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Mexico Visa for Micronesian Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Commemorations and feasts are the highlights of the Mexico culture and are celebrated even in all rural areas. Each community has its own patron saint who is felicitated with festivities and parade annually.

From the most isolated native village to the extremely advanced outskirts of Mexico City – a minimum of one day a year is dedicated to a fiesta! Micronesian nationals, who have been anticipating traveling to this exclusive nation, a Mexico Tourist Card is compulsory, along with a visa. The online process makes it very simple to apply for the Card with great east. This travel permit is granted by the National Immigration Institute for tourists and holiday-makers.

The visa is also a mandatory part of the Mexico entry requirement for travelers from Micronesia. The embassy is just the right place they would need to contact for the Mexico visa.

A Mexico Tourist Card by land is mandatory for passengers traveling via roadways and a Mexico Tourist Card by air for those reaching via a flight. The online process of applying for this Card is strongly recommended.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

How to citizens of Micronesia start with the application process for a Tourist Card online?

Micronesians must fill their details in the online form carefully. After this, they must check the information that they have entered thoroughly.

What documents need to be submitted when applying online? 

The online process eliminates the need to submit any documents.

What information is required to be submitted during the online application process?

A valid passport number needs to be mentioned along with their working email ID.

When is the payment to be made?

After the applicant has filled the form, the payment is to be made for the Mexico Tourist Card.

How is the payment to be made?

The payment is to be made via a credit or a debit card.

How do applicants receive the Tourist Card Mexico?

It is emailed to their email IDs after it is processed.

Are softcopies of the Card sufficient?

It is better for passengers to keep with them, printouts of both sides of the Mexico Tourist Card on their way to Mexico.

Why are applicants advised to keep printouts of the Card?

Applicants are advised to keep print copies of the Card because it is validated by the immigration authorities at the landing airport. 

Tourist Card Sample

What are the precautionary things to know for Mexico Tourist Card applicants?

The Mexico Tourist Card allows only tourism-related trips. Travelers are not allowed to engage in any paid work like a job, or a professional assignment.

Are citizens from Micronesia required to carry any hard copies?

Micronesians must carry print copies of their Mexico Tourist Card to enter the country.

What additional information is to be provided?

Passengers need to provide information such as the airline name and flight number of their landing flight in Mexico.

What documents are needed during the online application process?

The following are required during the online application process: 

  1. A Micronesian passport with a minimum validity of 180 days 

  2. Flight information related to their arrival in Mexico

Apart from the Mexico Tourist Card, are there any other documents required to enter the country?

Yes, to enter Mexico, besides a Mexico Tourist Card, citizens from Micronesia must have a visa and a valid passport.

Are these documents scrutinized after passengers reach Mexico?

Yes, these documents are scrutinized by the immigration authorities present at the Mexico airport where passengers land.

What must be the validity of the passport of passengers traveling on a Tourist Card to Mexico?

The passport must have a minimum validity of 180 days.

What are the two documents required for those traveling to Mexico as tourists?

For tourists traveling to Mexico, both, a valid Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card are inevitable.

What documents are passengers in transit in Mexico required to carry?

Passengers from Micronesia who are in transit in Mexico are required to carry a Mexico Tourist Card and a visa. 

From which embassy can candidates apply for a visa?

They can apply for it from any Mexican embassy in the world. 

Do all Mexican embassies take the same amount of time to process a visa?

No, the processing time for a Mexican visa varies in embassies based on their location. This time can range from 2 days to 4 weeks.

List the steps involved in the application for a Mexico visa.
The steps involved in the application for a Mexico visa are:

  1. Getting in touch with the Mexico embassy to fix a meeting

  2. Populating the Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Keeping ready the vital paperwork

  4. Submission of the application

  5. Payment of visa fee

How can applicants know how long an embassy will take to process a visa?

Applicants can check the Mexico embassy website to know the processing time for a Mexico visa or they can contact the officials of the embassy they have applied from.

It is recommended that applicants schedule their appointments with the embassy at least a month before their trip.
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