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New Zealand Visa for Spanish Citizens

The New Zealand eTA Visa is an entry Visa to New Zealand for tourists belonging to different countries. The government has introduced the online New Zealand visa for citizens around the world with the intention of better internal and border security in the country.

Spain comes under the list of countries whose citizens can apply online for the New Zealand visa, and the application process is quite simple, which is explained below. 

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Application Process for New Zealand eTA 

You can get the application form online when applying for a New Zealand visa for a Spanish citizen. You will need to provide your basic information including;

  • Data of passport (passport number, date of birth, date of expiration, etc)
  • Information regarding the purpose of your trip etc.,

You will need to fill the information that matches the information given on the passport you will be using for the visit. The entry visa is linked to the passport electronically, so you cannot use another passport for the process.

For successful completion, Spanish citizens must have a valid email that would notify the citizen about the status of the whole application process.

The eTA visa application process only takes about 15 minutes. You will be notified about your application process status through an email. It will contain the necessary information, and your visa will be linked to your passport. Then you will need to get a printed NZeTA and your linked passport for traveling to New Zealand. 

Requirements for New Zealand Visa for Spanish Citizens 

New Zealand visa for citizens from Spain has some basic requirements that are asked from the applicants during the application process. This includes their health status, character, and citizen's nationality.

First of all, only those citizens whose countries stand in the 60 countries eligible for the visa can apply. Then they are asked if they have a medical issue and whether they are traveling to New Zealand for consultation or treatment. A citizen's character is checked through asking the following parameters:

  1. Is the applicant convicted of a crime?

  2. Has the applicant ever gotten excluded or deported from a country before?

These interrogations, along with the provision of basic documents, come under the requirements of the visa to New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Visa Application 

Any individual going with the purpose of traveling for a gig or tourism can apply for the application process through the online visa process for New Zealand.

However, you must be a citizen of one of the countries that are eligible for applying to the New Zealand online visa process.

Who is Not Eligible for New Zealand Visa? 

Citizens outside the list of the stated eligible 60 countries cannot apply for the visa. Moreover, those citizens that link another passport in place of the already linked passport are also not eligible for the visa. If an individual is convicted of a crime or is deployed from another country, he or she is no more eligible for the New Zealand visa.

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