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Mexico Visa for Nauruan Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Economic historians named the period from 1930 to 1970 the Mexican Miracle. This was the time of the economic growth of Mexico at end of the Mexican Revolution. This was the period when capital accumulation resumed during peacetime.

This is a chunk from the history of Mexico, a country that most Nauruan citizens love to visit. For this, they will need a visa and a Mexico Tourist Card. Both are mandatory requirements.

It is best to apply for the visa at least a month before travelers from Nauru plan to travel to Mexico. They need to fix a meeting and visit the Mexico embassy in their city or country to apply for the visa.

Despite that, to get a Tourist Card is fairly straightforward since it can be applied online. This is also strongly advisable since most airlines no more provide this facility on their flights to Mexico.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Tourist Card Application Process 

When they apply online, travelers from Nauru can acquire a Tourist Card much faster. All they need to do is follow the simple steps given below:    

  • The online form must be filled accurately ensuring that there are no faults or inconsistencies due to which the form may get rejected.
  • When applying online, no document upload is required

  • A valid Nauruan passport is essential to complete the process.  

The processed Tourist Card is mailed to the applicants on the ID they mention in the form. After receipt of the card, travelers must take get its print copies which can either be in “color” or in “black & white”. These print copies are to be shown to the customs officials at the Mexican airport where the flight lands.   

Guidelines for Nauruan Travelers  

Let us take a look at some common FAQs that citizens from Nauru on their way to Mexico may have in mind:

On a Tourist Card, can travelers to Mexico take up a job or a professional assignment?

No, travelers are not permitted to take up any job or paid assignments during their stay on the Mexico Tourist Card.

While applying for the Mexico Tourist Card, what information do applicants need to share?

Applicants must share their travel details including flight numbers and flight ticket details while applying for the Mexico Tourist Card.

What is the nature of travel that a Mexico Tourist Card permits?

The Mexico Tourist Card is only valid for tourism-related activities.

What documents and information must an applicant have when applying for the Mexico Tourist Card?

The document and information that are required are:     

  • The Nauruan passport with a minimum validity of 6 months

  • The traveler’s individual information must be picked up from the passport

Tourist Card Sample

While Entering Mexico

For the nationals of Nauru who are traveling to Mexico, a nice stay is reasonably priced. They are advised to book their accommodation and tickets in advance to get the best deals. This is where a bit of research can do wonders.

The papers that travelers must carry with them comprise their Nauruan passport, the visa and the Mexico Tourist Card. These are the precise documents that are scrutinized by the immigration officials when passengers disembark in Mexico. 

Mexico Visa Application FAQs

Where can Nauruans apply for the Mexico visa?

Travelers apply for the Mexico visa by visiting a Mexican embassy in their country or in the country where they are stationed at the time of applying.

Do all Mexico embassies take the same amount of time to process a visa?

The processing time for a Mexican visa may differ in various countries. Primarily, it depends on the country or embassy from which the visa is applied.

What is the processing time for a Mexico visa?

To get processed, a Mexico visa may take from 2 to 30 days.

When should a Nauruan applicant go for the visa application?

To avoid eleventh-hour hassles, it is better for a Nauruan applicant to go for the visa application at least a month in advance.   

What are the steps involved in the visa application process?

The simple steps involved in the visa application process are as follows:

  • Nauruan citizens must make an appointment and go to the Mexican embassy nearest to their location.  

  • Fill the Visa Application Form cautiously so that it is error-free.

  • Attach the instruments required when submitting the application form.

  • Make the visa fee payment after the form is submitted online.
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