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Mexico Visa for Papua New Guinean Citizens

 Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Playa del Carmen flaunts a trendy cuisine scenario, with restaurants serving everything from delectable tacos and tostadas to sushi and expertly cooked seafood, plus an even the trendiest pub way of life. 

On top of that, this place of tourist interest in the Riviera Maya attracts holidaymakers with its cushy sand canopy-covered beaches and its magnificent seashore views. For Papua New Guinean citizens, who have been patiently waiting to visit this out of the ordinary country, a Mexico Tourist Card is basic, together with a visa.

This travel paper gets sanctioned by the National Immigration Institute only for tourism-guided trips. A single Tourist Card permits one person to travel on it.

Visitors from Papua New Guinean cannot gain entry into Mexico if they do not have a visa. They must connect with the embassy to apply for the Mexico visa.

For Papua New Guineans to gain entry into Mexico via flight or by road, a Mexico Tourist Card is a prerequisite. After the entire process has gone electronic since the year 2015, online application has become a pleasurable process.
The Tourist Card for Mexico is emailed to the excited travelers on their ids stated in the online application. Travelers have the choice to apply for it within 30 days of their stay in Mexico though it is strongly recommended that they apply online.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Mexico Tourist Card – The Online Way

Citizens from Papua New Guinea must follow the following steps to apply for a Tourist Card using the electronic system: 

Filling it Online: Travelers must populate their complete particulars in the online form. Once they are through with this, the form must be scrutinized for errors, if any. 

No Uploads: No documental softcopies are required to be uploaded all through the online application process. A valid passport number needs to be entered in the form.

Pay for It: After the required details have been filled in, the fee must be paid. A credit or a debit card is the mode of this payment. The Tourist Card is mailed to the address given in the form.

Travelers are advised to carry with them both sides of the printout of the Mexico Tourist Card, on their trip to Mexico. The immigration authorities at the airport scan through these. 

The Essentials About a Mexico Tourist Card

Travel seekers must be importantly aware that the Mexico Tourist Card only allows tourism-related trips and prohibits any activities that involve payment.
Citizens from Papua New Guinean need to have hardcopies of their Mexico Tourist Card to enter the country via a Mexican airport. They will also need to submit information such as airline name and flight number of the arrival flight to Mexico.

Tourist Card Sample

What About Document Submission?

The online application process requires no documents to be submitted. What is required are the following: 

  1. Flight information with respect to their trip to Mexico

  2. A Papua New Guinean passport that is supposed to be valid up to 180 days 

When You Have Arrived 

For problem-free entry into Mexico, citizens from Papua New Guinean need to have a Mexico Tourist Card. Besides, they must also have a visa. As previously indicated, both are core documents for visitors to present at the Mexican airport.

These documents are checked by the immigration officials at the airport. To summarize, the following three documents are checked by the authorities:

  • The Tourist Card

  • A valid passport

  • The visa

Papua New Guineans must ensure that the passport they carry is the same that was used while applying for the visa and is valid for 180 days.

Applying for a Mexico Visa

Be whatever the reason for your trip from Papua New Guinea to Mexico, even if is an in-transit affair, you would essentially require a validated Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card. You can also apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy in your country of origin or where you are present at the time of applying. 

The time for a Mexican visa going through processing is as per the individual embassy that you are using to apply from. In some of them, the processing time does not exceed two days, on the other hand, there are others where the processing time could stretch up to four weeks. Hence it is advisable to book an appointment for a Mexico visa at a minimum of four weeks prior to the planned travel date.

If you are a Papua New Guinean citizen who needs to apply for a Mexico visa at a Mexican embassy in your country (or in a country where you are staying at that time). The application process is as listed below:

  1. Communicate with the Mexico embassy to book a meeting

  2. Append information in the Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Collate the necessary documents

  4. Submit the online application and make the payment
The website of the Mexico embassy must be determined where the applicant will apply from or get in touch with, to find out the time taken to process the visa. The reason for this is that every embassy has a different system of operation.
On one hand, one embassy may take just about 2 business days to process a visa, while in another the processing time may approximate 10 business days. Practically speaking, a few embassies suggest that the applicants fix their appointment at least four weeks before your trip.
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