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Myanmar Visa Requirements for US Citizens

The citizens of the US hold one of the most powerful passports in the world. They can enter most foreign countries with or without a visa.   

American citizens who wish to travel to the Asian country need proper travel authorizations. 

The government of Myanmar (earlier Burma) reserves the rights to control who enter, remain and leave the country.   

As per the direction issued by the government of Myanmar in September 2022, citizens of the US are eligible to apply for an electronic visa to enter the Asian nation for tourism and business.  

Here’s what US citizens need to know about visiting Myanmar.  

What is a Myanmar Tourist eVisa? 

A Myanmar eVisa for tourism is an electronic travel authorization granted by the country’s government to citizens of selected foreign nations including the US. The electronic visa (eVISA) was introduced in 2014.  

The application process is completely online and the eVisa will be delivered within a few days (in three days in most cases).  

The visa is valid for three months from the date of issuance. Foreign tourists holding this visa can stay in the country for a maximum of 28 days in the validity period.  

Business travelers who are arriving on an invitation are allowed to stay for 70 days in the country.  

All foreign travelers (including children aged above seven years) from eligible countries should get an eVisa  to visit Myanmar.  

The cost of a Myanmar tourist eVisa is around US$ 50. Applicants must check with the nearest Myanmar embassy to know if there are any changes in the visa processing fee.    

Do US Citizens Need a Visa to Visit Myanmar? 

Yes. Citizens of the US need an electronic visa (eVisa) to enter Myanmar. They are not allowed visa-free entry. Only citizens of a few Asian countries like Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand are allowed to cross Myanmar borders visa free.   

The government of Myanmar also issues visas on arrival to citizens of a few eligible countries. 

However, Americans are not entitled for a visa on arrival in the country.   

Note that citizens of the US are allowed to enter and exit the country via select international airports like Mandalay, Nay Pyi and Yangon. They can also enter through a few land checkpoints on Myanmar-Thailand and Myanmar-India borders such as Tachileik, Kawthaung, Rihkhawdar, Myawaddy and Tamu.  

In most land borders, there will be separate queues for foreign travelers and they are not required to stand in the queue for locals.  

How Can I Apply for a Myanmar Visa from the USA? 

Application for a Myanmar electronic visa for tourism is a simple online process. Applicants can login to the official website of the government of Myanmar and complete the application process.  

How can I Apply for an eVisa Online? 

To receive a Myanmar visa as an American passport holder, the applicant must login to the official website of the Myanmar immigration department. The process is easy as he/she does not need to go to an embassy and face bureaucratic process.  

The online application has three steps. In the first step, they need to fill in general information like date of birth and name.  

After completing the application form, they need to upload their documents such as their passport and photographs.  

In the last step, applicants need to make the payment digitally. They can pay the processing fee using their credit or debit cards.  

Note that the official website of Myanmar gives information about the required documentation and other steps. Applicants should read the instructions carefully before starting their application. Errors can cause rejection of their application.   

What Requirements Do I Need as A Us Citizen for This Myanmar Visa? 

Travelers from the US must adhere to the instructions of the Myanmar government while applying for the eVisa.   

The minimum processing time for a Myanmar eVisa is three days and the most applicants will receive an email acknowledgement one hour after the successful digital payment. 

Applicants who did not receive this confirmation mail should contact the authorities as soon as possible.   

Myanmar immigration officials will process the eVisa after verifying the information in the application form. 

Note that in case of eVisa rejection, the processing fee is not refundable.   

Documents needed for a Myanmar eVisa for Tourism are as follows    

  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months. Note that the government of Myanmar does not accept any other identity document. US citizens who have applied with other identity and travel documents may be denied entry.
  • A color photograph. This should be taken in the last three months and 4.6 cm in height and 3.8 cm in width
  • Return flight tickets
  • Proof accommodation. This can be hotel/resort booking details. International tourists can stay only in registered hotels, guest houses, motels and resorts in Myanmar.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination certificate.

All children above seven years need separate eVisas. However, children under seven do not need to apply separately or pay additional fees.  

Currency Exchange for Foreigners 

Visitors can exchange their respective currencies to Myanmar Kyat at the Yangon international airport.

They can just go to the designated counters or kiosks at the airport and exchange their bills for Kyat.

Note the US dollar is the preferred currency. Travelers should be careful to note exchange creased or torn bills. Officials may refuse to accept them or they may have to exchange for the bills for lower rates. 

While Visiting Myanmar  

American citizens arriving in Myanmar on an eVisa for tourism are not allowed to visit restricted areas in the country. They are also not allowed to bring prohibited/restricted items.  

US citizens traveling to Myanmar should keep their identity and travel documents in order. 

They must review local news to know the conditions in the country. 

They are requested to register their trip with the US embassy in Myanmar. Officials in the embassy can help them in case of emergencies.  

They also must share their travel plans and contact information with their immediate family members and should have a communication plan in case of emergencies.   

Getting a Myanmar eVisa for tourism does not guarantee a US citizen’s entry to the country. Officials at the counter may ask several questions and verify their documents. If they find something amiss, he/she will be denied entry.  

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