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Qatar Visa Policy

Travelers who want to visit Qatar can obtain one of several visas in order to do so. Here’s what they need to know to select the right one for them and submit an application soon.

Business Visa

Qatar is attractive to businesses because it is a wealthy country with citizens who are interested in new businesses.

There are three kinds of business visas that travelers can get. 

The first is the 72-hour business visa. This visa is for people from countries that qualify for a visa on arrival in Qatar.

It allows people into the country for up to 72 hours to complete business related tasks. It can be extended for up to 72 more hours.

Travelers will need to show proof that they are going to do business in Qatar.

The regular business visa is for contractors who will be working short-term for Qatari companies. It is generally issued for three months at a time.

The company contracting the work is responsible for getting this visa for its contractors. They will ask for all of the required documents and submit them to the government for approval. 

There is a long-term work visa available, too. Once again, the Qatari company bears responsibility for submitting the correct documentation and obtaining this visa. 

The investor visa is for people who want to invest in certain types of industries in Qatar. It comes along with a residence permit.

Different visas require different documentation.

In general, business travelers will need to submit their passport, proof that they have financial support while in Qatar, and documents supporting their business purposes in the country.

Tourist Visa

These visas are most often issued to people from countries that qualify for visa-free travel (see below) and are only issued at the border. 

These may be valid for 2 weeks, 30 days, or 90 days, depending on the visitor’s country of origin.

They may also allow for only one entry or permit multiple entries, also depending on the country of origin.

Travelers who do not qualify for a visa on arrival can apply for a tourist visa online.

They will need to complete a form, submit photos of themselves and scans of their passport, prove that they plan to travel to and from Qatar, and pay a fee.

Travelers planning to arrive on Qatar Airlines can connect to the online form directly from the airline’s website.

Transit Visa

For travelers who have layovers of more than 5 hours in Doha’s airport, Qatar offers a free transit visa.

This visa is available for people of all nationalities. It allows people to enter Qatar for up to 4 days, or 96 hours, between flights.

Travelers who want this visa can apply through the government website directly. They can also apply through Qatar Airways, the major airline operating flights into and out of Qatar.

Family Visa

The family visa allows family members of foreign residents of Qatar to come and stay in the country indefinitely.

It is usually used by foreigners who are working in Qatar and who want their families to join them there.

This visa is attached to the foreigner’s work visa. When that expires, the family visa will also expire.

Travelers will need to submit proof that they are joining someone who is working and living legally in Qatar.

Many businesses that hire foreign workers will help them get these visas processed so their workers can move to Qatar with, and not independently from, their family.

Visit Visa

The visit visa is for people who are not Qatari citizens but who have family members that are. It permits people to come visit their relatives for up to 6 months at a time.

Applicants will need to prove that they have qualifying family in Qatar and that they plan to leave within the terms offered by the visa.

GCC Resident Visa

People who are citizens of other GCC (Gulf) countries may be able to get this visa, which allows them to live in Qatar indefinitely.

However, they will also need to show that their job qualifies them for this visa.

The jobs that qualify are subject to change. Applicants will need to check to see if their particular career qualifies before they apply for the visa.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Some travelers can apply for an ETA for Qatar. This electronic travel permission is issued in place of a visa.

Only people from qualifying countries can get this permission. This list is subject to change and travelers need to ensure that they qualify before they apply.

Travelers will need to apply online for this kind of travel permission.

They will need to submit color copies of the data page of their passport and any other required pages, along with passport-sized photos of themselves.

Their passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from their proposed arrival date in Qatar.

This visa only allows a single entry into Qatar. Travelers who need more entries will need to apply for another ETA or get a different type of visa.

Visa Free Travel

Travelers from more than 95 countries do not need a visa to enter Qatar. People from different countries will be allowed to stay for different lengths of time. 

To find out more details and ensure that a country is on this list, travelers should check online or with a Qatari embassy before they travel.

Visitors who qualify for this may present a valid passport with at least 6 months of additional validity. They will also need to show proof that they will leave Qatar within their allowed time.

Finally, if they plan to stay in Qatar, they need to show proof that they have arranged accommodations there, and may be asked if they have funds to cover their stay.

Qatar Visa Service

The Qatar Visa Service, or Qatar Visa Center, is the online hub for visa applications for Qatar.

All travelers who want to visit Qatar and who need a visa that will not be provided by an employer will need to use this website at some point in their visa process. 

This website allows for electronic submission of many documents, which reduces face-to-face contact during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It also allows travelers to find the Qatari embassy nearest them and to make any official appointments that pertain to their visa process. 

When to Seek Out an Embassy or Consulate

Travelers who have questions about getting a visa to Qatar should seek out help from the Qatari embassy or consulate in their area.

They can call or schedule an appointment. Note that appointments may be limited in some locations due to COVID-19. 

However, even in these cases, the embassy should have someone who can answer questions for travelers and help them get the visas they need to travel to Qatar. 

In general, embassy and consular staff are well-informed and helpful on all issues that pertain to visas. They may help travelers determine what they qualify for and when they need to apply.

Some visas will require interviews at the embassy or consulate. Travelers will make appointments for these ahead of time.

They will need to show up with all of their required documentation. They may also need to answer questions about why they want to travel to Qatar, etc.

In the end, traveling to Qatar doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Travelers can get the right visa for their needs, then plan their trip to Qatar.

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