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Mexico Visa for Qatari Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air
Mexico is positioned first in North America and seventh in the world for its richness of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides this, it is also among one of the world's 17 enormously diverse nations, ranking fifth in natural biodiversity.

For a trip to this country, travelers from Qatar would require a Mexico Tourist Card and a visa. The Card can easily be applied for online.

The National Immigration Institute is the authorized body that approves and grants this document. This is a step towards encouraging tourist activities. Nonetheless, one must remember that a Tourist Card and a visa are two different documents.

Qatari visitors must get a visa prior to their entry in Mexico. For this, they must get in touch with or visit the embassy in order to apply for a Mexico visa.

Additionally, Qataris would require a Mexico Tourist Card to be able to enter Mexico if they have taken a flight or reached via land route. In 2015 the government launched the electronic system to enable tourists to easily apply online.

After its approval, applicants can get the Card on their email. The icing on the cake in this process is that it enables likely visitors to save sufficient time and energy for other more relevant aspects of their trip since the entire process is online. Further, it is strongly urged that they apply online for the Card.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Qataris and Online Application for a Mexico Tourist Card

For candidates who are applying online, the process can be completed in the subsequent simple ways: 

Fill in the necessary data: Qataris should fill the online application form with the essential data. This step needs the maximum attention so that the accuracy of information is ensured. 

Document-free process: This online process does not require the uploading of any documents. Despite that, for citizens of Qatar, it is compulsory to have a valid passport number to complete this process.

Payment of the Cost: Close the process by paying the fee. Regarding this, the payment-maker requires a credit or debit card.

The Mexico Tourist Card can be received on the email id mentioned in the online form.

Passengers are required to carry hard copies of both sides of this travel paper and keep it with them. This must essentially be presented to the immigration authorities in Mexico. 

Baseline Mexico Tourist Card Information for Qatari Applicants

Mexico Tourist Card holders are only permitted to make visits to the country for tourism. The Mexico law prohibits them to indulge in any kind of activity that may lead to payment.

When they register and apply online, Qataris need to provide the information pertaining to their flight in the application form.

Tourist Card Sample

Zilch Document Policy

Citizens from Qatar are not asked to submit any paper for the Tourist Card. On the other hand, the following need to be provided: 

  1. A Qatari passport that has a validity of at least 6 months after they arrive in the country.

  2. Their flight-related information, when in Mexico.

What After Reaching Mexico

Once they have reached Mexico, Qataris will need a Mexico Tourist Card to enter the country. As indicated previously, this is not the same as the visa, which is also essential.

After the passengers arrive in Mexico they are required to show this document along with the visa and a valid passport which also must be presented for checking by the immigration authorities. Passengers must be vigilant to carry the same passport with them that was used for the visa application process.

Mexico Visa Application

For travelers and visitors from Qatar, to gain entry into Mexico, irrespective of whether it is for the purpose of travel, tour or a visit, or even if going to a different destination and have stopped in-transit in Mexico, a valid Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card, both are required.

The online process of Mexico Visa application gives the applicant the flexibility of applying for it from a Mexican embassy anywhere in the world. The handling time for a Mexican visa is not the same for every embassy, depending upon location.

This time varies from 2 days to 4 weeks. Therefore, it is a sensible decision for Qatari nationals to book an appointment for a Mexico visa, weeks before the tentative travel date.

They can also apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy within their country (or the country where they are posted at the time of applying). The steps involved in the application process comprise:

  1. Getting in touch with the Mexico embassy to secure an appointment

  2. Filling up the Mexico Visa Application Form with the details asked for

  3. Assembling and getting crucial documents ready to be presented

  4. Submission of the application

  5. Visa fee payment
It is judicious to check the Mexico embassy website to find out the turnaround time for the visa. Often, embassies advise applicants to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before their trip.
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