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UK Electronic Visa Waiver

The Government of the United Kingdom has introduced an electronic system for travelers to enter the UK. This is known as the Electronic Visa Waiver. In this process, the complete process of application starting from filling up the form to finally receiving the EVW can be done online. This online facility has made it easy and quite convenient for travelers to visit the United Kingdom. Keep in mind that this system is only available for certain nationalities. If a traveler isn't part of the UK Electronic Visa Waiver program, they will need to make sure the entry policy for their nationality is followed.

Documents Required

For the EVW application process, travelers need to provide a scanned copy of the personal details page of their passport, address of the place they will be staying in and travel itinerary which includes date and time of the arrival and departure. Scanned copies of the documents must be done accurately and clearly before uploading them with the application form.

Email Address

When it comes to obtaining a visa online, having an email id is essential. The id must be accessible so that when the eVisa is mailed, applicants should be able to open the id and download the travel document.

Validity of Passport

Travelers must have a valid passport with them when they are applying for the EVW. It must be valid for 6 months or more.

Visa Waiver Fee

Applicants applying for an EVW must pay an amount of 30 British pounds. The payment can be made online.

What Will be Needed Upon Arrival?

Travel Document

An applicant must present a valid passport to the immigration officials on their arrival to the United Kingdom. The passport should be the same one used for filling out the EVW.

Approved EVW

Applicants must also get a print out of their EVW and present it to the officials on their arrival.

What is the United Kingdom Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW)?

The Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) is a very important document that travellers must obtain before they travel to the United Kingdom. This is a travel authorization document that is issued by the government of the UK to citizens from some selected countries. Using this document, travellers will get permission to enter the national territory of the UK and stay here for 6 months. Visitors who are opting for an EVW do not have to follow the usual procedure of getting a visa. This means no visiting the embassy, standing in long queues or fixing an appointment. With the system of EVW in place, people will save a significant amount of time.

How to Apply For the United Kingdom Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) Online?

The Electronic Visa Waiver allows citizens of certain countries to get into the United Kingdom, hassle-free. As the procedure is carried out completely online, it is very simple and easy. With only 3 steps, travellers can complete the EVW process:

Fill Out the Application Form: To acquire an EVW, applicants first must fill out the application form. Getting the form is very easy as one does not have to anywhere. Applicants can get the form on the government website. The form must be downloaded, filled out properly and then it needs to be submitted.

Submit Documents: Filling out the form does not complete the application process. Applicants have to submit the required documents with the form. These documents must be scanned, and sent along with the form.

Pay EVW Fee: The last step of the EVW application process includes paying the visa fee. The visa payment can be paid online using a valid credit card or a debit card.

Once these three steps are followed, the visa application is processed. In a few days, the approved EVW is emailed to the applicant.

Instruction for Visitors Applying For Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) To The United Kingdom

Citizens of only certain countries are allowed to avail the option of the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW). These countries are Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Oman. Individuals from these countries do not have to apply for the standard visa to get an entry to the UK.

The EVW is issued only for the purpose of medical treatment, tourism and for study or business.

The EVW cannot be used to get married or get a paying job and employment in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW)?

This is a travel authorization document, granted by the government of the United Kingdom to citizens of certain countries, to get their EVW online.

How can an applicant acquire an EVW?

To get an EVW, applicants must apply for it online, submit their documents and pay the EVW fee. Once it is processed, the EVW will be mailed to the applicant's email ID.

What documents are required to apply for an EVW for the United Kingdom?

Applicants must submit a scanned copy of the personal details page of the passport, address of the place the applicants have decided to stay at, and travel itinerary.

What is the amount of the EVW fee to be paid?

To get an EVW, travellers must pay 30 british pounds while applying for it.

What is the validity period of a United Kingdom EVW?

After an EVW is issued, it is valid for 6 months.

What documents does a visitor need to present on reaching the United Kingdom airport?

Visitors must present their valid passport and approved EVW to the immigration authorities.

When must an individual apply for an EVW?

It is advisable for them to apply between 3 months to 48 hours before they plan to travel to the United Kingdom.

Does obtaining an EVW guarantee entry to the United Kingdom?

No, an EVW does automatically guarantee entry to the United Kingdom. The customs authorities at the airport have the right to deny entry.

How many entries are allowed with the United Kingdom EVW?

An EVW to the United Kingdom allows single entry to the country.

Where will an applicant get the EVW?

After the EVW is processed, it will be mailed to the applicant's email id.

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