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Mexico Visa for Maldivian Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

The state in extreme south of Mexico, Chiapas is a gorgeous land of opposites. Disintegrating Mayan ruins lie adjacent to the alluring colonial towns, and humid, rainforest-covered mountains give way to legendary beauty of nature such as the gleaming Laguna Miramar and the death-defying drops of Sumidero Canyon.

To see these sensational places of natural beauty and much more, travelers from Maldives must have a visa and a Mexico Tourist Card. They can apply online for this document.

The National Immigration Institute permits this travel document, particularly for tourist affairs. The Tourist Card and the visa are different documents and both are mandatorily needed to enter Mexico. To get a visa, applicants must contact the embassy.

Irrespective of their mode of travel; by land or by air, Maldivian citizens must have a Mexico Tourist Card. In 2015, with the electronic process in action, applying online became highly in demand. Besides, it is also a strongly recommended way of applying for this travel document.

In it, applicants receive the Card on their email IDs. Applying online leaves applicants with extra time since they do not have to go to an embassy or spend time in queues waiting for an appointment. 

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Doing it Online

Here is how you apply for the Mexico Tourist Card online for Maldivians: 

Online Information Provision: To begin with. Maldivian travelers need to fill in their information online and then validate it to prevent mistakes or errors. 

Submission of Documents: Not a single document is required for uploading when applying online. The only information to be submitted is a valid passport number.

Making the Payoff: Paying the fee marks the closing of this process. A valid credit or a debit card may be used for the same.

The online process also requires applicants to enter their email ID. After it is processed, the Mexico Tourist Card mailed to the applicant on this very email ID.

Travelers are advised to keep printouts of both sides of this travel document with them on their way to Mexico. This document is checked by the immigration officials at Mexico airport. 

A ‘Must-Know’ For Applicants of Mexico Tourist Card

Applicants must prominently be aware of these:

  1. The Mexico Tourist Card allows its holders only to involve in tourist activities. It forbids indulging in any business or paid activities such as job or professional services.

  2. It is better that visitors from Maldives bring hard copies of this document when they enter the country through any Mexican airport.

  3. At the time of applying online, travelers are required to enter their flight tickets numbers and airline details in the form.
Tourist Card Sample

The ‘Must-Haves’

Even though Maldivians are not required to upload any type of document when applying online, these are required: 

  1. The airlines and ticket details about their arrival flight to Mexico.

  2. A passport with a validity of 180 days after they arrive in Mexico.

When Reaching Mexico

Visitors from Maldives must have three documents with them before they reach Mexico:

To summarize, a visa is additionally required besides the other two documents. These documents are examined and passed by the immigration officials before the travelers are allowed to enter Mexico. With respect to the passport, it must be the same one used for applying online and must have six-month validity.

Facts to Know When Applying for the Mexico Visa

For Maldivian travelers, or holiday-makers, or those on an expedition, or tourers to Mexico, or even those in transit, applying for a usable Mexico Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card is mandatory. Any Mexican embassy around the world facilitates applying for a Mexico visa. 

All Mexican embassies across the world do not have the same processing time for a Mexico visa. Therefore, citizens of Maldives must take a wise decision to book an appointment with the Mexico embassy they are going to, to apply for a Mexico visa at least a month before they plan their travel timetable.

Also, applicants can apply for a Mexico visa from a Mexican embassy in their country (or even a different country where they may be living at that time). The application process unfolds in the form of the following steps:

  1. Making an appointment with the Mexico embassy  

  2. Appending the Mexico Visa Application Form

  3. Keeping ready the relevant documents

  4. Submit the Application Form

  5. Paying the visa fee

To determine the time taken by a Mexico embassy to process a visa, applicants need to glance through the corresponding embassy’s website. As an alternative, they can also touch base with the embassy authorities for this information. This is important because every Mexican embassy takes a different amount of time to process a Mexico visa. 

This period ranges anywhere between 2 business days to 10 business days, depending on the Mexico embassy the candidate is applying from.  Some embassies advise applicants to schedule their appointment at least four weeks before their travel.

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