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Australia ETA for US Citizens

 Many Americans visit Australia every year for work, study, tourism and business. Before embarking on the trip, it is important to know the travel requirements.   

International travelers who wish to explore Australia need proper identification and travel documents. 

Citizens of the United States of America too need proper authorization to visit Australia. Here’s what Americans need to know about traveling to Australia.   

What Americans Need to Enter Australia?    

Based on the nature of the trip and duration of the stay, US travelers can apply for an Australian electronic travel authorization (ETA) or a regular visa.   

The Australian ETA is a legal visa waiver given to the citizens of the USA and it will be digitally linked to the passport.

Americans who wish to visit Australia for a short period for tourism, cruise holiday, business or to join family and friends who are already in that country can apply for this visa.    

The ETA for Australia is granted to citizens of a few foreign nations to visit the country multiple times during the validity period. They can stay in the country up to 90 days per visit.   

However, if they want to stay for longer periods or to study and work, they need to apply for a regular visa. 

For this, they need to directly apply in an Australian consulate or embassy closer to them.   

There is also an Australia eVisitor. This is an online visa applicable mainly for countries in Europe.   

At present, US citizens need to login to the Australian government's mobile application created exclusively for the ETA.    

Is a Visa to Australia Needed?  

Americans who wish to pursue courses in Australian universities, work in companies registered in the country or in the healthcare sector need a visa.   

Applicants with criminal records too will not be eligible for an Australian ETA. They have to apply for visitor visas and complete the character assessment required by the Australian government.   

They need to produce police verification certificates and may have to attend in-person interviews at the embassy.   

Australia ETA for Tourism  

US citizens can travel to Australia as a tourist and explore the country’s tropical landscapes, rainforests, deserts and mountains for up to 90 days with the ETA.   

They can also visit their family members and friends who are in Australia.   

They can also attend courses and training in various industries excluding healthcare. However, the duration of the training should not exceed three months.   

Americans who want to get short-term training in the healthcare sector can apply for a visitor visa subclass 600 and complete the required health checks in approved medical facilities.  

Australia ETA for Cruise  

Citizens of the US who want to enter Australia during a cruise can get an ETA. If the cruise is a round trip cruise, the time spent onboard the ship will be considered as time spent in Australia.  The entire trip should be completed in 90 days.   

Australia ETA for Business   

Citizens of the USA coming on an Australian ETA for business trips can take part in meetings, seminars and conferences. However, the organizers cannot pay for the visitors’ expenses during the trip.  

They can also review a business contract and negotiate a deal. However, they cannot sell any services or products to Australians.  

How To Get an Australian ETA?  

Citizens of America can apply for an ETA visa waiver through the official mobile application introduced by the Australian government when they are outside the country.   

Note that Americans are not eligible for getting a visa on arrival in Australia. Only citizens of New Zealand can get a visa on arrival in Australia.   

Before applying, United States citizens need to download the app and collect soft copies of the documents required to visit Australia including the passport.   

They can scan the passport and other documents and take their photograph using the mobile application. They also need to provide proof of funds to sustain themselves while in Australia.       

The ETA for Australia is generally issued within minutes. In case of any delay, the applicant will receive an email detailing the reasons.  

In most cases, the delay is caused by wrong information in the online application form or they need to provide additional information.   

Note that the ETA is linked electronically with the US passport and if the identity document does not have enough validity, the visa may be delayed. The passport should be valid for at least six months.   

When the ETA for Australia is approved, the immigration officers will send an email to the applicants with the visa details. 

The particular email will have the visa number, its issue date and specific visa rules. The ETA is valid from the date of its issuance.   

The officials sometimes reject the ETA for Australia, if it is not suitable for the purpose of the trip. In such cases, they will inform the applicant in writing. They will also let them know if they can apply for a review.   

Health Requirements   

As per the conditions of the ETA, US citizens are liable for all medical expenses when they are in Australia. 

They are advised to get adequate travel and health insurance before coming to the country. They are also required to submit documents to prove that they do not have active tuberculosis and other communicable diseases.    

Character Requirements   

US citizens who are convicted cannot get an Australia ETA. They have to apply for a visitor visa and complete the character assessment.   

Validity of an AU ETA   

This Australian visa waiver is granted for one year and comes with multiple entries.  

Americans can stay in the country only for three months after each entry. If they are found to be not genuine visitors, their ETA will be cancelled.   

Also, US citizens cannot extend their ETA. If they want to stay for longer periods or wish to work to fund their stay, they have to apply for another visa.  

Traveling to Australia   

Americans should ensure that the passport validity does not end while they are in Australia before starting the trip. The ETA is electronically connected to the passport and its validity expires along with the validity of the passport. In such scenarios, it is advised to get a new passport before the journey.   

At the port of entry, they have to fill out the incoming passenger card. While in Australia, they are required to inform the authorities, if there are any changes in contact and other information.   

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