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Entry Registration for Travel to Qatar

With the World Cup coming to Qatar, many people are looking into what it takes to travel there. Others simply want to visit the country for tourist or business purposes.

One of the entry requirements is the pre-entry registration. Here’s what travelers need to know to get this completed before they visit Qatar.

What is the Pre-Entry Registration?

The pre-entry registration helps both travelers and the Qatari government know which travelers need to quarantine and who is exempt from those requirements.

By pre registering, travelers can expedite their border process. This makes things move faster and also prevents people from being forced to remain in close proximity to other travelers. 

For travelers who need to quarantine, the pre-entry registration tells the government where they plan to quarantine. That way, the government can contact them there if necessary.

Who Needs the Pre-Entry Registration?

Every traveler entering Qatar needs to fill out the pre-entry registration. It must be completed between 12 and 72 hours before arrival in Qatar.

Citizens of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain who meet Qatar’s immunity criteria can show their status on the health app from their country instead.

EU nationals and residents who use the COVPass app and who meet the immunity criteria also do not have to register, but can show their status on their app when they arrive in Qatar.

Note that Qatar’s immunity criteria is subject to change at any time. Travelers need to ensure that they meet it before they visit the country.

What Is Needed to Complete the Pre-Entry Registration?

In order to complete the pre-entry registration, travelers first need to create an account on the website or the app.

The traveler’s email address will be their username, and they will get to choose their password. They need to remember this in case they need to access their registration later. 

After that, travelers will need to provide some form of ID number. The ID required depends on the traveler’s nationality.

Qatari citizens and residents can provide their personal Qatari ID number. Residents of other Gulf countries can present their passport number and their nationality. 

Citizens of other countries will need to provide a visa or ETA number on their pre-registration from.

Travelers will need to attach a copy of their passport or their visa to the pre-entry registration.  

They will also need to attach a copy of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival.

If they have completed their vaccination series, they should attach a copy of their approved vaccination certificate, issued and signed by the relevant health authorities in their country.

If they have had COVID-19 within the last 12 months and have recovered, they can instead attach their certificate of recovery, also issued and signed by their country’s health authorities.

Travelers who will be subject to quarantine in Qatar need to show that they have reservations at an approved hotel in Qatar. They will be required to complete their quarantine there.

Health officials may check on quarantining people, so they need to stay where they should be and be ready to answer questions or submit to testing at any time. 

Note that the documents Qatar requires may be subject to change. Travelers need to make sure they get updated information before they travel.

Is a Visa Also Needed?

This depends on the traveler’s country of origin. Some travelers are exempt from needing a visa to travel to Qatar.

Others will need to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), and the rest will need to get a visa.

Every traveler is responsible for knowing what kind of travel authorization they need to enter Qatar. They are also responsible for getting that before they make their trip.

Since the ETA or visa number is necessary for filling out the pre-entry registration form, travelers will need to have travel permission in hand before they try to complete that document.

Travelers who are not sure what kind of travel permission they need should seek advice from a Qatari embassy or consulate in their own country before they travel.

Is the Pre-Entry Registration Mandatory?

As of July 12, 2021, all travelers to Qatar need to fill out the pre-entry registration, unless they are using another qualifying app as outlined above. 

Travelers who do not complete their pre-entry registration may face delays at the border, mandatory quarantines, or may not be permitted to travel at all.

Visiting Qatar is not difficult. All travelers simply need to obtain the proper travel permission based on their country of origin and complete the pre-entry registration before they leave.

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