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Mexico Visa for Mauritanian Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Folk dancing is a widely popular aspect of Mexico. The Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance) is among the quintessential dances of Mexico – likely the country’s native dance. It commemorates romance and is played around a Mexican hat.

Mauritanian travelers can expect a wonderful time in Mexico. They just need a visa and a Mexico Tourist Card as basic requirements. The online application process to get the Card is strongly recommended.

The agency that grants this travel document is the National Immigration Institute, solely for tourism. The Tourist Card, as well as the visa, are different documents and both are compulsory to enter Mexico. For acquiring a visa, eager vacationers must connect with the embassy.

A Mexico Tourist Card is not just essential for Citizens of Mauritania traveling by air, but also for those driving into the country. In 2015, with the electronic process in action, applying online came up as the best option. In this, applicants get the Card in their emails. Another big advantage of applying online is that applicants get more time which is saved by not having to visit an embassy or fixing an appointment.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Mauritanian Citizens Must Know This When Applying Online

What is the initial step when applying online for the Mexico Tourist Card?

In the first place, applicants from Mauritania must fill the online form and then validate it to ensure that there are no mistakes or errors. 

Which documents are to be uploaded as part of this process?

None. When applying online, the applicants need not upload any document.

What document must Mauritanians have?

Since they need to submit a valid passport number, they must have their passport in hand.

How does the payment process work?

The payment can be made using a valid credit or a debit card.

Why do applicants need to provide their email ID?

The applicants must enter their email IDs because after it is prepared, the Mexico Tourist Card is emailed to them.

Do Mauritanians need to carry hard copies of the Card?

Passengers must carry printouts of both sides of this travel document on their way to Mexico because the immigration officials at Mexico airport would take a look at these. 

What are the limitations of the Tourist Card Mexico?

The Mexico Tourist Card is granted only for tourist activities. It prohibits any business or paid activities such as job or professional services.

What other details does the online process require from potential travelers?

The online application process also requires travelers to enter their flight tickets numbers and airline details.

Are there any passport related Mexico entry requirements for visitors from Mauritania?

The passport that they carry must be valid for a minimum of 6 months or 180 days since their arrival in Mexico and it must be the same one used in the online application process.

What are the three documents that visitors must have with them on landing in Mexico?

Visitors must have the following three documents when they reach Mexico:

  • A Mexico Tourist Card

  • A visa

  • A valid passport
Tourist Card Sample

Things to Know While Applying for the Mexico Visa

As mentioned earlier, a Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card are mandatory for Mauritanian holiday-makers or those on an expedition on their way to Mexico. This also applies to passengers in transit.

Nationals of Mauritania can approach any Mexican embassy the world over to apply for a visa. However, it is important to know that the visa processing time differs at every Mexican embassy. 

Therefore, applicants need to schedule their appointment with the respective embassy beforehand. It means that the meeting with the embassy officials must happen at least a month before the travel date.

The application process is as simple as the following steps:

  1. Arrange a meeting with the Mexico embassy in Mauritania or where available

  2. Filling Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Getting the key paperwork ready

  4. Put forward the Application Form

  5. Visa fee payment

To know the time to be taken for a Mexico embassy to process a visa, the corresponding embassy’s website is the best place. This duration may range from 2 working days to 10 working days, depending on the Mexico embassy the candidate is applying from.

Alternatively, the embassy officials can also provide this information. Applicants are advised to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before they intend to travel.

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