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Myanmar eVisa Step by Step | Form Issues and How to Fix

The Myanmar ministry of immigration and population has launched an eVisa website to issue electronic travel authorization to foreign tourists and businesspersons.  

The eVisa is part of the Myanmar government’s digitalization drive and has made visa application process easier, transparent and online.  

The government has also introduced an application process for stay extension and re-entry online. Here’s what visa applicants must know about Myanmar eVisas.  

What is a Myanmar eVisa?

A Myanmar eVisa is an electronic travel authorization granted by its government to foreign nationals to visit the country for short-term. 

The eVisas are generally issued for visits related to tourism and business. Citizens of foreign countries that are eligible for a Myanmar eVisa can apply through the official online portal of the Myanmar ministry of immigration and population. 

The application process can be completed in four steps – fill out the digital form, make the payment via credit/debit card, receive an approval letter and finally, get the visa stamped at the port of entry upon arrival. 

Applicants can track the status of their application using their passport or application number. They can also use the Ongoing Application option to resume the application process from where they stopped.   
 Read on to know more about the Myanmar eVisa application 

Requirements for a Myanmar eVisa 

All applicants can login to the official eVisa website of the Myanmar government to start the application. 

At present, all applicants are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In the beginning of the application form, all applicants must share the dates of the their first, second and booster doses of COVID-19 vaccination and specify the name of their COVID-19 vaccine.  

They also have to upload a copy of their vaccination certificate. 

They should also share information about their travel insurance. There is also an option to purchase a new travel insurance at the eVisa application portal. 

All travelers must carry copies of the eVisa approval letter and other documents with them. Immigration officials at the airport will verify the documents before stamping the eVisa. 

Foreign travelers should also submit a health declaration upon arrival at a Myanmar port of entry. Submitting incorrect information may result in legal action. 

Travel Insurance Details 

Myanmar eVisa applicants need to fill in the following information about their travel insurance:

Insurance certificate number: This is a unique number using which authorities can trace the insurance details 

Purchase date: The date, month and date on which the travel insurance was purchased. 

After this, applicants should upload a copy of their insurance certificate to move forward. 

Personal Information

As part of the eVisa application all travelers should share information about their identity, passport and health. They need to share the following details about their identity:

Nationality: Applicants need to specify their country of origin. Their nationality helps them identify as subject to a specific nation. 

Email address. The electronic ID will have the name of the applicants and the service provider. The visa approval mail will be sent to this address and hence applicants need to be careful to avoid errors. 

Port of entry: All applicants must select their port of entry to Myanmar. At present, they can enter the country only through a few select international airports like Yangon and Mandalay. Applicants are strongly recommended to use the same port of entry mentioned in the eVisa application to enter the country to avoid longer processing time on arrival. They can exit the country through any airport or land check points. 

Full name: The name of the applicant as appeared in his/her passport including the first and surname. 

Date of birth: The date, month and year on which the applicant is born. The information must match that in the passport. 

Country of birth: The country in which the applicant is born. 

Occupation: The job of the applicant.

Permanent address: This includes the name of the city, town, country and postal code. 

Accommodation details: The name and address of the hotel/motel/inn/ resort.  Applicants must enter the details of a hotel/resort that is registered with the Myanmar government.

Purpose of the visa: Specify the purpose of the trip. At present, Myanmar issues eVisa for tourism and business 

Passport Information

All applicants must share a few details about their passport:

Passport number: The number printed on the information page of the applicant’s passport. Note that the Myanmar authorities accept only passports as the identity documents. 
Country of issue: The country that issued the document as shown in the passport.

Date of issue: The date on which the passport was issued. 

Expiry date: The date from which the passport will be deemed invalid.

Agency Details 

If the applicants are coming through a travel agency, they should provide details including the agency’s name and contact information.  

Information about Minor Children

If a child is traveling with the applicant, he/she must provide the information including the child’s name, date of birth and gender.

Note that if the child is above seven year of age, he/she will require a separate eVisa.

Children with separate passports (even those who are below seven years) too need separate eVisas.

The next step is to upload the below documents:

  • The front page of the passport
  • Return Ticket
  • Hotel bookings
  • Passport size photograph of the applicants in color. This should be taken in the last six months.


On this page, applicants can verify the information that they had submitted. The data shared in the application form must match the information in the passport. Otherwise, the applicant will be denied entry to Myanmar. 

Make the Payment:

The next step is to pay. The application fee for a Myanmar e-tourist visa is US$50. Applicants can use their debit/credit cards to make the payments. 

Following the payment, they can click the submit button. The application will be sent to the authorities. 

Terms and Condition

All applicants should agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  • The Myanmar eVisa fee is not refundable even if the application is rejected. If at all the eVisa gets rejected the reasons for the same will not be disclosed.
  • The eVisa processing will start only after the applicants make the payment.
  • Only passports will be accepted as the identity documents.
  • Applicants for a tourist eVisa cannot work in the country.
  • All applicants are required to abide by the visa rules and the law of the country.
  • They cannot visit the restricted/prohibited areas without getting prior permission.

Printing the eVisa Document

Officials at the Myanmar ministry of immigration and population will verify the completed application forms. If found eligible, they will issue an approval letter. 

In most cases, this approval letter will be delivered to the registered email address of the applicant within a few hours. The applicant can contact the embassy if the letter is not delivered within 24 hours. 

After receiving the letter, the applicant should take a printout of the same and he/she should carry it while traveling to Myanmar. 

As per the Myanmar visa rules, this is a mandatory requirement. Officials at the immigration counter will check this and other supporting documents before allowing entry to the country. 

It is important for travelers to take printouts of all the application forms as well as the documents uploaded on the eVisa website to avoid delays. 

Issues With Myanmar eVisa. How to Fix Them 

Online application for Myanmar eVisa for tourism and business is comparatively straightforward. 

However, the system is not without flaws. Some of these issues have made it a bit difficult for applicants to maneuver through the website. Here’s what visitors need to know about the online application so that they can be prepared. 

Problem 1. Uploading the Photograph 

There is high chance that the applicant misses the option to upload the photograph because of its positioning. Also, the website does not register the uploaded photograph at times. It shows an error message during the confirmation stage to re-upload the photograph. 

Applicants will have to go back to the previous page and upload the photograph again till it gets accepted. 

How to Fix It

If and when the website crashes, applicants will have to start the application again. They can also click the Ongoing Application option below the Apply Visa page on the home page and answer a few questions to resume the visa application. However, this may not always work.     

There is no option as such for missing the field to upload the photograph. During verification of the confirmation page, applicants will get an error message. They can go back to the previous page and upload it.

Problem 3: Making Payment is Tough Task in Gov Website 

Making payment is in the Myanmar Embassy’s website is not an easy task. Many times the website crashes during this step. The payment process is also a bit lengthy. At times, it can take more than 15 minutes. 

How To Fix It

There is no actual solution as such for this. The Myanmar government must take action to resolve the issue. 

Problem 4: Empty White Page After Payment

The website sometimes shows an empty white page after the payment and it crashes. Once this happens, applicants cannot continue. They have to stop the application process. 

How To Fix It

Applicants have to wait till the problem gets resolved. They are advised to contact the Myanmar immigration authorities or post a status enquiry with them through the website. 

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