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Mexico Visa Policy for Cuban Citizens

Recently, we see a surging wave of Cuban citizens entering Mexico for different purposes, including tourism, business, etc. Some of them also use this destination as a transit to enter the USA. The issue most Cubans struggle is, whether they need to get a tourist visa to Mexico

Nationals of around 70 countries can get visa-free access to Mexico. However, it is not the case with Cubans. Whatever the purpose, Cubans need to apply for a Mexican visa.

Do Cubans Require a Visa to Mexico?

Like many nationalities across the globe who require a visa for entering Mexico, Cubans also require a visa to enter the territory. They will need to contact the relevant embassy for the application process.

The stay is generally short but extendable to one month while the visa expires in 90 days.

Moreover, the applicant needs to be present when they apply for the visa to Mexico. One needs to attach 10 documents in total for the application process for the Mexican visa to begin.

These include a visa application form, a passport, a passport size photograph, appointment booking, current details (work history, education, etc.), hotel bookings, flight bookings, proof of funds (personal bank statements, pay slips from the employer, tax records), and residency proof. 

Is A Mexico Tourist Card Also Required?

Cubans will require a Tourist Card as well in order to be able to visit Mexico. It is known as the Mexico FMM or Forma Migratoria Multiple and is a vital requirement for entry for all foreign nationals to visit Mexico for business, tourism, and leisure.

The Mexican Immigration Authority introduced this Tourist Card for keeping an official record of the visitors traveling to Mexico.

A Mexico tourist card can be utilized for a single entry by land or air and is valid for 180 days, starting from the day when the immigration seal gets stamped upon arrival in the country.

When crossing one of the borders or flying to Mexico, the Tourist Card is obtained by completing an online application form before leaving. 

Can Travelers From Cuba Get The Mexico Tourist Card On The Plane?

Broadly speaking, it is possible to get a Mexico Tourist Card at the airport for around 25 USD. However, most airlines are now opting out of this, which means you cannot board your flight if you do not have a Mexico Tourist Card.

It takes between as less as two days and as much as two weeks to get your card online, which is a suitable option to do prior to your departure.

What Is The Best Way To Get The Tourist Card?

As you can see, getting a tourist card online is the wise choice to consider if you want to avoid any inconvenience. So, getting a tourist card online is probably the best way to get a Mexican tourist card. Now, you must be wondering where to get one?

For quick and convenient online access, visit Natvisa. The website is a platform that helps you get your tourist card for Mexico without any hassle, as we ensure the effort you put in is minimal. Just put in the basics, and you are ready to proceed!

Example of Tourist Card

How Long Is The Card Good For?

The Mexico Tourist Card for Cubans stays valid for a maximum of 180 days. However, you need to keep in mind that you must follow the visa rules to avoid an unfortunate event.

The Tourist Card is to be used for visiting Mexico for tourism, business, and leisure. It does not allow the holder any right to seek employment or work in the country. So, any violation of the card is not acceptable.

It is to be noted that FMM and the visa are separate things and are not to be confused by the durations of validity explained.

Is A Tourist Card Good For Tourism Only?

The Tourist Card might leave the impression of being valid only for the purpose of tourism. However, this is not the case.

The Tourist Card for Cuban citizens is applicable for business visits and meetings as well. There is only one condition: Cubans are not allowed to seek employment or look for ways to earn money while they are on the visit using this card and the visa.

Other than that, there is no harm in using the Tourist Card for Mexico for purposes other than tourism.

How Do Cubans Get A Mexico Visa?

You will need to contact the embassy that falls under the jurisdiction to begin the visa process. You will then proceed to the FMM and make sure that you take care of the following things:

  • Cuban Passport – Your passport needs to have validity for a minimum of another 6 months from the date you arrive in Mexico.

  • Flight Ticket – You will need to have this document with you if you travel to Mexico by air.

  • Email – Your Tourist Card will arrive in your email inbox in PDF format. Make sure you provide a valid email. Print the FMM and note your tourist card number.

  • Payment Alternatives – If you have a debit card, credit card, or any other payment alternative that works for visa transactions, you can proceed with the visa.

The process of getting a Mexico Tourist Card is pretty much straightforward and simple. You can do it online, in person at any Mexican consulate in Cuba, or by phone.

Some details will be required, such as your passport number along with a passport scan or a passport, your address or postal address, your hotel booking, and flight booking details (such as your copy of the return flight tickets.)

If you happen to do it through an embassy, you can fill an application form, submit and then collect the tourist card later. You can also apply for a tourist card online, where an accredited platform such as Natvisa will take care of everything.

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