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Requirements for Colombia Check Mig

Holidaying in Colombia, a country that is known for its biodiversity and unique cuisine, can be an unforgettable experience. 

International travelers should get proper travel documents to visit the country. Foreigners who are not familiar with the visa application and documentation needed for a Colombian Check Mig, a mandatory travel document required to enter that country, can find the entire process a little confusing. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to apply for a Colombia Check Mig.

Note that the application process is completely online and applicants do not need to physically go to a Colombia embassy.

They can also pay the processing fee online. 

Preparing for Application 

Applying for a Colombian Check Mig is a straightforward but elaborate process and it is always good to be prepared. 

Make sure to research the documents needed. The Colombian embassy website can be a good source of information. 

Check the internet connectivity and ensure that it is a good one. Slow or bad connectivity can make the process a bit frustrating. 

Before Applying 

A Colombian Check Mig is nothing but a travel authorization granted by the government of that country to international travelers.

However, it is not a visa and travelers from visa-required nations should get a visa along with a Check Mig document to enter Colombia. 

Travelers from visa-free countries can enter the country with only their Check Mig document. 

The document has been introduced to reduce contact between foreign travelers and the staff at immigration counters during and after the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Travelers need to complete the form at least 24 hours before the planned trip.

The Colombian Check Mig lets foreign travelers enter the country only once and is valid for only one month from the date of issuance. 

The application process is simple and online. 

Applying for Colombian Check Mig 

The Colombian Check Mig application form is available in three different languages – English, French and Spanish.

All applicants are required to share several information related to their travel and passport. Read on to know more about them. 

Travel information: 

Applicants are required to select their chosen mode of transport.

They can arrive in Colombia by air, road or water (both sea and river). 

Note that the pre-approval form or Colombian Check Mig can be applied from 72 hours to up to 1 hour before the flight.

However, travelers are encouraged to get it at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. 

Registration Type: Foreign nationals applying for a Colombian Check Mig must select whether they are getting this document for leaving Colombia or arriving in the country. 

Immigration Checkpoint/City of Entry: Applicants have to mention the port of entry or immigration checkpoint (if they are arriving by road or sea).

They have to select one from the list of immigration checkpoints given in the drop-down list.

Note that all authorized entry points are listed on the website. Foreigners arriving through unauthorized seaports or land border crossings will have to pay heavy fines or in some cases, serve jail terms in Colombia.   

Flight Date: Here, applicants have to enter the date of the scheduled flight.

Note that they can apply for Colombia Check Mig only three days prior to their date of arrival. The information will typically have the date, month and year of the arrival.

Flight Number: A flight number is a code that airlines use as a designator. It will have two characters and a one-to-four-digit number. Applicants need to enter only the numbers. They have to also provide the starting point of their flight.

Sometimes the Check Mig doesn’t work because the flight number is entered with the letters.

The name of the airline will automatically get selected as they can enter only pre-scheduled flight numbers. 

Personal Details 

Country of Origin/Nationality: This is a mandatory field wherein applicants should declare their nationality as given in their passport. As per international law, nationality identifies a person as a subject of a sovereign country. Travelers can seek assistance from their embassy in case of emergencies in a foreign nation.   

State of Origin: The state in which the applicant is born as appeared in the passport.  

City of Origin: The name of the particular city from which the applicant hails.  The information must match that in the passport. 

The type of Travel Document: Applicants should share the specific type of their passport. Passports are of various categories such as official, diplomatic, service and ordinary. 

The Number of Travel Document:  Travelers from visa-required countries will have to enter two travel documents — their visa and Colombia Check Mig. Applicants from visa-free countries can enter Colombia with their Check Mig document only.    

First Name/Given Name: It is the official first name of the applicant as appeared in his/her passport.

Surname/Family Name: In this field, the applicant must enter his/her second name and it should match the information in the passport. Mistakes can result in their entry permission denial. If the applicants have changed their surname, they have to mention that as well. 

Date of Birth: The official day on which the applicant was born as appeared in the passport. It will typically have the date, month and year. 

Gender: In this field, the applicant needs to declare their gender as appeared in the passport. 

Passport Expiry date: The date from which the passport is deemed invalid. Foreign nationals should have a passport with a minimum validity of six months to travel to Colombia

Country of Birth and Country of Residence: They have to re-enter their country of birth and if they are staying in a foreign country, they have to mention that. 

Email Address: Enter the electronic mail address which will have the name and details of the service provider. Make sure to enter the correct email address as the Colombia Check Mig will be delivered to this online address. Errors can cause the applicant not getting this mandatory travel document to enter Colombia.  

Do You Need a Visa: In this field they have to mention whether they need a visa to visit the country. Note that citizens from all visa-required countries need a visa along with the Colombian Check Mig to enter the country. They have to give the information about the following: 

  • Type of Visa: There are three types of Colombia visas – Visitor Visa (Type V), Migrant Visa (type M) and Resident Visa (Type R). Applicants should declare the type of visa that they have.
  • Country of Issuance: The country that issued their visa
  • Date of Visa Issuance: The particular date on which the visa was issued
  • Date of Visa Expiry: The date on which the visa will expire

Accommodation details: All applicants are required to share the place and address of their accommodation in Colombia and their contact details including the cell phone number.  

Purpose of the Travel: Here, the applicants should share the nature and purpose of their travel to Colombia. Most visas will be processed based on the nature and duration of the trip. Foreign nationals who wish to stay for longer periods will have to get a Type M visa while those who prefer to visit the country for a short period can apply for a Type V visa. 

Questions and Answer

All foreign applicants applying for the Colombian Check Mig should answer a few questions with regard to their previous visits (in any) and their health. 

They have to declare if they have any symptoms of COVID 19 (like fever and cough) or if they have come in contact with smallpox patients. 

They have to also declare if they have been denied a visa to Colombia in their previous attempts and if they have dual citizenship. 

Traveling with a Minor

If an applicant is traveling with minor children, he/she should provide various information about them such as:

  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Type of Travel Documents
  • Number of Travel Document
  • First Name
  • Second Name
  • Type of Passport
  • Expiry Date of Passport
  • Gender

Terms and Conditions

All applicants are required to give correct and error-free information. The terms and conditions for the Colombian Check Mig states that all the information provided by the applicants will be subject to verification by the Colombian immigration authority. If found fraudulent, the applications can be rejected. 

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, applicants can click the save and send button. Once submitted the Check Mig form for Colombia will be delivered to the registered email address. 

All foreign travelers including minor children need a Colombia Check Mig form to enter the country. Most applications are processed in less than 24 hours. 

The form is delivered in a PDF format and applicants can save it in their cell phones or take a printout to show the officers at the immigration counter at the port of entry. 

Note that there is no option to edit the document. However, applicants can go back to the previous pages before submitting the application form.  

The Validity of Colombia Check Mig

A Check Mig is valid for 30 days from the day of issuance. However, applicants can apply for it even 24 hours before the scheduled flight’s departure.
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