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Spain's Health Control Form (HCF) | Update: No Longer Needed

Update: Spain's health control form is no longer needed. Information below is for when the form was required. The ETIAS for Spain will be required starting 2023.

Spain's health control form (HCF) allows the Spanish government to know who is in the country, where they came from, and how to get ahold of them. This helps the government limit exposures to COVID-19 and other contagious diseases, as well as allows them to notify travelers if they are exposed while in Spain.
This form only needs to be filled out if the traveler does not have the EU Digital certificate.

The health control form is easy to fill out and submit. Travelers will simply receive a QR code upon submission of the form, which they will need to show when they enter Spain.



Every traveler who submits the Health Control Form will need to include their passport number. If they do not have this, they will need to submit a National ID (DNI), Foreign Residency Number (NIE), or a personal identification number.

Flight Information

People traveling to or through Spain will need to provide the government with information about the flight they are arriving on. This includes the date of arrival. It allows the government to track potential COVID-19 cases on certain flights or originating in certain locations.

A Valid Email Address

All travelers must have an email address. This functions both as a way to receive the QR code that is generated once the form is processed and as a way to get in touch with the traveler if they are exposed to COVID-19.

Transit Indicator

Travelers must indicate if they are simply traveling through Spain, rather than spending time there because it is their final destination. This helps the government know who is actually in the country and who is just passing through briefly.

What is the Health Control Form?

The Spain Health Control Form allows the Spanish government to track and limit the spread of illness between Spanish citizens and travelers from other places. It is specifically designed for use relative to COVID-19, but can also be used to track other contagious diseases.

The form allows the government to know who is entering their country, where they are coming from, and when they are coming. This allows them to limit travel from certain countries if those countries are at high risk for COVID-19. It also allows them to know who needs to quarantine, who needs to show proof of vaccination, and who needs to bring negative COVID test results with them.

The HCF also gives the government email contact information for every traveler. If someone is exposed to COVID-19 while they are in Spain or something changes about their health status while they are in the country, government representatives have a way to contact them and let them know what is going on.

Who Needs a Spain Health Declaration?

Every traveler to Spain needs to fill out the HCF. They will not be permitted entry to the country without it. Some airlines may require passengers to show that they have a printed form or the QR code before they can board a plane to Spain.

Transit Passengers

Even travelers who are only transiting the country - those who are not leaving the airport but, instead, are changing planes - need to fill out the form. That way, the government knows they were there and can contact them if they get exposed to COVID in the airport or if there are any other health issues they need to know about.

Minors and Disabled People

Minor children and disabled people also need to fill out the Health Form, though their parents or guardians can do it for them. There is a place to note on the application if a traveler is filling out the form as a parent or guardian. In these cases, the parent or guardian is responsible for making sure all of the information on the form is accurate and valid.

Every person entering Spain needs to fill out their own health form. There is an option to fill out a form for a group, as well. It is the responsibility of every adult to make sure they are covered by a valid HCF before they try to enter Spain.

Every individual trip to or through Spain requires a separate HCF. They are only valid for a single entry and cannot be reused or reissued. Because they are free and easy to fill out, this should not be a problem for most visitors.

Is the HCF Required to Visit Spain?

Yes, a completed Health Control Form is required in order to enter Spain. Immigration officials will not allow visitors into the country unless they can show the QR code, either on an electronic device or printed out.

Some travelers will need additional health documentation in order to be allowed entry into Spain. Vaccinated travelers should bring official proof of their vaccination. Unvaccinated travelers from "at risk" countries will need to show that they tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of the time their flight departed.

Note that unvaccinated travelers will not be permitted entry to Spain unless their travel is deemed "essential".

All travelers from India, regardless of vaccination status or whether they have had COVID-19 recently or have negative PCR test results, will need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Spain.

If Additional Permissions Is Needed

Travelers who come from countries that require a visa or other permission to enter Spain will need to get this permission before they come. The HCF is not a visa and does not permit entry on its own. Visitors will need to demonstrate that they have this additional documentation, too, before immigration officials will let them in the country.

What Do Travelers Need to Fill Out the Health Form?

Before they fill out the health control form online, travelers to Spain should gather the following documents:

Their passport, national ID, or foreign resident paperwork

Their EU COVID Digital Certificate, or other paperwork from their country certifying that they have recovered from COVID or been vaccinated for COVID

Proof of negative PCR test results (if applicable)

Travelers also need to make sure that they have a valid email address and that they will maintain access to this email address until they can get their QR code for the health form or print off the health form that is emailed to them.

Most travelers will need a phone or other electronic device. This can be used both to fill out the health form and to show the QR code at immigration.

A reliable internet connection will ensure that filling out the form goes quickly and easily and will help travelers locate the email with QR code when they need to show it.

When Can Travelers Fill Out Their HCF?

Travelers cannot fill out their health control form until at least 48 hours before their time of departure. This is because the government wants to make sure that people are healthy close to the time that they arrive in Spain. If they allowed forms to be submitted earlier than that, they would not be able to do as much to ensure health in both travelers and Spanish citizens.

Most travelers get their form and QR code quickly after they submit the form. However, some travelers have to wait up to 24 hours for their form to be processed. It's best, therefore, to fill out the form as close to 48 hours before departure as possible. This allows for plenty of time for the government to receive the form, process it, and get back to the applicant.

Parents or guardians filling out the Health Control Form for minor children or other dependents need to fill out the form in the same time frame that is listed above. Every minor child traveling with a family will need to have their own form, even babies and/or infants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to fill out Spain's Health Control Form?

Every person who is getting off an airplane in Spain needs to fill out the HCF. Even if you are remaining in the airport and only changing planes, the government requires you to fill out the form.

What do travelers need to bring to pass health control at the airport?

Travelers need to bring the QR code for their HCF or the printed form itself. If you come from an area "at risk" for COVID-19, you will need to bring proof of vaccination or of a negative COVID test.

How do travelers apply for Spain's HCF?

You can apply online. It only takes a few minutes and does not cost anything. The form is straightforward and simple.

What is the QR code for?

Take your email with the QR code to Immigration when you enter Spain. They will scan it to see that you have filled out the form.

Do travelers need to quarantine upon arrival in Spain?

Only travelers from India need to quarantine upon arrival in Spain. They will need to complete a 10-day quarantine no matter what their circumstances are.

How long does it take to get my QR code after travelers fill out their information?

Most people receive their QR code within a few minutes of submitting their information online, though some people may have to wait up to 24 hours.

Do travelers need to fill out a health form if they're not leaving the airport?

Yes. Even travelers who are only changing aircraft in Spain need to fill out the health control form. They will mark that they are "transit only" on the form.

Do travelers need to print out their HCF before they go to Spain?

Travelers who have their QR code stored on an electronic device do not have to print off the form, though having a printed copy can make it easier to enter the country.

How many times can a traveler enter Spain after they fill out their health control form?

You can only enter Spain one time for each HCF you fill out. You will need a new HCF every time you want to enter or transit the country.

Can travelers fill out the health control form for someone else?

Travelers may fill out a health control form for someone else if they are the guardian of a minor child or a disabled person. All other forms must be filled out by the traveler themselves.

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