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New Zealand Visa for Swedish Citizens

The NZeTA visa allows the visitors of eligible countries that include Swedish citizens to obtain the online NZeTA visa before traveling to New Zealand for tourism.

This category of visa also allows the Swedish citizens to obtain an NZeTA visa while transiting through the country on their way to some other destination. People who visit the country for the purpose of a job can obtain a Crew NZeTA visa waiver, which is valid for up to 05 years. 

Purpose Of The NZeta Visa 

The visa has been designed to pre-screen visitors prior to their arrival in New Zealand and to identify potential risks of security, which are associated with traveling to the country before they occur.

On the other hand, the online visa to New Zealand allows for easy application processing for users.

What Are The New Zealand ETA Requirements For Swedish Citizens? 

As mentioned above, the Swedish citizens need to apply for the NZeTA visa if they want to enter New Zealand. The requirements of New Zealand Visa for citizens from Sweden are simple. Swedish nationals applying for a New Zealand eTA are required to fill out an online form and will provide their personal and passport information.

Necessary Travel Document for Applying For NZ ETA Visa 

Before a Swedish citizen or a foreigner applies for the New Zealand eTA visa, he should make sure that:

  • He/she holds a valid passport from the eligible countries on the list. The passport has a remaining validity of at least 03 months from the date of exit from the country.
  • He/she must provide a valid email address. The confirmation of the visa is sent to the applicant on a valid email address.

How Long Does it Take for a Swedish Citizen to Receive the NZ-ETA Visa? 

After submitting a duly filled form, the application processing will take only up to 15 minutes.

The New Zealand eTA visa is applicable for 02 years and allows the traveler to stay in the land for a maximum of 90 days.

Process of NZeTA Visa Application for Swedish

The application form is simple. The individuals with Swedish nationality would require providing there:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Passport details

An applicant also needs to provide answers to questions regarding past criminal activity or medical history.

It is essential for travelers to ensure that the information they provide on the NZeTA application form is similar to that shown on their travel documents. If not, the traveler may have to deal with visa waiver denials or other delays to their travel plans.


Eligible Swedish citizens have to fill out the form with correct information. In addition to it, eligible Swedish citizens are required to pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourist Levy or IVL. The IVL is important to apply for the Visa to New Zealand.

It is a tourist tax number which is meant to safeguard the tourism attractions that people visit and encourage the tourism industry and infrastructure within New Zealand. The tourist tax is charged along with a processing fee, which is excluded in the case of transit passengers.

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