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Mexico Visa for Montenegrin Citizens

 Visit Mexico by Land or Air

If you want to have a gala time visiting museums on a wide range of topics, from anthropology to art, to history, and even tequila, then Mexico City is the place where you should be. You can also see the ruins of the former Aztec capital city and a spectacular cathedral right in the inner city. Not to mention the impressive tours in and around the city as well.

Montenegrin citizens must possess a Mexico Tourist Card, which is required in conjunction with a visa. The online applying process makes the procedure to secure a Card for travelers from Montenegro child’s play.

The National Immigration Institute controls the issuance of this travel document, fundamentally for tourist activities. Visitors from Montenegro must have a visa before coming to Mexico. To apply for a visa, they may make contact with the embassy.

Montenegrin citizens can obtain a Mexico Tourist Card if they wish to travel to Mexico by air or land. Using the electronic system established in 2015, which is also strongly advocated, travelers can apply for it online, hassle-free. 
This is sent to the applicant’s email ID after its approval. The time saved during online application can be used to make arrangements for the trip, which would have been otherwise wasted in embassy visits and securing appointments.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Applying Online for Montenegrins – This is How it Happens

Applying through the electronic system is an incredibly smooth process, which can be understood as follows: 

Enter Specifics Online: Montenegrins may fill the application form available online. Filling it should be a well-done job. 

Document Submission Skipped: The online form requires no documents to be submitted. A proper and legitimate passport number, however, must be entered.

Email ID: Prospective travelers must enter their operational email ID.

Fee Payment: The applicant must have a valid credit or debit card and use it to pay the fee.

It’s better if applicants keep hard copies (both sides) of the Card on their trip to Mexico. 

Always Better to Know for the Mexico Tourist Card

  1. Travelers from Montenegro must have printouts of both sides of this document (colored or black and white) if they are entering the country.

  2. Mexico Tourist Card only permits tourism-oriented visits to the country. This travel document disallows in any paid activities throughout the trip.

  3. While applying online, applicants must submit the travel itinerary such as flight numbers.

  4. Your passport validity must not be less than 180 days to apply online.

  5. You can also apply for a Tourist Card within 30 days of your arrival in Mexico.
Tourist Card Sample

Do Not Submit Documents        

In the online process of applying, Montenegrin citizens need not upload any document. Though, they must have the following: 

  1. A Montenegrin passport with a validity of 6 months since their arrival

  2. Airline Name and Flight Number of the traveler to Mexico

Requisites to Enter Mexico

Montenegrin travelers have to show the following documents to the immigration personnel at the Mexico airport:

  • Their Mexico Tourist Card

  • Their visa

  • Their passport (the same one used while applying online)
These documents are seen and cleared by immigration officials. The passport should have a validity of at least 6 months.

Essential to Know When Applying for the Mexico Visa 

A valid Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card is obligatory for Montenegrin citizens who are tourists, or visitors, or adventurers or backpackers headed towards Mexico. This is also applicable to those in transit. One can simply apply for a visa from any Mexican embassy worldwide.

To process a Mexico visa, every Mexican embassy has a different schedule. As a precautionary measure, applicants from Montenegro must fix an appointment with their choice of Mexico embassy to apply for a Mexico visa at least 4 weeks before they decide to travel.

They can apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy in their own country (or in another country where they might be located). The application process comprises the following steps:

  1. Fixing a meeting with the Mexico embassy  

  2. Entering details in the Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Keeping ready the pertinent documents

  4. Submission of the Application Form

  5. Paying visa fee

To find out how much time a Mexico embassy would take to process a visa, applicants can check the respective embassy’s website. They can also contact the embassy authorities for this information. 

This is important because every Mexican embassy takes a different amount of time to process a Mexico visa. This timeframe varies from 2 working days to 10 working days, depending on the Mexico embassy the candidate is applying from.  A few embassies advise applicants to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before their travel.

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