the discretion of the embassy staff.  

Note that parents coming on this visa should have health insurance to cover their medical expenses.      

Who is Eligible for this Australian Visa? 

Foreigners from all eligible countries can get this visa. Travelers that arent eligible for the Australia eTA can apply for this visa as well. They should be real travelers who want to stay in Australia temporarily. They have to comply with all the conditions and the requirements of the visa.   

Health Requirements  

The country has one of the best healthcare standards in the world. All applicants are required to meet certain health requirements to enter the country.   

To meet this, the applicants must be free of active tuberculosis and other communicable diseases.   

They must undergo medical checkups in approved clinics and the results of which will be verified by a medical officer of the commonwealth (MOC).   

The visa will be approved based on the assessment of the MOC.   

If the official feels that the applicant can pose challenges to Australians or Australia’s healthcare systems, he/she may be denied the visa.  

Character Requirements   

The applicants should have a desirable character to get an Australian visa or permanent residency. They must declare if they have any past criminal convictions or have undergone sentences for escaping immigration detention.    

They also have to declare if they are a member of an organization that the Australian ministry of foreign affairs banned.    

The applicants should answer all the questions sincerely. Incorrect answers can result in denial of the Australian Visitor Visa.  

They also have to submit all the required information and documents. If the applicants do not meet all the requirements, the ministry will assess the circumstances and decide on the issuance of visas.    

In case the visa is denied on the basis of character requirements not being met, the applicants can appeal for a review in the administrative appeal tribunal within the time prescribed by the Australian mission.   

Economic Requirements   

The applicants should provide proof of funds to support them and their families during their stay in Australia. If they have some debts to the Australian government, they have to pay it back to get the new visa.   

The visa can be denied if it is not in the best interests of minor children who are under 18 years old.   

Australian Visitor Visa Vs ETA 

Both the visa types allow foreign travelers to stay in the country for up to three months at a time for purposes related to tourism and business.  

However, only citizens of eligible countries can apply for the ETA through the official mobile application of the Australian government.  

Foreigners who are not eligible for the Australian electronic authorization can opt for the visitor visa.  

Also, travelers with criminal inadmissibility cannot get an Australia ETA. They can only apply for the visitor visa and have to produce police verification certificates from all the countries that they have been to.

How to Apply?  

Before applying, it is encouraged to compile all the required documents and their translations in English. Check the validity of the passport.   

The visa application for the Australia Visitor Visa is online. The applicants need to generate an ImmiAccount, fill out the application form, upload all the documents and pay the application fee. The Australian mission will not process the visa if the fee is not paid.   

Documents required for the visa   

  • Completed AU visa application form
  • A passport with required validity
  • Photographs
  • Documents to prove funds to support the stay
  • Police verification certificate. The police certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. All applicants above 17 years must submit this. The home ministry may ask for police verification certificates from all the countries where the applicants lived for a year.
  • Military certificate. The applicants may be asked to submit a military certificate. This can be a letter from the commanding officer of the applicant.
  • The applicants who work on ships have to give details of the ship like the name and registration number.

Australia Visa Extension  

No. Foreigners coming in with this visa cannot extend their visa validity. They have to leave the country before the validity expires and apply for a new visa from outside Australia.   

Processing Time   

The time taken to process the visa differs based on the consulate. However, in most cases, the visa will be delivered by email within 37 days.   

After Applying   

The Australian immigration will send an acknowledgement email once they receive the application and let the applicants know if they need to submit any additional documents.   

Once the Visitor Visa to Australia is approved, they will receive a visa grant number, the date on which the validity begins and the special conditions attached to the visa.   

If the visa is rejected, the embassy will give in writing the reasons for its decision and if the applicants have any right to appeal for a review.     

Traveling To Australia  

All international travelers should ensure that they carry proper identification documents (passport) and visa.   

Incoming passenger card. At the port of entry, travelers need to compulsorily fill out the incoming passenger card.   

They can also make use of the SmartGate facility. This is a facial recognition technology that may make the immigration process faster. Only holders of ePassports can get this facility.   

When in Australia, foreigners are expected to inform the authorities if there are any changes in their travel declaration such as change in the phone number and relationship status. They are also required to comply with the Australian law.   

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