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Mexico Visa for Namibian Citizens

 Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Mexico is a fantastic country to hike across to, drive through, or just have a holiday in. There are plenty of things that one can do, and the inhabitants of the country are among the most amicable living beings on earth.

If you are a Namibian citizen who has been waiting impatiently to spend a great holiday in this place, you would need a Mexico Tourist Card, along with a visa. This Card is granted by the National Immigration Institute principally for tourism activities. Those who are travelling from Namibia would, essentially require a visa to get into Mexico. To apply for the Mexico visa, applicants must contact the embassy.

To gain entry into Mexico via air or land, a Mexico Tourist Card is mandatory. The electronic system that has been implemented in 2015 has simplified the process of applying online for it. Travel aspirants can also apply for it 30 days after reaching Mexico, although, the online process is strongly suggested.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Making it Happen Online for Namibians

The electronic system makes the entire application process for a Mexico Tourist Card straightforward and speedy. This is how applicants must apply online: 

To begin with: Namibians must fill the online application form. After they have filled it, it is better to take precaution and run through it to ensure that the information is precise and correct. Any slips will cause the application to be rejected. 

Next: The online process does not require any documents to be submitted by the applicants. A valid passport number, though, needs to be given during the application process.

Finally: To close the process, the fee is to be paid via a credit or debit card. The Tourist Card is emailed to the applicant on the email id given in the form after it has been processed.

To stay clear of any issue that may arise in the email system, it is prudent to keep a print copy of the travel document, if possible.

This printout must be of both the sides of the Mexico Tourist Card. Travelers must carry it during their trip to the country. The printout may be black and white or colored.

Important to Keep in Mind

No visits besides those with the objective of tourism are allowed on the Mexico Tourist Card. Any kind of employment or activity that results in payment during this visit is a strict no-no.

Namibians should carry printouts of this travel document when they enter the country via any Mexican airport. When applying online, they are also asked for their flight details (Airline Name and Flight Number) of their arrival flight in Mexico.

Tourist Card Sample

Do You Need Softcopies?

Doing it online does not include a compulsion to upload any documents. When travelers from Namibia apply for a Mexico Tourist Card, here is what they should have: 

  1. Their arrival flight details such as airline name and flight number

  2. A passport with 180-day validity after they have arrived in Mexico.

Before You Explore Mexico

To enter Mexico, Namibians would require a Mexico Tourist Card, a visa and a valid passport. The passport must not be valid for less than six months and must be the one that was used to apply for the visa. These documents will be checked by the immigration officials at the Mexico Airport.

To Apply for a Mexico Visa

If you are headed from Namibia to Mexico as a tourist or vacationer, or just a traveler, you would need both, a valid Mexico Tourist Visa as well as a Tourist Card. The same stands in the case of Namibian citizens in transit. They may appropriately apply for a visa from any Mexican embassy worldwide. 

The duration to process a Mexican visa is not the same at every Mexico embassy. Often, they just take around two days to four weeks to process a visa. Hence, applicants must be cautious enough to schedule an appointment for a Mexico visa at least weeks beforehand.

Moreover, applicants can choose to apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy in their nation of birth (wherever they are present at the time of applying). The application process comprises the following steps:

  1. Connect with the Mexico embassy to secure an appointment

  2. Fill up the Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Put together and organize essential documents

  4. Submit the application

  5. Remit the visa fee

Applicants must go through the webpage of the Mexico embassy from where they have applied, to find out the visa processing time. Also, they may call the embassy to know the time it will take to process their visa since all embassies have different processing schedules. Certain embassies advise applicants to schedule their appointments at least a month before their trip.

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