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Do Russian Citizens Need a Mexico Visa?

Towards the north, Mexico is flanked by the United States; on its southern and western side, by the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and at its east lies the Gulf of Mexico.

Mexico sprawls across 1,972,550 square kilometers, making it the world's 13th-largest nation, in terms of area. To visit this magnificent country and experience a whole lot more, Russian citizens would have to acquire a Mexico Tourist Card, along with the Mexico ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

Besides being online, the procedure for acquiring a Mexico tourist card for Russians is pretty straightforward and effortless.

It is also a strongly advocated process.

The body that has the authority to issue the tourist card for Mexico is The National Immigration Institute. And it provides it, especially for tourism.

Applicants must be aware that it is a must for tourists from Russia to also have an approved ETA before they enter Mexico. 

All Russians need to do to apply for the Mexico ETA is fill out the form online.

When they travel to Mexico by road or by air, Russians need to obtain a Mexico Tourist Card.

The electronic system that was launched in 2015 facilitates tourists to effortlessly apply online for it.

After it is processed, the Tourist Card for Mexico will be sent to the applicants on their email ID.

The good side concerning the online application is that they do not have to go to the embassy or lose out on time in scheduling an appointment.

The Mexico Tourist Card Online Application for Russians

The rapidity and straightforwardness of using the electronic system are the highpoints of the process. This simple 3-step process is as follows: 

Updating Information Online: Russians may enter their details in the online application form. It is advisable to check the details that they have entered after filling the form to ensure the accuracy of the information. 

No Documents Upload: The online process removes the necessity to upload any paper. All that is required throughout the entire process is a valid passport number.

Fee Settlement: After completion of the above two steps, applicants need to pay the fee using a credit or debit card.

The Tourist Card will be emailed on the ID given in the form.

Travelers may take printed copies of it to be kept during their trip to Mexico as they will be required to present it to the immigration authorities at the airport.

For Candidates to Note

Mexico Tourist Card holders are only allowed visits to the country for tourist activities. Card holders are prohibited from engaging in any type of employment or profession while they stay.

Russians must take printouts of either sides of the Mexico Tourist Card and carry it with them at the time of their entry into the country through any Mexican airport.

Travelers are also required to provide their flight details in the online application form.

‘No Document’ Upload Process

No documents need to be uploaded when applying online. For Russian citizens to apply, this is the information that is needed: 

  1. A passport having a validity of 6 months since the arrival date.

  2. Flight-related information concerning their arrival in Mexico.

Papers to be Shown on Arrival

Russians must have the Mexico Tourist Card to get into the country. This, along with the Electronic Travel Authorization is also a necessity.

The traveler needs to present this on arrival at a Mexican airport.

These travel documents would be scrutinized by the immigration officials at the airport. Along with the visa and a valid passport, travelers will also be asked to show the Tourist Card.

Again, to reaffirm, the passport should be valid for at least 6 months, and it must be the one used for in the process of the ETA application.

Mexico ETA Application

If Russians are to travel to Mexico, or even if they are there on transit, they must have a valid Mexico ETA and a Tourist Card.

Applying for a Mexico ETA can be done online. Various websites have different timelines for processing a Mexican ETA.

There are a few that take approximately a couple of days. Here, at Natvisa, we have the fastest processing time.

Applicants from Russia may apply for a Mexico ETA in the comfort of their homes. The steps comprised in the application process are:

  1. Filling out the ETA form

  2. Providing all required details

  3. Submitting the application

  4. Remitting the fee
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