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Sri Lanka ETA Visa for British Citizens

Have you always wanted to visit Sri Lanka? Its endless beaches, beautiful temples, and jungle adventures are enough to lure any intrepid traveler. However, some travelers feel discouraged when they find out they need a visa to visit the country.

For citizens of the UK, getting a Sri Lanka visa online isn't a difficult process. In fact, it's pretty straightforward and you don't even have to submit your passport. Here's everything you need to know to set yourself up for an exciting visit to Sri Lanka. 

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What is The Process for Getting a Sri Lanka Visa Online? 

While you can get a visa at a Sri Lankan embassy, the easiest way to gain access to the country is via an Electronic Travel Authorization, or an ETA. You can apply for one of these online, from any computer in the world. You can also apply for one at a Sri Lankan port of entry, though these can take some time to process and waiting may delay your entry to the country.

To start your application online, simply visit the Sri Lanka ETA website. Click on the link labeled "Apply", then follow the instructions to complete the application. Make sure you fill out the form accurately because you can't change it once it has been submitted.

All you need at this time is a UK passport that expires at least 6 months after you plan to leave Sri Lanka and a valid credit card for the $35 (US) application fee.

Your Sri Lanka visa for UK citizens may not be approved immediately. You might get a reference number, instead, which you can use on the site to determine the status of your application.

What Can I do With a Sri Lanka Visa for UK Citizens? 

Your tourist Sri Lanka ETA will allow you to enter the country up to two times in the next 30 days, for tourist purposes only. You cannot do business on this visa. There is also a business ETA available, though you will not be able to apply for that online. If you don't plan to be in Sri Lanka for long, their transit ETA permits you to stay in the country for up to 48 hours

What Happens When I get to Sri Lanka? 

Upon arrival in the country, you'll need the same passport that you used to apply for your Sri Lanka visa online. If you arrive on an aircraft, you'll need to show that you have a departure ticket for a time within your 30-day visa. You'll also need to show that you have enough money to cover your expenses while you're in the country.

It may help you to have proof that you applied for and received your Sri Lanka ETA. A printout from the website should be sufficient.

Simply show all of your documentation to the customs officer when you arrive in Sri Lanka. Pretty soon, you'll be enjoying yourself in your new vacation destination.

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