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Turkey eVisa for Saudi Citizens

When travelers from Saudi Arabia go to enter Turkey, they will need to prove that they have proper permission from the government there to do so.

This can take several different forms, though the most common paperwork is the eVisa for Turkey. Here’s what Saudis need to know before they try to travel to Turkey.

What Do Saudi Citizens Need to Enter Turkey?

Traveling to Turkey is easy for citizens of Saudi Arabia. They do need to get permission first, though this is not usually difficult or arduous for most visitors.

Many will qualify for the Turkish eVisa. This document gives travelers permission to come into Turkey as tourists, for short family visits, or to conduct certain business operations.

Saudi citizens may also get a visa when they arrive in Turkey. This makes the immigration process take longer and involves standing in more lines, but it is an option. 

Finally, some citizens from Saudi Arabia will need to get a regular visa before they travel. This depends on the purpose for their travel and their length of stay in Turkey. 

Each and every traveler needs to make sure they have permission to enter Turkey before they try to do so, and that they have the right kind of permission.

What is an eVisa for Turkey?

The eVisa for Turkey allows Turkey to permit entry to people from certain countries without requiring them to always get a regular visa.

It’s easy to obtain, since the application and acceptance process takes place entirely online.

The program helps the government of Turkey to keep both travelers and citizens safe. It does so by allowing them to screen travelers before they enter, even those from “safe” countries.

With the rise of international terrorism, this kind of process is essential. It also means they may be able to contact travelers in case there’s an emergency while they are in Turkey. 

The Turkey eVisa most often allows for stays of up to 90 days at a time, though the terms of each eVisa may be different.

Multi-entry eVisas are available for Saudis, though they will need to make sure they apply for this and not for a single-entry eVisa.

If Saudi Arabian citizens do not plan to leave the International portion of the airport while in Turkey, they will not need to get an eVisa.

If they do want to leave, though, they will need permission to do so before they can. There aren’t any exceptions to this rule.

Turkey Visa vs eVisa

The electronic visa is easier to get than the traditional visa to Turkey, but it does not cover as many reasons for travel. It also does not allow for long stays in Turkey.

Saudi travelers who want to travel for reasons beyond those in the eVisa or who want to remain in Turkey long-term will need to get a traditional visa.

Most of the time, they will need to submit a set of documents. This will vary based on the type of visa that they want.

They may also need to visit a Turkish embassy or consulate and complete a personal interview.

Every traveler needs to have the right kind of permission to enter Turkey before they attempt to do so.

How to Get a Turkey eVisa

The online process for getting an eVisa to Turkey is very simple. Natvisa makes it easier by offering a super user-friendly version of the application, for travelers who want to use it.

Filling out the application usually only takes a few minutes (maybe 10!), so most travelers complete it in one single sitting. However, they can save it and come back if they need to.

Completing the Application

All applications require a valid email address. This is where all correspondence regarding the application will be sent, so travelers should get one of these if they don’t already have one.

They will also need to check that address regularly, to make sure they don’t miss anything having to do with their Turkish eVisa.

The system requires that all travelers pay an application fee after their eVisa application for Turkey is accepted.

They can use prepaid cards, credit cards, or debit cards to complete this transaction. The online system accepts UnionPay, Visa, or Mastercard.

People from Saudi Arabia also need to ensure that their internet connection will work for the duration of the application process. After all, it’s all completed online!

Finally, they need to have a valid passport from Saudi Arabia for all travelers. This also needs to be valid for at least 60 days after the last date their eVisa will let them stay in Turkey.

If their passport has less valid time left on it than this, they should get a new passport before they try to get an eVisa for Turkey.

The most important thing when applying for an eVisa for Turkey is to be honest and accurate on the application.

Travelers who make mistakes or leave things out will see their applications rejected. In these cases, they must reapply online or they may have to apply through an embassy or consulate.

Passport Information

Travelers will be asked for information to verify their Saudi passport. They will need to provide the passport number as well as additional information like when it was issued, etc. 

This is one place where it is very important to double check everything. One mistake or one place where information varies from the passport, and the application will be rejected.

Personal Information

Turkey also needs personal information from travelers who are citizens of Saudi Arabia. They may ask for a home address and phone number, or other identifying data.

They use this to make sure that each traveler can verify their identity. If identity cannot be verified, travelers will not be able to get their eVisa for Turkey.

Personal History

Applicants from Saudi Arabia will need to enter info about their personal history. 

They’ll be asked about a criminal record, previous trips out of their own county, political affiliations, and more. 

Data like this is checked against various international databases to ensure that only people who are not dangerous can enter Turkey.

Getting & Using the Turkey eVisa

Most of the time, travelers see their eVisa approved immediately. They will then need to pay for it before they can save it or print it.

Some people say that it's not necessary to print it off, but most travelers do. This expedites entry into Turkey and covers them if they have any problems at the border.

Does Having an eVisa for Turkey Guarantee Entry Into Turkey?

As in most countries, immigration officials can make a final call about who can enter Turkey. People who violate customs agreements, for instance, may not be permitted entry.

Travelers may need to show proof of funds to cover their trip as well as return tickets on a plane that leaves before their allowed time in the country expires.

As long as they can show these, they should be able to enter the country without problems.

Once inside Turkey, travelers from Saudi Arabia should be able to enjoy the country as they hoped to when they planned their trip.

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